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  • Pradvin Heggar Prabhakar

    Hi Hemanth,

       Thanks for your help. Actually i used basic authentication in SOAP UI and used user token in OIC, after changing the authentication to basic in OIC, it is working fine.




  • Hemanth Lakkaraju

    There is no direct way with an expression to achieve this as some of the constructs of iCal expression are not supported yet.

    Few ways to achieve this is:

    • Create a Monthly Schedule for 1st of every month.
    • Use format-dateTime to get the DAY of the month.
    • Approach#1 - (Not recommended if you have frequent/more scheduled orchestrations in your OIC)
      • Add a switch to check if DAY is Tuesday
        • If Yes
          • put a wait for 24 hours --> This can cause an issue if you have frequent/more scheduled orchestrations in OIC.
          • Use rest api to invoke the same schedule integration with action:NOW --> This will make the call on next day same time.
        • If No
          • Add your business logic here.
    • Approach#2 - Better than previous, a combination with above approach.
      • Clone the above scheduled integration, schedule it Monthly 2nd of every month at 8AM, stop the schedule.
      • Remove the switch condition in the cloned integration.
      • In the switch condition of original flow,
        • If yes - make a rest api call to the cloned integration and start the schedule.
        • In else case, stop the schedule of clone integration after your business logic.
          • If the schedule is already stopped, you may have to check the status before stopping it.
  • Abhinav Kumar

    I think it is not possible for the POST methods. It is only possible for the GET method.

  • Jaeyshree Kumaran

    I will send a mail if my integration fails. In that mail, I should include a url and on clicking the url, the url will be hit via browser and the integration should get triggered in OIC.

    I used https://<host>:<port>/ic/api/integration/v1/integrations/{integration_id}/schedule/jobs. But no luck

  • Hemanth Lakkaraju

    What exactly is your usecase? All OIC endpoints are protected and there is no way you can do this without providing credentials to the request.

  • Hemanth Lakkaraju

    Testing the ExternalReportWSSService wsdl from SoapUI is different to using the wsdl as a connection in OIC trigger is different. What is the security you used in the trigger connection? What is the security you used for testing OIC integration in SoapUI?

    CASDK-0054: Unable to verify the request sent by the client application. The request sent to OIC integration flow is rejected

    This is an inbound rejection error which means, you are either not sending credentials or sending incorrect credentials to OIC endpoint. 

    I have already tested the BIP webservice directly in SOAP UI with basic authentication and it is working fine but it is failing when OIC is used.

    If you are talking about above error (when you say failing in OIC), then it is incorrect. Since the request itself is rejected by OIC, there is no way to claim BIP webservice failed.

    I am assuming, since you tested ExternalReportWSSService with Basic Auth in SoapUI, you used the wsdl and configured Basic Auth in trigger connection in OIC, so your OIC endpoint is protected to use Basic Auth. But from SoapUI, you are not using Basic Auth but Username Token that is causing the issue. Check the raw format of your request in SoapUI to know if you are sending Basic Auth or Username Token. Try enabling 'premeptive authentication' ON from SoapUI and see if OIC instance gets triggered.

  • Punit Desai

    Yes Hemanth, if 1st falls on a Tuesday, it will be processed on 2nd of that month which is the next day.

  • Hemanth Lakkaraju

    If 1st falls on a Tuesday, then this job has to be put on hold and will be processed on the following Wednesday 8 AM

    Can you clarify on this if it means next day (2nd of that month)? 

  • Mohana Gopal Selvam

    Hi Ankur,

    If SSO enabled for this user, you cant use it. It is product bug. So we have created separate user in OIC and we are using it now.



  • Salik Qureshi

    I got it working now. There was a privilege "Use REST Service - Time Events (HWM_REST_SERVICE_ACCESS_TIME_EVENTS_PRIV)" missing in the role. After adding this privilege i'm able to access this service. 

  • Salik Qureshi

    Thanks Ravi for your reply! When I compared the security roles and permission for the user id which I'm trying to call this service with the other working environment then I don't see any difference. So if it is working with the same roles and permission in efix-dev1 and efix-test then why it is not working in this efix-dev3 environment with same roles and permission. If you know any specific roles needed then please let me know. Currently I have attached the roles and permission which I have configured.


    Roles1.JPG (49KB)
  • Ravi Sankaran

    You dont have the necessary authorization for calling the API in this environment. You might want to try calliing this API from a stand alone client like Postman using the same credentials. You should be getting the same 403. You need to make sure the service integration account being used to consume this API has been granted the necessary roles for consuming this API


  • Mukesh Patil02

    Hi Hemanth

    Many thanks for exact flag name and answer.


  • Raghavendra Manchigiah

    Hi Ansuman,

    Sent you a direct message , Please check and respond.


  • Veerakumar Subramani

    Hi Shiva,

    I think it's bit late. If you are still facing issue with decode then use below line as example for your case. This will convert your report output to XML format and we are assigning it to variable jobstatus. 

    <xsl:variable name="JobStatus">
                <xsl:copy-of select="oraext:parseEscapedXML(oraext:decodeBase64($report/nsmpr0:runReportResponse/nsmpr0:runReportReturn/nsmpr0:reportBytes))"/>

        To Navigate further you need to use the below set of code.

      <xsl:for-each select="$JobStatus/DATA_DS/G_1">  

    In my Case xml was look like below:






    Please try it and let me know the outcome. If I am wrong with my solution please correct me techies.


    Veerakumar S