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  • Daniel Schoerner
    • posted via email reply August 7, 2019
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    Yes, we have customers who integrate in POs and ASNs to manage inbound customs and compliance processes. We just don’t have an out of the box integration with EBS or Cloud ERP yet. 
  • Zafar Imran


    I would be interested to see these feature with the perspective of freight forwarding businesses.



  • Diego Gonzalez Gavilan

    Hi Eric! Many thanks for your reply!  Do you have the contact of some person in ORACLE that has been implemented GTM without OTM lately?  Really apreciated!

  • Eric Westlund

    Hi Diego, lots of companies have implemented GTM without OTM.  GTM and OTM share the same database and some master data (like ITEM, CONTACT), but they are separate, and you can implement GTM without OTM.  Good luck with your project!

  • Daniel Schoerner

    Here is the related data sheet:

    There is additionally some overview notes that would be applicable form the Customs Filing Guide, although much of that guide is dedicated to a specific out of the box example we provide as a template for other filings. Only Section 1 really applies generically and covers high level overview from a more technical standpoint. 

    Our Oracle University module for training on how to configure is still a work in progress. More details are available in the Help and How Tos that deploy with the application.


  • Jaykumar Prajapati

    Hello Daniel,

    Thank you for your response. Can you please share any document which can help me understand the functionality in details.



  • Daniel Schoerner

    Hi Jaykumar,

    This functionality would be supported in Oracle Global Trade Management Cloud under our Customs Management feature set. We globally support customs declarations such as the Bill of Entry in India. These use our Declaration business object and can be tailored to the specific data requirements under a countries customs program. Additionally we can calculate duties, taxes, and other charges related to the import to support calculating landed cost.

  • Jaykumar Prajapati

    Added the additional information as you requested.

  • Suman Guha

    Moving post to Global Trade management forum.

  • Suman Guha

    Hi Jaykumar

    Can you please elaborate on what you are looking in terms of functionality in Procurement Cloud for these?