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  • Jessica Bradley

    Hi Jeevthan,

    Here is the link to the documentation & a helpful answer:


  • Clinton Messias

    Ok, thank you

    One more question, if I need to edit a widget, I can? If yes, can you explain, please?


  • JustRhianna

    If I am following I would recommend adding the values in the custom object

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Hi Nadeem

    Yes both 1Z0-325 (Functional) and 1Z0-326 (Technical) are still the latest implementation exams for OSVC

    The study guide for the 1Z0-326 can be found here

    The study guide for the 1Z0-325 can be found here

  • Nadeem Ali

    The worst experience from the Oracle community forum. No one comments any information regarding the post.

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    An alternative if you want to have this dynamically is to place the custom field in a div with visibility set to none and use a html element that you control with javascript. This html element will be placed visible and then you use javascript to assign it's value to the custom field behind the scene.

  • Narendra Muttineni

    I think the request is that if there any REST API to update skill set (Advance chat routing) for agent automatically. I am also looking for the same. Do we have any API ?



  • Thiyag

    Ashish, if you want to assign the incidents created from customer portal automatically then you can use the product and categories and assign it to different agent groups accordingly this is a OOTB functionality.

    Otherwise the below link may be helpful to you



  • Scott Heidenreich

    What I really need is a page tag that called "agent_available" that can be used with "chat_available" to determine if it is between chat hours AND an agent is available.  In the absence of such a page tag, is there a way to use the enable_availability_check logic on the chat/launch.php page?

  • Scott Heidenreich

    Thank you for your replies Rhianna and Sebastiaan. 

    The conditional chat link is at the wrong level for what our client wants.  They have three requirements:

    1. allow them to link to the chat/launch.php page from anywhere on our internet site.

    2. show information for how to contact them when chat is not available on the chat/launch.php (which appears after the chat link is clicked).

    3. have the form on the chat/launch.php page be hidden if an agent is not available, even during chat hours.

    The chat form on the launch page hides perfectly when outside of chat hours, but it INCORRECTLY shows up during chat hours, even when no chat agents are set to available.

    I have a screenshot that explains the problem for how the launch page is not reacting to chat agent availability, even though the ConditionalChatLink is doing so.  I also uploaded a snippet of the widget call that shows that the enable availability parameter is set to true.

    If I want to create a conditional section in a PHP page on the customer portal that is responsive to having at least one chat agent logged in and set to available, how do I do that?  In other words, how can I determine during chat hours that at least one chat agent is logged and set to available so I can use that value for creating a condition that either hides the from on the launch.php OR shows a different page.  For example:

    If within_chat_hours="true" AND agents_available="true"

    then show chat/launch.php

    Else show how to contact us when chat is not available PHP page.


    An alternative would be to embed this logic on the chat/launch.php page:

    If within_chat_hours="true" AND agents_available="true"

    then show chat login form

    Else hide chat login form


    But the trouble is, I don't know how to determine if the time is within chat hours AND an chat agent is logged in.

    Thank you for your help!

  • JustRhianna

    In the conditional chat widget there are several toggles that can be used your documentation can be found at



    • Name: Enable Availability Check
    • Type: BOOL
    • Description: Determines whether to check for chat/agent availability. If disabled, the link will always display regardless of availability or hours of operation.
    • Default: true



    • Name: Hide Link on Unavailable
    • Type: BOOL
    • Description: When set to true, hides the widget entirely if the conditions for chat availability are not met
    • Default: false
  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    Hi Scott.

    I have not had access to a chat enabled site for quite some years but from what I remember is that you would need to use the conditional chat widget and use the attribute minimum required agents.

  • Anthony Smith

    Agreed - a bunch of customers we work with deal with 3rd party developers (or have to hire their own) mostly to maintain and create forms. Some have switched, or contemplate on switching to other products just for forms and keep the CP, which then de-centralises the incident management.

  • Janusz Jasinski

    I try and use but get:

    Abort pclzip.lib.php : Missing zlib extensions

    Specifically: gzopen

  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    No its not possible to have individual access levels for contacts if they belong to the same org...

    With the SLA created, you can apply an SLA instance to an organization or to an individual contact that is not associated with an organization. SLAs applied to an organization allow privileged access to all contacts associated with that organization.

    Source: Setting up privileged access