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  • Leomar Cortez
    Assign a number to an entity instance1
    Topic posted October 28, 2018 by Leomar CortezRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Assign a number to an entity instance
    In an entity, create an attribute that assigns a count/number based on the value of another attribute


    I have an entity Bank Accounts with type which can either be Payroll or Non-Payroll.  What I want to do is assign a Sequence number attribute to each instance.  For example, if the user added a Payroll account, the Sequence for this instance will have a value of 1.  If he adds a Non-Payroll account, the Sequence for the new instance will have a value of 1 also since it is the first non-payroll account.  The resulting table should look something like this, assuming it only has 3 attributes (acct no, type, sequence):

    Acct. No. - Type - Sequence

    87655353 - Payroll - 1

    0987669 - Non-Payroll - 1

    354548784 - Payroll - 2

    973734733 - Payroll - 3

    9776553 - Non-Payroll - 2

    How can I do this?  Is there a function I can use or should I define a relationship of the entity to itself?


  • prashanth bandlamudi
    Attachments in opa1
    Topic posted February 8, 2018 by prashanth bandlamudiRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Attachments in opa

    Hi all,

    I have a requirement where I need to attach a document in opa using an attachment control. When I submit the interview, the attachment should be saved in the system. Then, the manager is supposed to review the attachment and specify if something is wrong.

    My question is how could this be achieved? Once the interview is saved into the system. How can one go back to that case number and review his submitted interview?

  • Aparajit Malli
    Auto-create "Incident" entity without Interview...2
    Topic posted March 29, 2019 by Aparajit MalliBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
    Auto-create "Incident" entity without Interview Entity Collection
    Auto-create "Incident" entity without Interview Entity Collection


         We have built an OPA Interview and successfully integrated with Service Cloud. 

    We have already setup entities in OPA rulebase like this. 

    1. Global(Contact)
    2. Financial Application Custom Object (child of Global)
    3. Incident (child of Financial Application Custom Object)

    OPA Interview will collect information for Global(Contact) and Financial Application Custom Object. But, I need to create an "Incident" automatically and default/hard-code with following values, without showing it in the OPA Interview. 

    • Incident.Primary Contact = logged in contact
    • Incident.Category = Financial Application

    Also, there should be only one "Incident" instance..When OPA Interview resumes, it should not create another Incident.  

    Basically, I am trying to do is this.. 

    if InstanceCount(all instances of Incident) = 0, then create new Incident with Category = Financial Application and Primary Contact = logged in contact

    Can anyone help me with translating this to OPA Rules or configuration?









  • Ian Hunter
    Best practice for capturing interview answers in incidentAnswered9
    Topic posted January 4, 2016 by Ian HunterRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Best practice for capturing interview answers in incident

    Other than setting specific fields (subject, assigned, etc.), what's the most accepted way to capture specific answers to interview questions in an incident? For example, say I'm modeling an application that has many fields that do not need to exist as contact or incident fields, so they're not being created as custom fields. Where would I store that additional, non-field-based info?

  • Pedro Viglione
    Calculate Working Dates - Calendar Dates with OPA
    Topic posted April 8, 2019 by Pedro Viglione 
    Calculate Working Dates - Calendar Dates with OPA
    opa porject to calculate working days

    I have developed a OPA interview to calculate Working dates (the holidays are seed from the Rightnow Holidays table)

    If is useful for you, Here is the project  (there are not the input fields because they are custom fields in RN), the rules are in spanish



  • Steven Robert
    Can Checkpoint data be overwritten by dynamic load data?2
    Topic posted April 26, 2018 by Steven RobertBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
    Can Checkpoint data be overwritten by dynamic load data?

    Am interested in interactions between checkpoints and dynamic data.

    We are looking to use dynamic data load to update integrated objects from OSC (e.g. Contact) after a resume checkpoint.


    1) Customer creates a contact in Sales Cloud

    2) This data passed to OPA session via dynamic loading. Checkpoint is saved

    3) Customer updates contact in Sales Cloud

    4) Customer open OPA interview and resumes checkpoint

    5) Updates to Contact data in Sales Cloud (integrated fields) overwrite whatever was in the checkpoint


    My observation (made using Service Cloud connection) is that the Checkpoint data cannot be overwritten by dynamically loaded data. Different contacts can be seeded in to the interview, but if I try and load the same contact from a previous session, OPA draws info from this contact from the checkpoint.

    Is this observation correct? Is there an alternative way to 're-seed' data over a checkpoint resume?

  • Jayandan Rajaram
    Can we fetch value from OSC to OPA For unrelated Contact...3
    Topic posted February 13, 2018 by Jayandan RajaramRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Can we fetch value from OSC to OPA For unrelated Contact Object fields?

    We have to map 1:1 relationship mapping between OPA Attributes and OSC Fields.So my question here is even if we map the 1:1 field mapping between OSC and OPA can we fetch the unrelated Contact Custom Object fields(data) into OPA interview page ?

    PFA  below where Model Field is Unknown as the Mapped in field of Model Object is not having relationship with Contact Object in OSC.
    OSC Object association example: 
    Contact Object is a parent for vehicle Object so we can fetch field value from OSC Field to OPA Attribute 
    But when i fetch the value from Model object (not associated with Contact Object) i could not fetch/get the value from model fields even we mapped with OPA .

  • Cy
    Can't import Delta Lists into OPA over OSvC connection?1
    Topic posted May 29, 2018 by Cy  
    Can't import Delta Lists into OPA over OSvC connection?
    I've got an OPA interview connected to OSvC. I can import Answer records, but I can't get to some of the sub-objects associated with Answers that I'd like to use to filter them by access level and product. I'm looking here for reference:
    I'd like to get to AccessLevels and Products.
    For AccessLevels, I can see 'AccessLevels.NamedIDDeltaList' as an input mapping option, but it throws an error if I try to use it: 
    Failed to load data from RightNow. Selected column is not an object: NamedIDDeltaList com.oracle.determinations.connector.core.servicecloud.exception.ServiceCloudConnectorError: Failed to load data from RightNow. Selected column is not an object: NamedIDDeltaList
    For Products, I don't see any input mapping available. On that CCOM help page for the Answer object, it shows Products as type NamedIDHierarchyList. 
    In general, whenever there's a child object with some sort of NamedID<X>List type, it either isn't available or throws an error.
    OSvC Aug 2017 w/ OPA 18B
  • Graham Oliver
    Cannot edit rulesAnswered1
    Topic posted October 24, 2018 by Graham Oliver 
    Cannot edit rules
    Cannot edit rules

    I've tried installing versions 18A/B and C of the Policy Modeller and each time tried with 'Run as Administrator' option. Whenever I click on a rules document to edit the rules the document options and I can see the rules ribbon but every time I click on the Rules wizard or try and save I see the message 'The document project needs to be open in Oracle Policy Modelling'.

    I've created a shortcut to the Policy Modeller and changed the advanced properties on this to run as Administrator but the issue still persists. A colleagues installation runs as expected.

    Any help or guidance appreciated.


  • Eric Muiruir
    Car Duty Calculation Errors5.0
    Topic posted December 4, 2017 by Eric MuiruirRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Car Duty Calculation Errors


    I am facing a challenge on my OPA Project, when i deploy the project, the only Models that are calculating and displaying results are the following tables inside the Rules Document:

    1. Tractors-USD
    2. Tractors-KES
    3. Tractors-EUR

    The rest of the models in the following tables are not calculating, the results are being shown in zeros;

    1. Generators-KES
    2. Trailers-KES
    3. Motor Cycles-KES
    4. Motor Vehicles-KES
    5. Motor Vehicles EUR
    6. Motor Vehicles USD

    Kindly assist me in figuring out where the problem is.

    My code is displayed below;

    Oracle policy Modelling 17D
    Code Snippet:
    30770OPA.rar (775KB)

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