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  • Nithin A

    Hello all,

    Warm Greetings!

    Is there any way to remove the radio button?. I had put the image tag in each of the choices. But unable to remove the radio button.



  • Zheng Lai

    Hi Suresh, unfortunately, incidents cannot be escalated once they are solved:

    Unlike incidents and tasks, answers and opportunities never reach a state where they cannot be escalated, as incidents do when they are solved and tasks do when they are completed.,_incidents,_opportunities,_and_tasks_bq1133813.html?hl=incident%2Cescalation%2Clevel

    Is there another mechanism like the dbstatus utility (for escalations) that can delay the firing of business rules? I was thinking of using something like agedatabase utility, which closes Incidents if they remain in Waiting status for a set time, thus triggering the firing of Business Rules to send the survey. But that would mean that all my Incidents would have to be set to Waiting status for this to trigger, which is not feasible. Another idea I had was if the incident expired after a set time of being resolved (MYQ_REOPEN_DEADLINE), maybe it would trigger the incident business rules to fire. However, I doubt this is the case.

    Hopefully, someone can come up with an idea of sending these transactional surveys after incidents have been solved for a set time (with the possibility of them reopening).

  • Jepee Celorico

    HI Sebastiaan,

    Hope you are doing fine. How should I proceed on doing this scheduled report? I'm also having trouble in getting the external link from E-mail notifications it is different from the "View Results" on the report. Thanks :)


  • Ajay Yadav

    Hi Sebastiaan,

    where i can find more about this solution ? if you have done in past can you please share more instruction to do that.

  • Ajay Yadav

    Hi Tushar,

    where i can find more about this solution ? if you have done in past can you please share more instruction to do that.

  • Tushar Gupta

    Yes, you can use the BuildSurveyURL function of RightNow API to create the survey URL.

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Yes, that should be possible. You could also create a marketing mailbox in OSVC and use the POP details from the external mailbox.

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Try the attached report.
    I'm unable to test this myself as I don't have access to a chat enabled site but I think this will give you the chat id & contact id and when the mailing was created.

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Try: mailings.num_sent

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    I have no chat enabled site to test but from what it sounds is that the VA when closed does not create a transaction in the business rules.
    The reason why all others do receive a survey would be because the action in your THEN section specifically aims for completed chats. This would match all completed chats as there is no IF section. Furthermore there may be limitations set in the survey itself that is preventing the survey from being sent if a survey has been sent already within the last x days.

    If this is as designed (VA does not create a transaction when completed) then you may be able to adjust the widget or landing page to include some code that will make a survey available. I have no chat enabled site so I'm unable to experiment with this...

  • Michael Locurcio

    Hi Sebastiann, 

    Thanks for your note. A couple of clarifications:

    1. The Virtual Assistant is not creating incidents for chats, and we hope the chat never needs to talk to an agent and have an incident. Really, its these customers we are the most interested in surveying. 

    2. This rule has no If conditions, all chats first get assigned to the VA queue. 

    3. I still don't understand why I am not getting the survey. I actually can't tell why some users get a survey and some don't and that's the biggest issue I have right now.

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Your rule seems incorrect (I would need to see the entire rule) as it states the assign chat queue = virtual assistant in your THEN section
    From what I understand is that you need a criteria saying IF the chat was assigned to the virtual chat THEN send survey
    Check the rule log to see why certain incidents did not get triggered

    To see which incidents received a survey you could use the attached report.
    There are other tables you can use but this may be sufficient or give you some ideas

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Check the Source tab to see if your HTML code looks ok. If it looks good, clear your cache in OSVC (Personal Settings)

  • Miki

    I am looking for a a community of Cloud testers to discuss what works for them. We are using ERP and SCM modules now and are moving into a 2nd Phase of Retail, I have previously tested on HCM. Quarterly Updates, Regression testing, Testing of break/fixes and enhancements, etc. 




  • Bharath Sreeraman

    Hi @Jess Campbell. 

    thank you! I will try and update the outcome.