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  • Gautam Waingankar

    Please log an SR for this issue so that it can be checked further.

  • Tessy van Engelen

    The tax amount was adjusted after which the invoice is revalidated and accounted.

    This change doesn't appear in the tax audit trail report.

  • Gautam Waingankar

    "The tax line is adjusted and the transaction is processed.". Please elaborate on what was adjusted. Was the tax amount changed or the rate or the tax rate code? And after the adjustment, was the invoice re-validated and accounted before running the Tax Audit Trail Report?

  • Alexey Shtrakhov

    Finally got it :)

    1) Enabling following feature: Allow Taxpayer ID Sharing Across Suppliers + Setting Parent supplier

    • this will allow you to add same Tax Payer ID (Income Tax Tab).

    2) To allow Duplicate Tax Registration Numbers, please Add Country Defaults for this Country and set the "Duplicate Validation Level" to "No Validation"

    You will typically have this country defaults set for your main tax regimes related countries, but if you have some duplicate supplier country outside of your Tax Regime, then just add this country default and set validation to No Validation. Thats it :)

    Setup task: Manage Country Default Controls
    It is found under Financials > Transaction Tax.

    *NOTE! For each country where duplicate Tax Registration number will be found you have to add this Country Default.*


  • Zoë Read

    I just wanted to make everyone aware that from Release 20A, the information about features with either current or future opt-in expirations is now included in our What's New document (click the Opt In Expiration tab on the left-hand panel)

    With regards, Zoë

  • Annapurna Chittilla


    There are some details provided in the Oracle Docs regarding the Canada GST configuration (Generic details).
    You can please refer to

    From your query understood that you are looking for picking up the Taxes based on the Item selected, i mean Item Specific Taxes.

    For this you can use the Product Fiscal Classification .
    Refer -

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Annapurna Chittilla.

  • Baskar Chakravarthi

    As per user guide page 2-34  The tax within a jurisdiction can have different rates for the parent and child geographies. For example, a city sales tax rate can override a county rate for the same tax. In this case, you
    can set up an override geography type for the city and apply a precedence level to the city and county tax jurisdictions, to indicate which jurisdiction takes precedence.
    The migrated precedence level is typically - 100 for all cities, 200 for all counties and 300 for all states

    We have the validation that when the GEOGRAPHY_USE = 'TAX' and if the user creates any Jurisdiction that exists with same regime, tax and precedence level, we will show referred message.

    This is validation is required for manual update/new setups due the following reasons:

    1. In the product you can create Tax Geographies by using Tax Zone functionality.
    2. In the Tax Zone, you may create multiple Tax Zones under the same Tax Zone type.
    3. Further you can select the same Geographies in the Tax Zones created for a Tax Zone Type.
    4. Further note that you can add the new Geographies in the existing Tax Zones.
    5. The check/validation is required so that the system can pick the correct Jurisdiction based on the precedence level.
    6. In the absence of such check, we may face issues in correctly picking the jurisdiction specially if they have the same geographies.
    7. For the migrated set up, we already maintain the check for unique Tax Zones hence the another check is not required.
  • Baskar Chakravarthi

    you can use the Tax Register and Financial Tax Register and Interim Tax Register report to get the details.

  • Janelle Azimullah

    Hi Annapurna - any update?

  • Annapurna Chittilla


    Ensure to Enable 'Use Withholding Tax' Option under the Income Tax Region for the supplier.
    Ensure to Enable the 'Use Withholding Tax' Option at the supplier site level.

    Also, please verify the Tax Point Basis setup at the Tax Level and at the Configuration Owner Tax Options Level.
    If the Tax Point Basis is Invoice, then the WHT is calculated when the Invoice is created.
    If the Tax Point Basis is Payment, then the WHT is calculated when a Payment is created for the Invoice.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Annapurna Chittilla.

  • Julien Dubouis

    Hi Adrian,
    I have never heard of such a functionality being standard on EBS and it is definitely not in Cloud. I think it was possible to do a direct derivation from GL natural account but that's all.

  • Durgaprasad Mohapatro

    Thanks, Priyanka. Will do.

  • Annapurna Chittilla

    Hi Janelle,

    The Owner of the Doc ID 1578173.1 has been notified and the Note would be updated ASAP.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Annapurna Chittilla.


  • Mien Lin Tan

    We are only providing validation of tax registration numbers in ERP Cloud for Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan.  According to requirements provided to us, Australia's ABN, New Zealand's NZBN and GSTN, and Taiwan's BAN IDs do not have any "/". 

    Best if you go ahead and log a SR describing your use case (e.g. what country's tax ID are you trying to enter, provide screen shots of the field entered, error message etc), for Support and Dev team to follow up.



  • David Taylor

    I have not done this in Financials cloud but I can say that this must all be set up manually in Ebs so it would not be a surprise to have to do it in Cloud.

    Out of interest does Cloud fully support the Turnover (padron) process?  For Ebs the only support was for CABA and we had to develop our own interface to upload and process the padron for BSAS and any other region.