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  • Law

    Hi Parmit.

    I suppose the answer would probably depend on what the "Correct Data Location" is. Presumably if it's known, I'd produce an FRS report to produce a bird's eye summary and have the customer drill in if discrepancies exist.

    For a customer i've worked with as an example we expected all values to be allocated out of a number of products so we created a few high level rec reports:

    1. Report 1 - Pre and Post allocated
      1. Aim of this was just to show that pre and post is the same
    2. Report 2 - Unallocated amounts
      1. Aim of this was to just show amounts unallocated and amounts in products that were unexpected
    3. Report 3 - HIgh level summary report of the allocated amount in each product with a % split and variance against prior
      1. Aim was to provide an indicative view of the allocated proportions and how it differed from previous post-allocated amounts

    You've mentioned the client wants to check 3,000 items. How do they know it's indicatively correct if they look at the value at such a granular level?

  • Aamir Zaveri

    Hi Alecs,

    Thanks for your reply.
    If I understand correctly, you mean to use POV dimensions e.g. scenario or version to have region members e.g. Actual-USA, Actual-Canada.

    I'll also raise this on Idea lab to consider rule security as an enhancement in future release.




  • Alecsandra Mlynarzek

    Hey there Aamir,

    Unfortunately there is no option for security at ruleset or rule level today in PCM.The one option you have is to find a smart way of dealing with this via separated POVs. It will not guarantee the admin and power users won’t go in other POV’s and start editing around, but at least you reduce the risk of that happening if they have to intentionally select the POV.

    I hope this helps. If I have any other ideas i’ll share them here.

    Kind regards,



  • Thejas Shetty

    Yes, there is direct integration between EPBCS & PCMCS. The file(s) generated in the intermediate step is system driven & you shouldn't worry about it, as the DM adapter knows what to do with those files.

    One doesn't need to know the location/structure/contents of the file.

  • Thejas Shetty

    It is unclear from your statement if you want to use REST API or want an alternative to using REST API to update dimensions.

    Please clarify.

  • Don Bean

    Deleted the comment you flagged for best answer - try again.

  • Evan Leffler

    A new idea perhaps wink

  • Matt Treml

    Thanks! Looks like I can't change best answer, sorry for the lost points. 

  • Don Bean

    Ofelia;  can you explain what the REST api 'Execute Update Dimension' won't allow you to do?

  • Evan Leffler

    Here is the response I gave over in the Idea Lab for reference:

    Matt, this functionality already exists. Just change your selection from the following

    <<Attribute Dim Name>> = <<Attribute Dim Member>>

    to instead read 

    <<Attribute Dim Name>> IN <<Attribute Dim Member Hierarchy>>

    this will select any member under that hierarchy

  • Don Bean


    I don't see a way to do that in Web Reporting Studio.  I confirmed this with a colleague in Product Management.

    There is a new forum for the EPM platform where you can raise enhancement ideas that are for the common components in the platform.

  • Wayne Paffhausen


    To directly answer your question:  Yes.  I have many times loaded metadata to PCMCS via the RESTAPI.  I have done it via many different orchestrators and scripting technologies.

    Others have already provided the links to several key pieces of documentation on how to make that happen.  So I am not sure on where the gap still remains in the knowledge processes.  Please feel free to start another topic thread for other questions/concerns that you may have.

    Thank you,

  • Ofelia Ladao

    Has anyone successfully implemented the automation of the integration process of loading metadata to PCMCS using REST API ?  We are looking into using MuleSoft that will make the web service calls to PCMCS using REST API. 

  • Ankit kumar Shrivastava

     Updating dimensions in PCMCS can be achieved using the REST API. Based on how you want to automate the integration process -  FDMEE, Bat scripts, Groovy etc this can be accomplished using the endpoints available here:


    Ankit Shrivastava

  • Don Bean

    Have you looked through the online documentation in the PCMCS Help Center?

    REST API for Enterprise Performance Management Cloud is at the bottom of the list. See Chapter 13 - update file based application topic.