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  • Francisco Caro Vida

    Ok, thanks very much, I will stay tuned...

  • James Carstairs

    Multiple content types (or in fact multiple of any facet) is currently not supported.  However.... stay tuned as this is close on our roadmap.

  • Francisco Caro Vida

    Multiple content types

  • James Carstairs

    If you delete the attribute the content essentially stays in the background until the article is updated at which point it would be lost.  Text fields do not contain a heap of content so it's minimal space so whether you clear the attribute before deleting is up to your.

    Best practice - use extreme caution when deleting an attribute from a production site :-) 

    Note: content_type changes are not automatically picked up until the document is updated, so trigger a full content processing cycle by queuing the job in collection maintenance.

  • James Carstairs

    You can't search with answer_id, only document_id (eg. FAQ100).

  • James Carstairs

    Do you mean multiple content types (as opposed to different) ?  Please clarify or rephrase your question.

  • James Carstairs

    In your content type definition (Authoring / Repostory / Content Types /Edit) there is a section#

    Oracle Knowledge Search Indexing Options

    Select document status for indexing by Oracle Knowledge Search

    Latest Valid Draft
    Live And Latest Valid Draft

    Change this to none and this content type won't be indexed.  Content processing will need to run if there are already documents indexed against this content type in order to have them removed from the index.

    I like to do this for intents and have a separate content type which is not indexed so there is never a chance that an intent will come back in a search unless I specify the specific matching rules for it.

    Note: content_type changes are not automatically picked up until the document is updated, so trigger a full content processing cycle by queuing the job in collection maintenance.



  • Robert Chesches

    It seems there is no template for SmartAssistant, just the report that, it seems, cannot be edited.

    Thank you for your answers.


  • Gursimran Singh Saini

    You cannot access/change the SmartAssistant Report.

    Not sure what you mean by template used for SmartAssistant.
    Do you mean, the content which is copied over to a new Response Thread with 5 SmartAssistant Suggesstions?

  • Gurnaik Varaitch

    I think you would need to create some custom code using the KA REST API:

    You may also need to use the Service Cloud APIs (or create a report) to get the list of user IDs.

  • Robert Chesches


    Thanks for your answers, we have one thing solved, one still pending: where is the " ...template used for SmartAssistant and the report used when results of the SmartAssistant are returned?"

    Thank you,


  • Gursimran Singh Saini

    Easy. This is actually the "Answer Print" Message Template under "Print Pages".

  • Christian Linke

    Hi Robert, unless there is a reason you don't have Message Templates enabled you should be able to edit that preview. Have a have a look at the instructions at

  • Mary Gilbert

    Hi Robert.
    Unfortunately, the ability to change that template doesn't exist.  I've seen some customers get creative and use a browser window in the workspace to access the KB/Answers, and others with agents that have both accounts and contact records--they use the contact records to access restricted KB info on the end user pages--so they essentially work both in the console and on with the end user pages at the same time.
    As for the Smart Assistant report, I don't believe it can be accessed or modified either.

    Both are good ideas for enhancements, so I would encourage you to submit them to Oracle for future consideration.


  • Travis Benning

    Thanks for the update! 

    In OKM we had a search rule in the workbench that boosted results that match concepts in titles of content. I'd like to implement something similar in KA if possible.