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    Thanx Sandip.




  • Sandip Roy


    This will be available from 20A.




    Any pointer regarding this will be really helpful. Alternate solution to achieve this will be greatly appreciated.



  • Suman Guha

    Moved from Purchasing forum for manufacturing team to review requirement here.

  • Miguel Angel Velazquez Velazquez

    Hi Justin, in effect, my post is related to maintenance. I appreciate your attention.

  • Justin Anderson

    Hi Arnulfo, I think your post is related to Maintenance Cloud, rather than the CRM Service application, so I am going to move your post to the forum that covers the Maintenance solution.

  • Ramakrishna Basa


    You need to set up the Org access to your login id using task "Manage Inventory Organization  Data Access for Users"



  • Mohamed Mahmoud

    Hi Pramod,

    Please make sure that you define Manage Plant Parameters for Maintenance Org.

  • Sivakumar Guntumadugu

    Hi Pramod,


    Yes, it is possible to use Inventory Org as a Maintenance Org. Please check if you followed below steps:

    1. Create Inventory Organization and enable 'Organization performs maintenance activities'.

    2. Choose a Maintenance Manager/Maintenance Technician belongs to Maintenance Organization created above step.

    3. Navigate to Offering 'Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management' and choose Functional Area 'Maintenance Management'.

    4. From the required Tasks select 'Manage Inventory Organization Data Access for Users'.

    5. Click on Create and select User, Role (Maintenance Manager/Maintenance Technician), Security Context (Inventory Organization which you enabled for Maintenance Organization in step 1). Security Context Value (Organization choose from LOV).

    6. Now navigate to Maintenance Management UI and select change Organization and it should appear.


    Thanks & Regards,


  • Ann Scullion

    Hi Jay,

    Thanks so much for your message.

    I am happy to schedule some time for us to chat further about your use case.  It sounds very similar to our Service Logistics preventive maintenance flow, which is planned as a future enhancement.

    Why don't you private message me with a few dates/times that work for you next week, and I will schedule a call.

    Thanks so much and take good care,


  • Jaykumar Prajapati

    Hi Ekansh, Ann,


    Is it possible to share what was dicussed in your meeting in context of below questions. how we can achive these  scenarios ?

    1. How can we create the customer asset in Oracle Maintenance Cloud as the user guide says it cannot be created?
    2. Is it possible to define the maintenance programs and forecast and schedule the preventive maintenance for customer assets?
    3. Is it possible to create work orders and bill the same to the customer?
    4. What is the purpose of Tracking method and shipment date while defining the Customer asset?

    Thanks in advance.



  • Rick Dorsey

    Hi Arnulfo, it appears you have submitted the same questions using a Service Request 3-20980607311 ?  If so, then we will need to only use that in order to coordinate answering your issues as there may be some confusion as to who is working this issue.

    Best Regards, Rick


    Hi, exist in my oracle support this note:

    How to Transfer Work Center Asset Between Maintenance Organization (Doc ID 2391848.1)


    Oracle Maintenance Cloud Service - Version and later

    Information in this document applies to any platform.


    How to transfer work center assets between Maintenance organizations?


    1) Create Miscellaneous Receipt for serial number assigned to maintenance asset. This step will ensure that location of the asset is changed from Work Center to Inventory.

    2) Perform an inter-organization transfer for serial number assigned to the maintenance asset. Both Direct inter-organization transfer or Transfer Order can be used.

    3) If using Transfer Order then perform pick, pack and ship for the transfer order.

    4) Receive the serial number in the destination organization.

    5) Create a Miscellaneous Issue for the serial number assigned to the maintenance asset. This step will ensure that the location of the asset is changed from Inventory to Work center.


    Luis Vargas


  • Rick Dorsey

    Hi Arnulfo Sauz,

    I have replied via mail, please read and feel free to contact myself and/or Jeff with any further questions.

    Best Regards, Rick

  • Miguel Angel Velazquez Velazquez

    Hi Rick.

    Thanks for your comments.

    About that you comments, i did various test about the cyclesof intervals and the result was the same, the work definitions dont merge in a only work order,how swich is specified in the maintenance program and the work requirements. If you need more information, please send me a email.

    It will be awesome doing a call or web conference to discuss this theme post it.



    Arnulfo Sauz