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  • Nagesh Manda

    Thanks Jima.

    The expression is working after making the changes.

    <xpathExpr xmlns:ns_0="" xmlns:ns_1="" xmlns:ns_2="">$eventPayload/ns_2:result/ns_0:value/ns_1:TransactionType='RETURN TO VENDOR' and $eventPayload/ns_2:result/ns_0:value/ns_1:OrganizationCode='***' </xpathExpr>

  • Hemanth Lakkaraju

    Try this.

  • Hemanth Lakkaraju

    What was the error? The base wsdl when you open in the browser has a structure similar to below.

    Base WSDL --> Imports another WSDL --> Imports a schema.

    What you need to do is to copy the contents of another wsdl (imported wsdl within the definitions tag) and put it in base wsdl in place of the import statement.

  • Jima
    It is required. So far I have no idea that oracle is providing another solution/alternative. Below are some useful references when u decide to connect through the agent.
  • Jima
    What we usually do is we try the SOAP web service using a tool like SOAPUI And we try updating the attributes and the functional team verify so if u r of tech background u need functional assistance. Below a reference and the WSDL url u can use Https://servername/fscmService/ReceivablesCustomerProfileService?WSDL Another option oracle provides in the OIC mapper UI is the "recommendation" option .but still basic & primitive. Reference: Regards
  • Jima
    I think the operators are case sensitive Can you try and Lower case Another suggestion is to seperate condition by parentheses And try single quote instead of double quote.
  • Sunny Chugh


    it seems ftp is not reachable.

    did you try to connect via winscp or some other tool so as to make sure there is no problem with that ?



  • Nagesh Manda

    Thanks Rajan / Kunal.

    The issue is resolved now.



  • Kunal Sonje

    Click on redraw option of scope.

  • Rajan Modi

    For a scope, there is a toolbar at the top and it has an option to reset layout.  See attached screenshot - second option is to reset scope layout.

  • Caio

    Hi Nagesh, we also tried to search on event catalog ( ) and we could only see the business event for Purchase Order.

    Are you aware of any upcoming Business events on ERP Procurement Cloud ?  

    Kind Rgds

  • Nagesh Manda

    Hi Rajan,

    Could you let me know what you meant by resetting overall orchestration and the scope level?

    I can only see the reset option while rest the whole integration. Are there options available to reset at scope level.



  • Nagesh Manda

    yes it is working Monish.

  • Monish Munot

    Is the single condition working for you?

  • Sunny Chugh

    yeah we are suing the same but it doesnt give the procurement related events like Requisition ?

    I can see Purchase order which we are using but not others.