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  • lambomania
    Input Contact Type7
    Topic posted January 8, 2009 by lambomania  
    Input Contact Type

    Hello, I am want users to be able to enter the contact type when they create their portal account.


    I tried using the input widget. When I do, I get the following message: Field 'ctype_id' not found for table 'contacts'


    I tried using changing the field name attribute from ctype_id to ctype, but I still received the same message: Field 'ctype' not found for table 'contacts'


    Any suggestions?

  • cjamerlan
    PTA - address info?Answered3
    Topic posted January 7, 2009 by cjamerlan Green Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    PTA - address info?
    i am trying to pass through the address information through the pass through authentication string.  however, the documentation requires that I pass an id for state and country.  How can i query the RN database for this ID through the pass through authentication module?  I know there is documentation on this via XML API, but is there another way through the PTA string?
  • david fulton
    Notification: RightNow support of Dreamweaver CS45.0
    Topic posted January 6, 2009 by david fultonBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    Notification: RightNow support of Dreamweaver CS4

    Hi everyone,


    We just wanted to give you an update on when we will be officially supporting Dreamweaver CS4. From the February release onwards, Adobe's latest version of their product will be officially supported. Does this mean that I cannot use CS4 on an earlier release of RightNow? Well, no it doesn't, just that we don't officially support its use. Several members of the product team have been using CS4 (in its pre-release and post-release incarnations) for a number of months now.


    Although for the most part, CS4 can be used on earlier releases - LeifW recently identified an issue with the DW WebDAV implementation. Adobe subtly changed the operation of Dreamweaver’s site synchronization feature when using  its WebDAV client in CS4.  The new version requires the ability to write temp2342.htm at the root of the WebDAV server in order to synchronize.  You won't experience the problem if Dreamweaver has been configured to use a different WebDAV client. This problem will be addressed in February and will be added to the patch list for older versions of CP in early 2009 - but the recommendation is that if you are using CS4 - use a different WebDAV client than Adobe's.


    See our WebDAV overview doc for a list of options for your OS.


  • jrinke
    Feedback Button Text5
    Topic posted January 6, 2009 by jrinke Red Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Feedback Button Text

    We are modifying the FeedbackForm widget and creating a custom widget for a special purpose.  I need to edit the button text for the "Give Feedback" button on the home page.  I replaced <?=msg_get_rnw(GIVE_FEEDBACK_LBL);?> in the appropriate place in view.php to edit the submit button text on the feedback form popup, but I havne't been able to find where the text is coming from for the button on the home page.  Any help is appreciated.



  • Maria
    Calling CHAT from external Web Page (8.3)Answered8
    Topic posted January 6, 2009 by Maria Gold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
    Calling CHAT from external Web Page (8.3)

    Hi All!!

    I had the code in version 7.X:


    <form name="chat" method="post" target="chat_window" action="" onsubmit="return(do_submit(this))">

    <!-- Invokes RightNow Live chat //-->
    <input type="hidden" name="p_mode" value="chat" />
    <input type="hidden" name="interface_id" value="1" /> <!—enter appropriate interface id, i.e. “1” or “2” -->
    <input type="hidden" name="p_sid" value="1" />
    <input type="hidden" name="block_url_push" value="false" />
    <a href="#" onclick="do_submit(chat)">Live Chat 7.0</a>


    But in the test (upgrade) site (8.X) don't work.


    The message is:


    "No input file specified. "


    Please, what's wrong?




  • January Fredericks
    Topic posted January 2, 2009 by January FredericksSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points 



    Does anyone use CAPTCHAs to validate users when emailing answers to friends?


    I'm concerned about potential abuse with this feature and we were considering using this. Just wondered if anyone can speak to any experience with it. We're currently only in the research phase, so nothing has been tried yet.




  • jrinke
    Creating Message Bases2
    Topic posted December 30, 2008 by jrinke Red Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Creating Message Bases

    Is there a way for me to create my own message bases?  I've found lots of info about editing them but nothing about creating.




  • Steve Long
    Enable Suggested AnswersAnswered7
    Topic posted December 18, 2008 by Steve LongBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
    Enable Suggested Answers

    We are on August '08 and looking to enable suggested answers for Ask a Question. Is there anything special that is necessary in the page level code to make this work? Do I need to modify the logic for the FormButton to display something or add a widget to handle the values to be displayed?


    We have enabled the 'Append Smart Assistant Response' rule as far as I can tell and set the UI to display messages in the Common settings. The suggested answers are not appearing on the page and I was not sure why.


    Is there example code or somewhere in the existing code I can look to for guidance? I may have missed something in the rule itself, but am not sure what to look for.


    Thanks in advance.


  • BJ
    custom widget based on standard/field/display - include path...6
    Topic posted December 16, 2008 by BJ  
    custom widget based on standard/field/display - include path to FieldTypes?

    I am making a custom widget based on standard/field/display/view.php:


    <rn:meta controller_path="standard/field/Display" css_path="css/widgets/standard/field/Display.css"/> <? switch($data_type) { case EUF_DT_THREAD: include(CPCORE . "widgets/standard/field/Display/FieldTypes/Thread_view.php"); break; case EUF_DT_HIERMENU: include(CPCORE . "widgets/standard/field/Display/FieldTypes/HierMenu_view.php"); break; case EUF_DT_FATTACH: $fpattern = trim(cfg_get_rnw_ui(EU_FA_NEW_WIN_TYPES)); include(CPCORE . "widgets/standard/field/Display/FieldTypes/Fattach_view.php"); break; default: include(CPCORE . "widgets/standard/field/Display/FieldTypes/Default_view.php"); } ?>

    Here is my version in euf/development/widgets/custom/MyDisplay/view.php


    <rn:meta controller_path="custom/MyDisplay" /> <? switch($data_type) { case EUF_DT_THREAD: include(CPCORE . "widgets/standard/field/Display/FieldTypes/Thread_view.php"); break; case EUF_DT_HIERMENU: include(CPCORE . "widgets/standard/field/Display/FieldTypes/HierMenu_view.php"); break; case EUF_DT_FATTACH: $fpattern = trim(cfg_get_rnw_ui(EU_FA_NEW_WIN_TYPES)); include(CPCORE . "widgets/standard/field/Display/FieldTypes/Fattach_view.php"); break; default: include(CPCORE . "widgets/standard/field/Display/FieldTypes/Default_view.php"); } ?>

    I don't know how to reference my custom FieldType/Thread_view.php files?  I have tried a bunch of combinations like:




    but get a php include error - says it can't find the file!  How do I reference these files?





  • Kev
    Widget to display custom contact fields based on the event...2
    Topic posted December 15, 2008 by Kev Red Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Widget to display custom contact fields based on the event of another customer contact field being updated



    Thanks for the examples, they have been useful getting started for this type of customisation.


    I am wondering if someone can help me work out how to adapt and apply the examples so that I can create a widget to display a group of custom contact fields based on the event of another custom contact field being updated.


    I have tried to adapt the example code but am not getting the dynamic areas to display based on the event action so I am not sure if I have adapted the code incorrectly or if I am applying it in the wrong places within the portal framework.


    At this stage I am exposing a custom contact opt-in field (cf_id="25") on the account profile page and want a group of custom contact fields to appear below it if the "yes" option is selected.


    The code I have applied to various pages are -



    margin: 0px 0px 0px 0px;




               <table width="90%" style="table-layout:fixed">                             

                        <rn:widget path="standard/field/Input" table="contacts" cf_id="25" required="false" label="Newletter" />
      <div class="DynamicForm" > 
           <rn:widget path="custom/DynamicForm" />
                    <legend>Mailing Address</legend>
                          <table width="90%" style="table-layout:fixed">
                                 <rn:widget path="standard/field/Input" table="contacts" cf_id="17" required="false" label="Street Address" />
                                 <rn:widget path="standard/field/Input" table="contacts" cf_id="18" required="false" label="Building" />



    The custom widget code I have used is as follows -



    <rn:meta controller_path="custom/DynamicForm" js_path="custom/DynamicForm"/>



    <?php  if (!defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

    class DynamicForm extends Widget
        function DynamicForm()
            //Create attributes here
            $this->attrs['attribute'] = new Attribute(msg_get_rnw(ATTRIBUTE_NAME_LBL), 'String', msg_get_rnw(ATTRIBUTE_DESCRIPTION_LBL), msg_get_rnw(ATTRIBUTE_DEFAULT_VALUE_LBL));
        function generateWidgetInformation()
            //Create information to display in the tag gallery here
         $this->info['notes'] =  msg_get_rnw(WIDGET_SERVES_TEMPL_MODEL_OWN_CUST_MSG);
            $this->parms['url_parameter'] = new UrlParam(msg_get_rnw(URL_PARAMETER_LBL), 'parm', true, msg_get_rnw(DEF_URL_PARAMETERS_AFFECT_WIDGET_LBL), 'parm/3');
         function getData($data)
            //Perform php logic here  
            return $data;



    // JavaScript Document

    function DynamicForm(data)
        //Data object contains all widget attributes, values, etc.

        this.init = function()
            //Perform any initial javascript logic here


    function oncf_id="25"Update(type, args)
      var evtObj = args[0];
            if( == "Yes")
                document.getElementById("DynamicForm").style.display = "block";
                document.getElementById("DynamicForm").style.display = "none";   



    If you can provide some direction where I am going wrong it would be appriecated.




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