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  • Sandeep Kumar
    This is also our requirement
  • Tarun Agarwal
    There is no such functionality currently. We have raised an Idea. Idea Number:A540FAE3C7 Idea Link :
  • J-La

    Thanks Neil, for the heads-up about this bug.

  • J-La

    Hi Neil, thanks for posting this and making us aware.

  • Wendy Ware


  • Neil Saunders

    Totally agree.

    This is a very confusing, and poorly communicated change. I also have a thread on this topic (

    I also have an SR open - the engineer hasn't yet been successful in giving me instructions.

    Also, watch out - if this change affects you in the same way it did us, all your 'contacts' who were set up in the old portal to receive refresh, outage,.....alerts have been wiped out. AND it's a known bug (with no ETA) on being able to this this back up again in the new portal. 

  • J-La

    Hi Karthik,

    Thanks for your response. Yes, this is indeed the text of the email. The URL looks a bit dodgy and could be meant to phish for my credentials. 

    The text of the message is reason for me to be cautious. I have outlined my concerns below.

    The message states that new platform technology will be included in FA environments shortly and will be managed through your new admin account >>> It is not clear to me what I would need to manage. Technology components are managed by Oracle, and not by the customer. 

    Please log in to the new admin account to confirm successful access for future Fusion Applications use.  >>> This creates a sense of urgency which nowadays should always be a reason to be alert. Why is it so urgent that I have to login now?  There is nothing for me to manage at the moment, and we have no intention currently to activate autonomous cloud services.

    Hopefully someone from Oracle will shed some light.

    Kind regards


  • J-La

    My thoughts exactly. 

  • Wendy Ware

    Thank you, J-La, for asking and thank you, Karthik, for answering.  I sent this Q to my account execs and they were unable to give me an answer.  The original email giving an unfamiliar URL and asking us to sign in with current admin account creds looked like it could be a well-designed phishing email.  Wendy

  • Karthikeyan Sukumar


    This Genuine one. The account is automatically created for the new url which is related to Fusion Application updates will include new functionality delivering modern BOT, Search, and Visual Builder capabilities.  Therefore, this underlying platform technology will be included in your Fusion Applications environments -and- will be managed through your new admin account.  Please log in to the new admin account to confirm successful access for future Fusion Applications use.  In addition, you can use the new account now to activate and manage autonomous cloud services such as Database and Integration Cloud. 

    The old account url will be disabled




  • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

    We have the same issue. Following this thread.

  • Shlomo Elnekave

    It works now.

    Thank you.

  • Nishanth B Jain

    Check this note : Subject Area "User System Usage", "Last Activity Date" Field Is Null For All Users (Doc ID 2382782.1)

  • Kishore Padala


    Please refer to below Doc ID :
    How to Audit Security Customization (Role Creation, Role Modification) in Fusion Application (Doc ID 2175861.1)
    Please be aware, this audit function will only record changes made from fusion application (include security console), it will not track changes made outside of fusion application (i.e. OIM console)
    For more information on Oracle Platform Security Services Audit Framework please refer:
    Thanks & Regards,
    Kishore Padala
  • Shlomo Elnekave

    I created the report and i set the "FND_TRACK_USER_ACTIVITY" profile value to "Enabled" but still the "Last Activity Date" column output is blank. is there some process that i need to run ?