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  • logu Prasanth
    While Client post the data(OIC Trigger URL) Client...9
    Topic posted May 9, 2019 by logu PrasanthSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Adapters, API, Connection, E-Business Suite, Integration, Mapping, Orchestration, REST, RightNow, SAP, SOAP, Web Services, xml 
    While Client post the data(OIC Trigger URL) Client got Read time out Error
    what is the issue and where? is it OIC URL problem or Their data problem?


    We are using app-driven orchestration for PO/PR Creation. While Client POST the data to the OIC URL (Trigger) the got below error in their log.

    what is the issue and where? is it OIC URL problem or Their data problem


    {system=iConsole, errorDescription={RESPONSE_STATUS_CODE=0, RESPONSE_STATUS_DESCRIPTION=I/O error on POST request for "": Read timed out; }}

    Thanks in advance.




  • Moon Ray Lo
    OIC Exception/Error Handling & Recoverable InstanceAnswered65.0
    Topic posted February 5, 2019 by Moon Ray LoSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Adapters, Agent, API, Case Management, Cloud, Connection, Database, E-Business Suite, Eloqua, ERP Cloud, Events, Integration, Mapping, NetSuite, Orchestration, PaaS, Primavera, Process, REST, RightNow, Sales Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, Siebel, SOACS, SOAP, Taleo, Tip, Web Services, Workday 
    OIC Exception/Error Handling & Recoverable Instance
    Oracle Integration Cloud's Exception/Error Handling & Recoverable Instance

    Hi Team,


    I have noticed that NOT ALL instances that faulted can be recovered or resubmitted for reprocessing - based from y experience, I have resubmitted/recovered some (scheduled integration) and unable for others (app-driven integration)


    I'd like to know as to which specific conditions would an instance considered as recoverable when fault encountered.


    Thanks ahead,


    Version: (190129.1200.23460)
  • Bhagyaraj Burada
    Oracle ICS to Ariba Network connectivity(supplier)
    Topic posted December 20, 2018 by Bhagyaraj Burada, tagged Cloud, E-Business Suite, Integration, SAP 
    Oracle ICS to Ariba Network connectivity(supplier)
    How to connect the SAP Ariba Network using Oracle ICS Ariba adapter.

    Hi All,


    I am working on connectivity of oracle Integration cloud services with SAP Ariba Network.


    we have requirement to send data from Ariba Network (Invoice details) to EBS system using Oracle ICS. is there any provision connect the Ariba network(cXML format) in Oracle ICS, I could't able see the configuration to connect the Ariba Network using the ICS Ariba adapter. it is showing only Buyers, no option to select the Suppliers 

    Ariba will send the invoice details in cXML format. How this can be achieve in Oracle ICS.

    Appreciate all you inputs.







  • Moon Ray Lo
    Integration with HCM Extract Run & Retrieve Flow2
    Topic posted December 15, 2018 by Moon Ray LoSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Adapters, Agent, API, Cloud, Connection, Database, Integration, Mapping, Orchestration, PaaS, SAP, SOAP, Web Services 
    Integration with HCM Extract Run & Retrieve Flow
    This is to take note the best practices to observe when integrating OIC with HCM's Extract Run-Retrieve Flow

    Hi Team,


    I'd like to ask for inputs from the group with regards to integrating HCM's Run-Retrieve Extract Flow with Oracle Integration Cloud. I have attached the sample OIC flow (initial design) we've come up with. Here are the requirements:

    1) Integrating HCM Core HR Data through Extract with SAP Payroll

    2) Sending data every 10minutes (OIC's limit for scheduled integration) from HCM to SAP for data synchronization.

    3) Extract Data sent are 'Changes Only' data, we are only sending changes in HCM to SAP within the 10-minute period (not master data).


    The attached initial design works fine for above requirements, as far as we've tested it (unfortunately we only have few test data available as of this writing). But there are still concerns though and I'd appreciate any inputs from the group to enhance the design:

    1) What if we process a full, master data extract run and takes longer time than the current delta-only run? (Will it raise timeout issue on OIC side? What's the runtime limit on OIC for every integration run?)

    2) Anyone have tried the callback option for SOAP WS? How does it work for Extract RunRetrieve Process?


    We want to consider a design that can handle both master and delta-only extract data in OIC. Appreciate all your inputs.


    Thanks ahead,


  • Amar Sappo
    OICS - SAP ARIBA Integration55.0
    Topic posted March 11, 2018 by Amar Sappo, tagged Integration, SAP 
    OICS - SAP ARIBA Integration
    OICS - SAP ARIBA Integration

    Hi Team,

    This is Amarsrinivas Eli. Am an SAP PI/HCI/PO Integration Architect where am from SAP Integrations background. But currently am supporting for one of my client in Qatar for SAP ARIBA Integration with 5 different ERP sytems using Oracle ICS - Integration Cloud Services. This is a completely non SAP Implementations using OICS for integrating below systems


    1. SAP ARIBA to 5 ERP systems.

    • SAP ARIBA to Oracle ERP
    • SAP ARIBA to Oracle JD Edwards
    • SAP ARIBA to Microsoft Dynamics
    • SAP ARIBA to Microsoft Navision
    • SAP ARIBA to Microsoft AX



    I would like to know is there any standard ARIBA integration packages for ARIBA Upstream and Down Stream interfaces covering all ARIBA modules.

    1. Sourcing

    2. PR

    3. GR

    4. etc.


    2. Where can we find ARIBA User Guides and API/WSDL API documentations that are implementing using Oracle ICS?


    Kindly help me and do the needful.


    Please mail me all OICS ARIBA integration documents to



    I tried for OICS trail access but am not able to login. I sent email to admin but no response. please help me out.