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  • Alex_D_Oracle

    Also, trial accounts have service limits set to 0 by default for BM instances. You'll need to request a limit increase first (Governance > Limits menu)


  • Simon Law

    That could be due to region availability for trial accounts, can you try extending to different region and see if there is Bare Metal DB availability there?
    Here is a link to managing regions :


  • Simon Law

    Hi Ted,

    Best to log a ticket with Oracle Support, so they can look into your Dataguard environment, we don't have access here.


  • enrique ortiz


    the storage for the database is in ASM , these disk are not visible to the operating system but managed by oracle 

    these disks are managed by oracle , it only has a header and has no operating system formatting at all , if you try to access write or mount at the operating system you probably delete the database 

    the disk are in the /dev directory and controlled by the asmcmd utility , there are commands to list the disk and the size of the data, for example

    - log as opc

    - change to user grid ( sudo su - grid ) 

    - asmcmd lsdks

    [grid@********** dev]$ asmcmd lsdsk 

    [grid@********* dev]$ asmcmd lsdg 
    State            Type    Rebal  Sector  Logical_Sector  Block       AU      Total_MB  Free_MB  Req_mir_free_MB  Usable_file_MB  Offline_disks  Voting_files  Name
    MOUNTED  EXTERN  N         512             512        4096  4194304   4194304  2030272             0                      2030272              0             Y  DATA/
    MOUNTED  EXTERN  N         512             512       4096  4194304    839680   624264                0                        624264              0             N  RECO/

    the DATA is the data disk and the RECO is the recovery disk , used for the redos and archivers , so i have 4TB Data and  free 2Tb ( 2030272) 


  • Vladislav Uvarov

    The above URL for the Application Express Advanced Tutorials is from APEX 3.2, which was released in 2009 (10 years ago). Are you sure you are using this version? A few things changed in APEX since then.

    To learn about adding the file upload functionality to your APEX app, I recommend to install and review the Sample File Upload and Download app from the App Gallery tab in your APEX instance.

    For general questions about APEX, it is best to use the dedicated APEX forum.

  • Simon Law

    Yes, 19c database is supported. This is listed in the "What is the JDBC and RDBMS interoperability matrix or the certification matrix?" in the JDBC FAQ.

  • Karthik Varma

    Thanks for the quick response.

    With ojdbc8.jar, can we connect to 19c database? or new jar has to be used?

  • Simon Law

    Short answer: Yes, with Oracle Database 12c and 11g but not 10g.

    Longer version: See the answers for What are the Oracle JDBC releases Vs JDK versions? and What is the JDBC and RDBMS interoperability matrix or the certification matrix? in the JDBC FAQ.

    ojdbc8.jar starting shipping with 12cR2, the text below is from the Backward Compatibility section in the 12cR2 JDBC Developer's Guide.

    Oracle Database 12c Release 2 ( JDBC drivers are certified with supported Oracle Database releases (11.x.0.x). However, they are not certified to work with older, unsupported database releases, such as 10.2.x, 10.1.x, 9.2.x, and 9.0.1.x.

  • Simon Law
  • Simon Law

    Yes, the team is aware of this issue, they are working on a fix. No ETA yet.


  • Arunkumar Subramani

    Experts- While this is worked upon, Is there any alternative approach how to monitor the Database Running on VM ?  

  • Simon Law


    Whether Fusion Cloud can generate reports directly to a folder in DBCS (using FTP or Not), this is a product specific question, best to post your question to the relevant SaaS forum on Cloud Customer Connect. 


  • Vasudev Palivela

    Hi Simon,

    Like you said, we can SSH to the DB file system and place the file there manually.

    To automate, can we create the FTP connection in Fusion Cloud and make Report write the files directly to the directory in DBCS folder.

    Do we have FTP by default in DBCS and can we use this FTP details to write files from SaaS? Will this FTP usage be free?

    Please let us know.



  • Karthik Varma

    I deleted the ADW database & created the new one. It worked ! Not sure, why it didn't work for the old one. Maybe I messed up with some changes in order to connect to it.

    Thanks for the inputs @Simon


  • Simon Law

    This is odd. Are you able to use SQL Developer Web to connect to your ADW instance (databaseapm)?

    Assuming you are connecting from the same client machine, and that you are using open network. I would try restarting the ADW instance and see if this helps.