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  • Uday Koppolu
    Issue with OTAC AdapterAnswered9
    Topic posted November 19, 2019 by Uday KoppoluGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Adapters, Taleo 
    Issue with OTAC Adapter
    Error while loading locations into Oracle Taleo

    Dear Team,

    We are trying to load Locations data into Taleo using OTAC adapter. But we are receiving the below error from Taleo. 

    <Attribute name="total.location.merge">1</Attribute><Attribute name="total.status.error">1</Attribute></Attributes><Content><ImportResult xmlns=""><Record><Index>1</Index><Identifier>2</Identifier><Status>error</Status><TransactionType>location.merge</TransactionType><ExceptionInfo><ExceptionMessage>An integration mapping must be provided.</ExceptionMessage><ExceptionStackTrace>com.taleo.integration.toolkit.core.exception.ApplicationServiceException

    at com.taleo.integration.toolkit.akira.service.immigration.DefaultIntegrationAsyncImportService.processRecord(

     We have an existing version of integration which imports the data through Taleo Connect Client. This version loads the OLF data successfully but with performance issues, hence we are planning to switch to OTAC adapter.

    Can some one please help with a resolution?



    Version: (190624.1100.29532)
  • sandeep karanth
    Taleo Integration with OIC3
    Topic posted August 7, 2019 by sandeep karanth, tagged Adapters, Cloud, Connection, Integration, SOAP, Taleo, Web Services 
    Taleo Integration with OIC
    Export data from Taleo

    Hi ,

    Is it possible for taleo TCC to expose as a SOAP so that OIC can consume and extract data from Taleo as of now taleo adapter doesnt  have any action to extract?? Is it possible any help is appreciated.

  • Moon Ray Lo
    OIC Exception/Error Handling & Recoverable InstanceAnswered65.0
    Topic posted February 5, 2019 by Moon Ray LoSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Adapters, Agent, API, Case Management, Cloud, Connection, Database, E-Business Suite, Eloqua, ERP Cloud, Events, Integration, Mapping, NetSuite, Orchestration, PaaS, Primavera, Process, REST, RightNow, Sales Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, Siebel, SOACS, SOAP, Taleo, Tip, Web Services, Workday 
    OIC Exception/Error Handling & Recoverable Instance
    Oracle Integration Cloud's Exception/Error Handling & Recoverable Instance

    Hi Team,


    I have noticed that NOT ALL instances that faulted can be recovered or resubmitted for reprocessing - based from y experience, I have resubmitted/recovered some (scheduled integration) and unable for others (app-driven integration)


    I'd like to know as to which specific conditions would an instance considered as recoverable when fault encountered.


    Thanks ahead,


    Version: (190129.1200.23460)
  • Matt Varughese
    What is the difference between Taleo Connect Client...35.0
    Topic posted July 12, 2018 by Matt VarugheseSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Taleo 
    What is the difference between Taleo Connect Client (TCC) and ICS
    Want to know difference between TCC and ICS

    Looking for features that are different between the 2 products.