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  • Sébastien Roux

    Hi Ashish,

    We just finished a small Essbase cloud project on a trial instance. Customer decided finally to deploy on premise because he wasn't at ease with UC proposal (21D/12H) saying "what if I over consume"...

    So now I have to migrate 3 cube to on premise and without LCM. I will use Next Generation OTL Extractor from AppliedOlap in order to migration dimensions to on prem.

  • Ashish Jain

    Hi, Sebastien.

    OAC Essbase cubes are not backward compatible with on-premises 11g versions. I am trying to understand what you are trying to achieve here?

  • Jenny Tan

    not every data cell.

    I am not using text measures.  The data are all financial figures, thus numeric measures.

  • Tim Faitsch

    They're on every data cell? Are you using any text measures?

  • Jenny Tan

    It is against essbase.  Those cells are not in POV area.  They are on all the cells that will appear data.


    the POV stays in row 1 or on the top of the sheet.  It is not possible not to use POV anymore because our users use the report template to refresh data for their own selection.


  • Tim Faitsch

    Is this against Essbase or another tool? Do you use any text measures?

    I think it's usually the Page members/POV that add these dropdowns. After adding rows and copying cells they can end up just about anywhere on the sheet. I can clear them by selecting each page member and pivoting it to the rows. Once they're all gone, don't use the POV anymore.


    To get rid of them on an existing sheet, highlight the entire sheet, click Data->Data Validation->Clear All.

  • Jenny Tan
  • touseef rehman

    Hi we're now on W10 Xendesktop citrix environment and users who use smartview and specifically using the Essbase ribbon excel becomes laggy and slow any ideas? I've got  SR open but no joy yet ? 



  • Jeanette Reilly

    I would separate the FIX statement into a combo of FIX and IF. 

    FIX on level members of Accounts and then have an IF statement check for the character "X". 

  • Anne Desotelle

    Hi Ashish -    Thank you for the update.   I  logged a SR with support as you suggest, but have not yet got confirmation back that and later was needed.  Thanks for supplying that info.   They did gather some information from me including a couple example OTL files from applications on my on prem Essbase and last I heard are attempting to recreate the issue on their end.  They confirmed that there have been no other reports of this same issue.   Now I know I will need to patch up to at least .015 to use it.

       I am also going to try the EssbaseLCM utility to see if I can get it to work instead.  Thanks for the feedback.

    Update - Oracle support confirmed that Ashish is the developer and is in the process of updating the documentation to include information that or later is needed.


  • Ashish Jain

    No LCM from OAC Essbase back to on-prem 11g is not supported.

  • Ashish Jain

    Hi Anne, can you please let me know what version of OAC Essbase you are on? also I would suggest you to raise a Oracle Support request so that an appropriate team can look into this.

    I have an update: Currently, the DBX export utility supports exporting on-prem cubes from 11.1..2.015 and later. we will update the documentation to reflect the same.

    For the moment you can use the LCM Export utility instead to move the cubes from on-prem.

  • Mike Larimer

    @CURRMBR is not allowed in a FIX statement.

  • Anviksha Shukla

    Hello Elisa,

    Your query isnt very clear, but if you are trying to select a dynamic time series member through Smart View. That is possible and can be done following the steps at this page:




  • Anviksha Shukla

    You cannot use attribute members to define a replicated partition. For example, associated with the Market dimension, the Market Type attribute dimension members are Urban, Suburban, and Rural. You cannot define a partition on Urban, Suburban, or Rural, because a replicated partition contains dynamic data, not stored data. Therefore, an attempt to map attributes in replicated partitions results in an error message. However, you can use the WITHATTR command to replicate attribute data. Also, attribute dimensions can be used but in transparent partitioning only.

    Syntax would be : @ATTRIBUTE(Caffeinated_True)