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  • Shiloh Madsen
    Stylistic changes to standard/search/keywordtext needed3
    Topic posted September 23, 2008 by Shiloh MadsenBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    Stylistic changes to standard/search/keywordtext needed
    Hopefully an easy one here. I need to know what the best way to approach making a change to this widget would be. Basically we want the text to search faq's to be actually inside the search box and instead of a search button, we want to replace it with a gif. Thing is, we wouldnt want the widget to look like this every time we called for it,  just in certain areas. Would my best bet be to copy the widget and then go restyle the copy to look how we need it to, or is there a better way I should go about this?
  • Shiloh Madsen
    Feedback widget...first time editing a widget1
    Topic posted September 19, 2008 by Shiloh MadsenBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    Feedback widget...first time editing a widget

    One of the elements of functionality that our redesign will require is a way to gather feeback which is a little different from what the precanned widget seems to be able to do. I think I am going to need a little assistance in understanding what will need to change in order to accomplish this. 


    What we will need to display is the feedback question with three options: Yes, No and Yes, but. Two out of these three (ideally all three) need to display their own interstitial feedback window when selected. Out of box functionality dictates only a single window, displayed when the selection is below threshhold. Adding to this, we will be gathering details of either why the article didn't help (in the case of no) or what was wrong with it (in the case of yes, but). This data gathering will be presented as such: When a customer selects either "no", or "yes, but", the div will display several radio buttons which should help narrow and categorize what went wrong. These values should be stored in a custom field. They will also be presented with a feedback textarea to fill out more detailed information. 


    To summarize: We need to display different feedback divs based upon which of three feedback options a customer selects. Those divs need to gather data which can be inserted into a custom field in the db for tracking feedback. Is this something the folks on the forums can help me to understand how to begin coding, or will we need to go to our direct account rep for something like this? 

  • Skawn
    Disable customer log in.13
    Topic posted September 19, 2008 by Skawn Blue Ribbon: 750+ Points 
    Disable customer log in.

    On my current v7.5 site, when a customer wants to use Ask a Question, the following process happens:


    Any customer can get to ask.php - they enter their email address and their question and click submit (no password needed)


    At this point, customers who have used the service already are taken to the smart assist screen to finish submission.


    Customers using the service for the first time go to the account creation screen to fill in a few extra details and then to smart assist screen to finish submission.


    I'd like to do the same in customer portal but and getting really frustrated trying to achieve this.


    There are a few KB articles that look like they should cover this but none really explain (to a CP newbie like me at least) exactly what I need to be editing!


  • Shiloh Madsen
    How do you change to a different answer detail page?4
    Topic posted September 18, 2008 by Shiloh MadsenBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    How do you change to a different answer detail page?
    I am working on completely redesigning the portal experience to be in line with our new redesign and would like to redo answer/detail.php to be in keeping, but I would rather not overwrite this file and keep all my redesign seperate from the out of box files. As such, I have been trying to find where the code is that points to detail.php so I can change it to a location of my choosing. This would be on the answer report returned by the rnt widget standard/reports/multiline. Where can I change the location the included linked articles point to?
  • DavidTse
    How to submit username using email address value?3
    Topic posted September 12, 2008 by DavidTse Green Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    How to submit username using email address value?

    On the create account page we want to submit the username/login using the email address provided. 


    Currently on the create_account page I'm still using an Input widget for login.  I'm use a custom FormButton widget where I edit the logic.js to hide the username label and text and then in the clickHandler assign the username to the email value. 


    Is there a better way to do this?  Ideally I rather not even use the Input widget for login on the create account page. 


    Or better yet, is there a way in the backend to automatically assign username to the same value as email?




  • david fulton
    The Customer Portal Best Practices List5.0
    Topic posted September 10, 2008 by david fultonBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    The Customer Portal Best Practices List

    The sticky post is intended as a living list of recommended do's and don'ts with the Customer Portal offering.  Each of the Best Practices links to a separate discussion thread that is dedicated to discussing that particular best practice. 


    We'll want to keep the format the keep it clean and easy to use, but we would love to add recommendations and best practices from other moderators, customers, and really anyone else who is getting up to speed on Customer Portal. :)


    1. Customize look & feel of widgets

    2. Changing the Views File/Page

    3. Considerations for the "Powered by RightNow" logo

    4. Managing your /Asset directory between Dev & Production

    5. Upgrading to the most robust version of Customer Portal

    6. Passing session info to new/custom pages

    7. Testing RightNow pages with tags

    8. Naming Widgets

    9. Deploying page sets in Customer Portal

    10. Delete un-used pages before deploying

    11. If you add parameters to the URL use urlParmAdd() or add them in pairs  

    12. Doing searches against large data sets


    Keep them coming! The more people that can share the fruits of their labors, the better! :) 

  • Shiloh Madsen
    Bad gateway when searching FAQ's4
    Topic posted September 8, 2008 by Shiloh MadsenBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    Bad gateway when searching FAQ's

    I have an answers widget inserted onto my page, and any time I hit the button to search the FAQ list, I get the following error: 


    Bad Gateway The following error occurred:

    [code=DNS_HOST_NOT_FOUND] The host name was not found during the DNS lookup. Contact your system administrator if the problem is not found by retrying the URL.


    Any ideas why this might be happening?  

  • Dietrik
    Empty msgbase entry error message1
    Topic posted September 8, 2008 by Dietrik Black Diamond: 60,000+ Points 
    Empty msgbase entry error message

    When there's an empty msgbase entry showing on a page, it shows up as an error message. I have to remove the entry from the page. It would be nice if the message would just show up as an empty message, especially when it's an existing one (without text).


    Reagrds, Dirk

  • Dietrik
    Unable to upload MYStuffNav view.php2
    Topic posted September 8, 2008 by Dietrik Black Diamond: 60,000+ Points 
    Unable to upload MYStuffNav view.php

    I tried to change the MystuffNav submenu widget, removing some of the buttons. Somehow I can't upload the changed file (view.php). There's a copy failed error message. This is the only file sofar that gives this error, other files upload fine.


    As a workaround  I created my own custom My Stuffnav widget.


    Anyone else having this problem ? 


    Regards, Dirk

  • DavidTse
    Ask Support page crash6
    Topic posted September 5, 2008 by DavidTse Green Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    Ask Support page crash

    2 Issues


    1.  On our Ask Support page, we get an Ajax request failure popup during the 2nd/last step (entered required inputs, click continue, shown suggested answers, then click continue again).


    The submitting image just keeps going and the incident is never submitted.


    2. For one account, we can't seem to login in Firefox (IE is fine) and we get a Permission Denied, Illegal parameter error.



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