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  • Cassandra Marcus

    What about adding a Month End Date as a UDA / Member Property or putting it in the Member Description in the time-based dimension in the report?  It prevents the need to update multiple reports, multiple times a year with the exception of a leap year. 

  • Amit Agarwal

    Hey Thanks Dave. I will give it a try and let you know how it went. 



  • Dave Roberts

    Hi Amit,

    There isn't a text function in FR to return the last day's date, the Date function just returns the date the report was last run.  The only workaround I can think of is to manually populate a date measure in your data source with the end of month date every month, retrieve it using a hidden grid in FR, then display the value using the GetCell function.  I haven't personally tested this, but it should work.



  • Al Marciante

    Hi Richard

    This is expected behavior. Largely because 

    1. A review is a snapshot of the doclets as they exist at the creation of the review instance.  Generally one would wait til all reviewers are completed before making changes for efficiency sake.
    2. A doclet may have multiple reviewers, where subsequent reviewers could address a comment if a misunderstanding on the part of the reviewer.
    3. A reviewer doesn't really work at the doclet level, but reviews content they are allowed to see. The system presents it as one uniform document. In otherwords, a reviewer may not know what exact doclet they are wanting to "restart"
    4. Report Package owner generally manages the lifecycle of the report package and its contained doclets. Of course, reviewers can also have report package owner privileges which would allow them to restart doclets (along with all other report package actions).

    However, you are welcome to add this request into Idealabs here in customer connect if this is a future enhancement you would like considered.




  • Dave Roberts

    Hi Jerry,

    For #1 - currently planned for H1 CY2020

    For #2 - we're in process of putting together some documentation on this, I'll share it once its available.

  • Jerry Ursetti

    Two questions...

    1. When is the move to EPMAutomate going to happen?

    2. How would I do what you're describing on a Linux server?



  • Dave Roberts

    Hi Jerry,


    This request was closed as not planned, here are the related comments:

    Not planned at this point due to pending move to using EPMAutomate for EPRCS.

    So as to not store passwords in an un-encrypted format, the guidance for now
    is to store the command file in an encrypted disk partition.  That keeps the
    password encrypted at rest.  Then, at execution, the password us encrypted in
    transit with TLS 1.2.  In this regard, it behaves the same as form-based

  • Dave Roberts

    This issue currently appears to be due to a change on the EPM Platform side.  Development is still in process of investigating the issue.

  • Peter Lim

    Hi Alicia

    We had a very similar issue around the same timing. I know you have blacked it out but the problem for us was that with the latest patch, you no longer required the protocol or the product extension at the end. So we used to have https://*** and we got it working again by just doing ***


    Your screenshot shows you dont have the product extension already so may not help you. 

  • Alicia Lak

    Hi Opal,


    Yes, the EPBCS application is working fine at the moment. Hope we have a solution to this problem soon!

  • Opal Alapat

    Hi Alicia,

    I know some other customers experiencing this issue, including my company’s own pod. Right now I'm investigating a potential root cause as EPBCS. The monthly updates invalidated multiple frameworks of our EPBCS application, and we are in the process of fixing those issues manually. Have you verified that your EPBCS application is working fine? We saw the issue as soon as an admin logged into the EPBCS site.

    Note that our EPRCS instance is connecting fine to OAC Essbase.

  • Gordon Whybrow

    Thank you Raghu. Just what I was looking for.

  • Raghavendra Balasubramanyam


    We documented them in the "Getting Started with Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud for Administrators" guide. 

    Here are the links for your reference: 

    For more information, see Managing Users and Assigning Roles: In this video, identity domain administrators learn how to create users and assign roles for Narrative Reporting.

    In Narrative Reporting, there are few considerations listed for Access Control feature, we documented them in What's New document. See Access Control.  

    Please let me know, if you need any further information.







  • Tom LeFebvre

    Not at this time.  A user can choose not receive email notifications for their tasks (within user preferences) but they can not select to disable notifications by development phase.


  • Arvind Moorthy

    Thank you Dave. Will test it post release.