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  • Mahgoub Salaheldien

    asset addition incomplete old po of asset with warring sign that po 83  closed in June  , please check what issue and delete it from incomplete .see attached for more clarification

  • Julien Dubouis

    Hi Federica, 
    That's normal, you can only do the system options once you have defined the flexfields. You should first create structures and instance for each of your keys (asset, category and location) in the task Manage Fixed Assets Key Flexfield.
    From a general standpoint, Oracle made great efforts in simplifying the structure and flow of setup tasks in setup and maintenance. The order in which the tasks is displayed is often the one to follow. For FA at least, it's a good one.


  • Senthilkumar Vellakoilmuthusamy

    This is to meet country specific requirement and will be enabled for Poland and Russia books or books with currency PLN or RUB. Asset will fully depreciate on addition. The depreciation for the current period will be equal to its recoverable cost irrespective of the rate/life in its depreciation method.

  • Marisa Escobar

    Hi Autumn-

    Thank you for the suggestion! We not looking to use the data for migration purposes, just to review the GL accounts for each category, The output format from Config Pack is not user friendly for data review without doing some significant spreadsheet work. I've also tried getting it direct from tables, 90% of the way there (just trying to find where I can get Asset Category Name to map to CATEGORY_ID, can't find that table yet). Was hoping someone had a more efficient way.

    Thank you, again!


  • Autumn Goodin

    Hi Marisa,

    One option to export the setup data is creating an implementation project that has the setup data you would like to export.  Then create a configuration package for that implementation project.  Then schedule that in order to get the relevant setup data.  I usually use this approach of export the configuration package if the environment I'm working on is going to be cloned over to keep the details of my setups for reference.  The approach of using a configuration package is also used to move setups from one environment to another environment.  


  • Anandhan Erulappan

    No. You can log Service Request at My Oracle Support -



  • Pablo Schenquerman


    Do I need to log it at Oracle Metalink ?

  • Anandhan Erulappan

    Better to Log an Q/A type SR with Oracle and you could get some report which suits this multiple book reconciliation requirement.

  • Pablo Schenquerman

    Thanks for the reply Anandh

    The issue is that the customer has 100 Asset books. They would need to run the report for each book instead of one report





  • Anandhan Erulappan


    Here you have the SLA whitepaper for FA.



  • Anandhan Erulappan

    Hi Pablo,

    Do you want to reconcile cash account balances, by company ? If yes, you can run "Journal Entry Reserve Ledger" ESS job. The output report provides info based on GL company and cash account.



  • Kevin Fehskens

    Hey Mark,

    I see Source Type Code as a source in SLA.  If you go in to asset inquiry and look at the source lines tab, I believe this is the source column/field, that identifies whether an asset source line came from Projects or not.  If your asset additions from PPM are rolled up in to one source line per asset, I might test using Source Type Code = 'ORACLE PROJECTS' in an account rule and see if you can flip the account segment.  Let us know if it works.  I have a clients that might need this down the road.

  • Senthilkumar Vellakoilmuthusamy

    Not possible to merge two existing assets but you can transfer all invoice lines from one asset to another asset using Transfer Source Lines transaction. The asset cost of the source asset will become zero if all invoices are transferred out and will be added to the destination asset cost.

  • Helle Hennings

    Hello Nick


    I suggest you refer to the white paper available on My Oracle Support here:

    Updating Subledger Accounting Methods for Fixed Assets (Doc ID 2169023.1)




  • Phil Nibert

    Hi Nick,


    The process we run to get the Asset register is called "Asset Register".

    Please see the attached file.



    Thanks, Phil