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  • Joydeepta Bhattacharjee
    Microservices and Containerization : Event driven...Answered3
    Topic posted March 22, 2019 by Joydeepta BhattacharjeeRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Containers, Kubernetes, Tip 
    Microservices and Containerization : Event driven Interaction
    This post is dedicated to open up a developer discussion on implementing a Microservice Architecture Reference over OCI OKE and develop a agile event based approach to provide resiliency and atomicit


    As micro services being so evident and also Oracle finally coming up with host of docker images for SOA 12c and subsequently OCI OKE, we have been overwhelmed with various problem statements about designing an effecting Micro-services design pattern. With this note, I would like to really traverse the path of Event based mechanism and less on orchestrating the pre-conceived steps we were accustomed to take in traditional monolithic Integration space.


    Challenge in Problem Space#


    1. Breaking in DDD business entities and developing CRUD Operations eventually forming the basis for commands
    2. Storing the updates with large business data in self-contained data store for that Business context or domain
    3. Publishing the events adapting to application changes to decouple subscribers or listeners
    4. Maintain the atomicity of the change between the action and the event generated and published allowing compensation during failure
    5. Synchronicity of query with change of event store in near real time impacting time lag
    6. Complexity of query formation across disparate MS data stores and choice of Materialized views over new edge document based storage like in MongoDB supporting relational + document structures

    Implementation of CQRS #


    It seems that as traditional Oracle Cloud BOM does not include any No-sql storage or document driven storage in Mongo db for custom query we have rely on Materialized Views
    Spring Boot api driven framework would be using it’s repository beans to update the event records in MySQL
    The update Order table triggered should also manage the transaction to post to Event store and publish events without supporting 2PC
    The application layer may implement a Façade with dispatcher and router to efficiently route the events to event store.
    The same dispatcher may be used to query from the materialized view to the presentation layer, to consumer or subscribers or may be to and reporting and analytics engine.

    With all these consideration in mind can we suggest a Reference architecture with some framework from Oracle to efficiently implement the pattern.


    These would be more evident as time has come to socially engineer a micro service with lead to change and adapt to business need of current time in a connected world of streams , bots , devices and legacy COTS more or less to co-exist at-least for a while. We also have to look for OKE Infra supporting event based messaging and storage and built a standard architecture to achieve resiliency .

  • Olivier Maurice
    Persistent volumes between worker nodesAnswered15.0
    Topic posted November 14, 2018 by Olivier MauriceRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Kubernetes, Tip 
    Persistent volumes between worker nodes
    Looking into how to share PVCs between worker nodes in different ADs


    Use case: a POD that only has 1 replica, but with a PVC attached. In this particular case the nodepool has 2 worker nodes, 1 in each AD.

    In the yaml for the PVC you have to state the AD you want the storage to be created in.

    Now I am wondering: if somehow the POD gets moved from the worker node on AD1 to the worker node on AD2, is all the data contained on the PVC following to the other AD?

    On GKE (Google) you can provision something like a 'regional' persistence volume, over different zones. Anything like this available on OKE?
    And what with the availability of the data over the ADs?

    Is it an option to look at the File Storage Service to share the storage between the worker nodes? But how explain OKE to pipe the claim to the File Storage service?


    Thanks for your input,


  • Shivin Vijai
    Can I run Fn on OKE14.3
    Topic posted August 20, 2018 by Shivin VijaiSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Tip 
    Can I run Fn on OKE

    Can I run Fn on OKE?

  • Shivin Vijai
    Oracle Container Registry support signed images?14.5
    Topic posted August 2, 2018 by Shivin VijaiSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged Containers, Docker, Kubernetes, Registry 
    Oracle Container Registry support signed images?
    I need to deploy (push and pull) signed images on Kubernetes

    As far I know Oracle Container Registry currently do not support signed images. Is it true? Is there any good workarounds for that. What is the gap from a normal kubernetes deployment using a unsigned image?

    I need to have content trust in docker images. Content trust gives me the ability to verify both the integrity and the publisher of all the data received from a registry over any channel.

    I am looking this for a production set.



  • Sayan Malakshinov
    Containers based on Windows15.0
    Topic posted July 31, 2018 by Sayan Malakshinov, tagged Containers, Docker, Kubernetes 
    Containers based on Windows

    One of our main applications requires IIS with .Net Framework, which is platform-dependent and requires docker host on Windows, but Oracle Cloud Container Service and Oracle Application Container Service currently support Linux hosts only.

    If we try to deploy official docker dotnet-framework image by Microsoft we get error:

    ERROR Failed to pull image microsoft/dotnet-framework-samples:aspnetapp due to error no supported platform found in manifest list
    Error: no supported platform found in manifest list

     How can we ask Oracle to add containers based on Windows?