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  • Lynn Warneka

    Oracle Support created Doc ID 2337685.1 available on the KM site to help troubleshoot the Receipt Confirmation workflow.  The workflow is able to send notifications for quantity-based PO's subject to the conditions in the Support document.


  • Suman Guha

    Moving this post from Procurement forum.

  • Santily SU

    Field 'Schedule Ship Date' was selected as today. So the search result will only contain the shippment lines which schedule ship date is today.

  • Shankaran Swaminathan

    As a followup question we have requirement to restrict item to certain locators . If we make the Item - Restrict to Subinventory for the Subinventory type Storage . Unable to receive the item in Subinventory which is Receiving type as this subinventory is not available in the list of values . Also not able to find the option to add item to receiving type subinventory . How can this be handled?

  • Krishna Ghantasala

    Hello Venkata,

    The error is mainly because of SLA accounting. You can click on the Journals tab (third tab in Review Receipt Accounting Distributions) and you should the error there.

    You can also review the details of the errors, by clicking on the Exceptions count in Receipt Accounting Overview page, and then it will take you to the "Receipt Accounting Process", click on the hyperlink on the process ID to see detailed exceptions for the run.



  • Ivan Pena

    Moved from Purchasing forum.


  • Ivan Pena

    Moved from Purchasing forum.


  • Jim Van Tongerloo

    Thanks Ashok.

    Currently we are looking to setup the 'Confirm Receipts', hence why I was interested in what this exact Opt In feature does.


  • Ashok


    I am moving this to Purchasing for your guidance. I provided some documentation that I could find but the customer does have follow up questions. I want to make he gets the right guidance here. Can you take a look?

  • Ashok


    I believe you are referring to the same feature. The opt-in is enabled in Procurement for ease of access. On how it works with Confirm Receipts, may I suggest posting this in the Purchasing forum? This not being a Self Service Procurement feature as such, guidance is better given by the right teams (Purchasing or Receiving).

  • Jim Van Tongerloo


    Now I am confused. This opt in feature is listed under 'Procurement' > Receiving.

    Also, how this work together with the 'Confirm Receipts' ESS job?


  • Sridhar Tumati

    Path: Costing -> Receipt Accounting

  • Ashok

    Here you go. The reason you don't find it in the Self Service Procurement documentation (assuming that is where you looked) is that this is not a Self Service Procurement feature. This is a feature in Inventory (


    Self-service requesters in your organization sometimes do not receive orders or receive only partial orders from suppliers for a variety of reasons. Some situations do not require buyers to get involved. To help you and your company work more efficiently and to better utilize the time of your buyers, there is a new mechanism to determine when an action should be taken and when the buyers should get involved.

    Use Oracle Action Framework to give self-service requesters and buyers the ability to define flexible rules for escalations when they do not receive the goods. With these capabilities, self-service requesters can better articulate when the buyers need to get involved if they do not receive the goods or if they do not receive the goods in full.


    You must enable the Escalate Self-Service Receiving for Items Not Received feature to use the functionality. This feature is enabled by selecting the Enable checkbox in the Setup and Maintenance work area.


    Enable Feature: Escalate Self-Service Receiving for Items Not Received

    To enable the Escalate Self-Service Receiving for Items Not Received feature:

    1. In the Setup and Maintenance work area, select the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management offering.
    2. On the Setup: Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management page, click Change Feature Opt In.
    3. On the Opt In: Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management page, click Features for Receiving.
    4. On the Edit Features: Receiving page, select Enable for the Escalate Self-Service Receiving for Items Not Received feature.
    5. Click Done.




    The notifications are available in the BPM Worklist.




    • Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud: Implementing Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management Guide, available on the Oracle Help Center.
  • Ashok


    I will revert shortly on this. Thanks for posting this.

  • Aditya Singh

    Hi Venkata,

    There is a error message field in review receipt accounting distribution page , Please select View all columns option for the same.

    Also you can check the log of the process review receipt accounting distribution , this will also give you an idea about the error.

    Further you can check table CMR_TRANSACTIONS and related to that table to dig into errors.

    I hope it helps.

    Thank you

    Aditya Singh