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  • Harriet Franklin
    Welcome to Policy Automation Cloud45.0
    Topic posted June 10, 2015 by Harriet FranklinBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
    Welcome to Policy Automation Cloud

    As you know, Oracle Policy Automation Cloud has been part of the Oracle Service Cloud Portfolio since February 2013. 

    Getting Started? - please check out this introductory Policy Automation Cloud Video to learn more

    Already a user?  - please find the link to the latest documentation  documentation link



  • Kurt Helfrich
    OPA-E00476 Java 7 or later is required to run the embedded...Answered18
    Topic posted July 31, 2017 by Kurt HelfrichGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points 
    OPA-E00476 Java 7 or later is required to run the embedded web server.

    I had to update to OPA May 2017 recently, and today, I got a Java update notice.  I was behind, and Java updates are (usually...) harmless, so I updated to Java 8 Update 144.  I can see in Control Panel > Programs and Features that it's installed.  Now I get an error when I try to launch the debugger.

    Oracle Policy Modeling
    The debugger is not available: Java 7 or later is required to run the embedded web server.  Java 0 () was found.  (OPA-E00476)


    OPA May 2017
  • Kurt Helfrich
    Interview information into incident as textAnswered16
    Topic posted October 5, 2016 by Kurt HelfrichGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points 
    Interview information into incident as text

    Noob warning: I'm doing my first OPA project.

    This is a simple project.  From the CP, a logged in contact fills out an interview to provide information in a bunch of mostly text fields and paste it into an incident.  It's a service request with some specific data that do not need to be made into yet more custom fields.

    The CP user may not be receiving the service or paying for the service, so I'm just collecting all the job site and billing info as text.

    I have looked at the information in the documentation and some other guides I found, but I don't see how I format and paste that text in.  Do I use OPA forms?  I don't want the interview data as an attachment; I want it as formatted text in the incident.

    Can someone steer me in the right direction?

    Service Cloud May 2016
  • Joe Aravind
    Interview for anonymous user - Incident CreationAnswered13
    Topic posted January 18, 2017 by Joe AravindBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
    Interview for anonymous user - Incident Creation

    Hi All,

    How to create interview for anonymous user and at the end of interview incident should be created for that user.

    so first we need to create contact then incident for that contact. How to achieve both in same interview.



  • Eric Muiruir
    OPA Interview not Refreshing10
    Topic posted December 18, 2018 by Eric MuiruirRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    OPA Interview not Refreshing
    OPA Interview not Refreshing to the first Interview Screen once you hit the SUBMIT AND REDIRECT Button

    Hi, We have successfully deployed a Car Import\Tax Duty Calculator developed using OPA to the Customer Portal.

    The interview has The first screen that gets populated with Users Email Address, First and Last Name, then by clicking the next button you access the second screen where you select the Vehicle Details you wish to calculate Import duty for.

    Once done, clicking the Submit button shows you the Tax or Duty Tabulation.

    Fro here you can click the Next button to access the Thank you page, from where one can click a button to Calculate Duty for another Car Model of their choice.

    The challenge we have here is that once the user clicks this button, instead of the Interview reloading the very first screen, it shows an error. "kenya-revenue-authority--tst1.custhelp.com refused to connect."

    I have attached the same scenario we are experiencing.

    Anybody who might have gone through the same issue on the Customer Portal?

  • Vinay Kumar
    Do not leave this screen while Data is being Submitted error95.0
    Topic posted June 2, 2018 by Vinay KumarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Do not leave this screen while Data is being Submitted error

    I am able to submit the data from OPA to OSC Most of the times as Sometimes i am getting Do not leave this screen while Data is being Submitted error and can't able to go next screen when this error is coming. For evaluating business rules we Mapping IN/OUT Data as below :

    • We are Loading data(Mapping in) from OSC to OPA through data mapping.
    • We are Mapping out data filled in OPA Interview screens from OPA to OSC through data mapping.
    • We are doing lot of Customization through JavaScript(Custom Properties) for Complex business rules.

    I am attaching the image below and need help from u guys to overcome this issue as is this because of Network issue or something else?

    Thanks in Advance,


    February 01 2018
  • Heike Lorenz
    SAVE THE DATE | Policy Automation Focus Group Events95.0
    Topic posted May 3, 2017 by Heike LorenzRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    SAVE THE DATE | Policy Automation Focus Group Events

    Hello Everyone

    We are kicking off our annual Oracle Policy Automation Focus Group events across the globe.


    Here are the dates and locations:


    13th June London

    15th June Utrecht

    19th June Paris 

    21st June Dubai 



    19th July Canberra



    TBC September Washington DC 

    TBC September Toronto



    TBC September Sao Paulo 


    For those of you who have not previously attended these events, they are designed to facility collaborative discussions with OPA Product Development, hear from other customers about their projects, and to give feedback on planned innovations directly to the OPA product development team. 

    This is an excellent opportunity to connect with Product Development team and network with other OPA customers to learn from previous successful projects and helping drive product priorities. 

    Save the date and come join us!

    Please RSVP to heike.lorenz@oracle.com

  • Muthulakshmi Muthaiah
    How do I create an incident In OPA9
    Topic posted January 5, 2017 by Muthulakshmi MuthaiahBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    How do I create an incident In OPA

    Hi All,

    How to create an incident through oracle policy automation.

    We can create a contact from OPA but we are facing issues while creating the incident.

    KIndly give me idea on this.



    Subject edited by Danette Beal for clarity

  • Sheri Hastings
    Formatting a Phone Number in a Customer InterviewAnswered9
    Topic posted July 21, 2016 by Sheri Hastings 
    Formatting a Phone Number in a Customer Interview

    I am asking for a phone number in one of my OPA interviews. I map that field back to Service Cloud.  I want the phone number entered in the format ***-***-XXXX.  I tried using the Phone.PhoneType Attribute but even without mapping I get an error that the Input Style Text Box is not Valid.

    Is there a way I can mask the input to force that for an interview?


  • Ian Hunter
    Best practice for capturing interview answers in incidentAnswered9
    Topic posted January 4, 2016 by Ian HunterRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Best practice for capturing interview answers in incident

    Other than setting specific fields (subject, assigned, etc.), what's the most accepted way to capture specific answers to interview questions in an incident? For example, say I'm modeling an application that has many fields that do not need to exist as contact or incident fields, so they're not being created as custom fields. Where would I store that additional, non-field-based info?

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