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  • Tom LeFebvre


    Can you try the steps I recommended above?  are you seeing the same issue after setting your user preferences?

    If so, please file a support request.  Please be sure to perform a provide feedback request and include that within the SR.  Some additional information that would be helpful is your local setting within your browser, client machine and the user preference local setting.


  • Reshma Kara

    Hi, did you manage to resolve this, we having the same issue?

  • Jay Chapman

    You can create reports using data from EPM Cloud (i.e., PBCS, FCCS, etc.), Essbase and Planning on-prem.

  • Toufic Wakim

    Management Reporting can go against Essbase on prem. Email me if you need more details.

  • Grace Ann Wallace

    Does the EPM roadmap for planning include the ability to write / run reports in SmartView for PBCS Supporting Detail


  • Bing Jiang

    When will you have training for ePBCS similar to Oracle EBS products?

  • Tom LeFebvre

    Hi Chris,

    Variables are not supported within supplemental doclets at this time.  They can be used with regular doclets (MS Word or PPT) & reference doclets (excel or Management Reports).




  • Tom LeFebvre

    Hi Chris,

    It would probably be best to enter a support request for this as it will be hard to diagnose with just a screenshot.  First thing to check is your user preferences.  You can access them by expanding the menu below your user name in the top right corner on the home page or by clicking on the user icon.  There is a tab for formatting. 

    Then I would use the calendar icon to set the date & time within the timeline.  I tend to use the calendar icon to set the date and time for the first field.  Then copy & paste it into the other fields and then do a simple edit to change the day.



  • Mark De Groot

    Hello. Please can you cover during your presentation how much DRM functionality has been created in OEDMCS for this first release?


    Many thanks,




  • Prasanna Reka

    To add we could use Analysis as Data Source to create reports in OAC there is no issue, we have issue with using Project Subject Areas as Data Source, we can see them select them but not usable as OAC getting struck with no movement.

  • Prasanna Reka

    This is what I am trying to do, but don't know how to construct the DSN I don't have port number nay ideas.

  • Tom LeFebvre

    When the "Mark Author Phase Complete" action is executed, the system marks all outstanding doclets complete and ends the workflow within the author phase.  If the Report Package Owner needs to reopen the author phase, they can choose to either restart all doclet or some of the doclets.   To restart all doclets, select the first row in the report center then Actions > Restart Doclets.  To restart a doclet, select the doclet then Act On Content > Restart Doclets from the drop down menu.  This can also be performed on a section and will be applied to all doclets within the section.  Lastly, the user can multi-select doclets/sections then Actions > Restart Doclets.

    While all of the doclets are marked complete, the individual doclets still show the workflow progress prior to the author phase being forced close.  This would allow you to selectively reopen only the doclets that were not completed prior to the user inadvertently marking the phase complete. 

  • Al Marciante

    Reminder - Getting Started with EPRCS Webcast this Wednesday, April 19.  You must register in advance.

  • Wilna Lindeman

    Hello Tom,

    We are currently exploring options to support our tax flows. There are 3 of them. Part of the review is looking at tax specific software, including non-Oracle solutions. In many cases these tools are quite labor intensive on parameters or require integrating data, as a link to HFM is complicated. Since we have all our reporting developed on HFM (including country-by-country reporting), we do not need an application that is too heavy. Even if these applications can cover 'all-you-can-think-of' for Tax, our internal processes are not ready yet for heavy applications, but do require workflow support. This would include XBRL compliance and mainly workflow control that is auditable.

    So I would not use the data modelling available on EPRCS, but I am focussing on the report generator and workflow support that the tool offers. Using EPRCS is an easy way to support a worklfow, with options to integrate to HFM at a later stage through FDMEE, if we want to. But using Smartview reports that are embedded in Word documents will sufficiently suit our needs. The transactional processes are not ready to use more for now.

    One of the 3 flows is using a reporting package for each location, so the full (auditable) flow and sign off can be followed. Some tax specific pieces of software show the options to maintain a central layout and in case of changes this gets picked up for all reporting flows at once. A pity this is not yet integrated. The other element I am looking for is a good way to review status of progres per stage (author/review/sign-off) to the section level. This can be done on report package level, but Tax would like to monitor the full flow for all packages in detail. The other two tax flows are similar, although require less use of supplemental and reference documents. But in essence the idea is the same.

    I am waiting for someone from Oracle from NL to contact me, so I can discuss functionality further. But the above features do not seem to be in. Am looking forward to the announced further enhancements that are to come later this year.

    Hope that clarifies. Kind regards, Wilna

  • Tom LeFebvre


    I'm a little unclear on the use case you are describing.  If all of the locations are contained within the same Report Package, then they would all be subject to the same style sample document.  Any update to the style sample document would be automatically applied to all doclets within the report package.  If what you are looking for is to have each location have their own Report Package where all of them are sourcing from the same style sample document, then any updates to the document will need to be uploaded to each of the location report packages.  We currently do no source documents from the Library as you noted above.  Adding Library sourcing and sharing a common style sample document are noted enhancements.

    Can you send me some more details on your use case?  I be happy to review it and offer some advice on how best to address it.


    Tom LeFebvre