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  • david fulton
    Overview of your WebDAV options by OS/VendorAnswered245.0
    Topic posted December 12, 2008 by david fultonBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    Overview of your WebDAV options by OS/Vendor

    Hello everyone,

    One of the questions we get most often is about WebDAV support for Dreamweaver, particularly given Adobe's rather patchy implementation of the protocol in DreamWeaver. We wanted to give you some insight into why we selected WebDAV as a file transfer protocol, what options are out there for you to use, and give you some insight into the enhancements coming to that component. Also, we would like you to use this thread to give us some insight into how you use WebDAV, and the tools etc that you find useful.

    Why did we select WebDAV?

    HTTP Based

    WebDAV is more accessible to corporate clients because it is HTTP based.  It doesn't require additional holes in the firewall and the protocol is compatible with proxies, even if some of its clients aren’t. WebDAV works well with our hosting infrastructure because it’s HTTP-based. Additionally, handling security for an HTTP-based protocol is simple: run it over SSL.

    Open Standard

    WebDAV is an Internet standard with many clients, and even the commercial solutions are reasonably priced.

    Level of Support

    While other HTTP-based file-authoring protocols exist, none is as widely supported as WebDAV.

    One of the challenges that WebDAV users are likely to face is the differences between vendors (and even OS systems) as to the flavor of WebDAV that they have implemented and supported. We've compiled the attached document to give you an idea of your options here and to highlight some of the issues that you'll need to be aware of in choosing your WebDAV option. Note that the attached document is fairly old at this point, but for those of you sticking to old OS's the observations and recommendations remain current. Our Current Recommendation (below) references the current recommendation (for 2012) and the reasons why we like it.

    Current Recommendations

    Our current (as of Fall 2012) recommendation is a solution called CyberDuck. Cyberduck is a donationware app that is multi-platform (Mac + PC) and pretty nippy when it comes down to transfer speed. Our devs have been using it for a while now and have been impressed. We like it more than WebDrive (some of WebDrive's caching can irritate when you are making rapid queries/uploads to a file server) and initial feedback is that the solution is robust on both Mac and PC platforms. Worth a look and let us know on this thread or the recent update thread what you think of it.


  • Outspark
    Pass-through Authentication ProblemsAnswered16
    Topic posted December 8, 2008 by Outspark Green Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    Pass-through Authentication Problems

    Hey All,


    I am tying RN into our company site. I am dynamically generating (in PHP) a url, which is later used to perform a redirect. I am trying to redirect a user to RN, passing the required arguments, which is supposed log a user into RN and/or create a new user record if that user does not exist. I talked to a project manager at RN... she mentioned that my script is using a deprecated address to the end-user interface, but I followed the exact instructions of integration guide 8.2...


    Can someone please take a look and verify that I am taking the appropriate steps?




    $params['p_userid'] = 12341234;  // phony data
    $params['p_passwd'] = 's8df6tsdf76tsd';
    $params['p_email'] = '';
    $params['p_li_passwd'] = 'mymyseclipasswd';

    // iterate through array and url encode + build queryparam string
      foreach ($params as $key => $value) {
       $params_str .= $key.'='.urlencode($value).'&';


    // declare base redirect url
    $redirect_url = 'http://<some company><some company>.cfg/php/enduser/entry.php?p_li=';

    // append encoded query param string (substr to remove trailing amper)
    $redirect_url .= base64_encode(strtr(substr($params_str, 0, -1), array('+' => '_', '/' => '~', '=' => '*')));


    // redirect browser

    header("Location: $redirect_url");




  • Steve Long
    Product Hierarchy filter question16
    Topic posted December 5, 2008 by Steve LongBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
    Product Hierarchy filter question

    I'm fairly new to RN and have been tasked with returning a list of answers in XML format to be embedded in a page on our site. The request is currently going to a custom controller which essentially does the XML formatting (this work was done before I began working on this project). We have a custom analytics report with a filter for answers.map_prod_hierarchy enabled along with some search filters.


    The data returns as expected when I pass page, per_page, and/or kw in the querystring - a well-formed XML document with the expected results. However, if I try to pass a valid product key/value pair, I am returned an invalid document which does not apply the product filter. I receive a PHP warning which states: "Attempt to assign property of non-object" in filename scripts/url_util.php line number 369. If I make the filter not selectable at run-time, I can avoid the error, but the results are still not filtered correctly.


    It seems I am able to return the expected results when I run the report through the answers page on the Customer Portal but not through our controller. Does it seem more likely the case that the report is malformed or that the controller is parsing the filter incorrectly? Or, might I be missing something else altogether? We are on RightNow August '08. Any help would or thoughts would be appreciated.


    TIA, Steve

  • Kurt Helfrich
    Documentation for sql_prepare, sql_bind_col, etc?3
    Topic posted December 1, 2008 by Kurt HelfrichGold Trophy: 10,000+ Points 
    Documentation for sql_prepare, sql_bind_col, etc?

    The appendix to the CP manual lists a bunch of RightNow PHP functions we're supposed to be able to use.


    I've seen some of RightNow's PHP functions used in the standard scripts.  I've been able to reverse engineer them a bit to do some simple stuff.  But I'd REALLY like documentation, and I can't find it.  Not in the manuals or KB as far as I can find.  I have some more complicated (for me at least) stuff to work on, and it would help.


    Are there other ways from within CP to read and write the database?  

    If so, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

  • JLFolkman
    Analytic Reports available on Customer PortalAnswered11
    Topic posted November 18, 2008 by JLFolkman Silver Trophy: 7,500+ Points 
    Analytic Reports available on Customer Portal
    Is it possible to add a report that is available to run within the RNT admin console to the customer portal for clients to run?
  • cjamerlan
    test environment for changes?5
    Topic posted November 14, 2008 by cjamerlan Green Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    test environment for changes?
    Hi, I am in the process of updating the look and feel of our Customer Portal.  Is there a way I can make changes so that it is in test mode and not visible on the live site?
  • awoolson
    Unable to View My Development Pages4
    Topic posted November 13, 2008 by awoolson Red Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    Unable to View My Development Pages

    I'm using the CP in Aug. 08 - which is our first version of RightNow. I have Dreamweaver set up correctly (I believe) and have my local site set to an internal server that supports .php. Problem is - when I try to view the pages that contain widgets (such as home.php) from the local/development folder, I just get text, such as:::.





    Widget: standard/search/KeywordText (Please log into RightNow for high fidelity rendering.)


    Widget: standard/search/SearchButton (Please log into RightNow for high fidelity rendering.)




    Widget: standard/reports/Grid (Please log into RightNow for high fidelity rendering.)





     I'd like to actually see the page so I can tell what I've done! Everything does display correctly when I move it to the remote site, but I don't want my changes to be publich until they are ready, obviously.


    My server/php expert believes he has everything set up correctly - unless there is an extra file or something he needs on the server that he doesn't know about.


    Any insight or suggestions?



  • DavidTse
    Search results caching bug5
    Topic posted November 3, 2008 by DavidTse Green Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    Search results caching bug



    Search results seem to be caching when moving from one page to another.  This would be fine but it’s not consistent.




    -         Added 2 tabs to the portal, Assets & Exchange each has its own page

    -         Assets and Exchange page identical to standard find answers page except they have a customized AnswerSearchArea widget

    -         The customized AnswerSearchArea widgets are identical to the standard one except that the reportpage is set to the originating page (so search results stay on same page)

    -         Each AnswerSearchArea widget has a specific report assigned

    -         Each tab uses the navigationTab widget

    -         The Assets & Exchange tab use /p/<prod_id>/noIntercept/1 so that the correct product is pre-selected i.e. on Assets page Assets product is selected and uses the Assets report

    -         Our products are: Hub, Assets, & Exchange




    1)      Assets Tab -> Search -> Exchange Tab = Assets selected as product with 10 results (correct, search on Assets returns 10 results)

    2)      Exchange Tab -> Search -> Assets Tab = Exchange selected as product with 8 results (correct, search on Exchange returns 8 results)

    3)      Find Answers -> select Exchange as product, search -> Assets Tab = Exchange selected as product with 8 results (correct, search on Exchange returns 8 results)

    4)      Find Answers -> select Assets as product, search -> Exchange Tab = Assets selected as product with 10 results (correct, search on Assets returns 10 results)

    5)      Find Answers -> select Hub as product, search -> Assets Tab = Hub selected as product with 10 results (incorrect, search on Hub should return 258 results, as well the results shown are from the Assets report)

    6)      Find Answers -> select Hub as product, search -> Exchange Tab = Hub selected as product with 8 results (should be 258 results, as well the results shown are from the Exchange report)


    Scenarios 1-4 are acceptable but 5 & 6 are not. 


    I would speculate that because the Assets and Exchange each have a report assigned to the AnswerSearchArea they use that when the Hub is selected as a product in a previous search.


    Either the correct search results should be shown (258 if Hub is selected) or the proper product should be selected (i.e. on Assets page, if Asset report being displayed then Assets should be selected).


    Alternatively, if the search cache could be cleared each time a tab is clicked that would be sufficient.

  • david fulton
    Building Dynamic Forms in Customer Portal25.0
    Topic posted November 3, 2008 by david fultonBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    Building Dynamic Forms in Customer Portal

    Hello everyone,


    One of the most common 'how do I do?' type questions we have received in the last couple of months concerns the ability to build out dynamic behaviors in forms, particularly on the Ask a Question page.


    There are a few things that the Developer new to Customer Portal needs to know when attempting to do something like this - particularly where, when and how?, from a best practice perspective, to do some of this work when building out custom widgets.


    As a result, we have build out a tutorial that shows three simple examples of this kind of activity. I've attached the SampleWidget files and the slides. A link to a recorded tutorial exploring each example has now been added (  - for the most part it adds some light commentary to the slides. The zipped file is also in a .WMV format.


    Let us know your feedback on this tutorial. Are examples like this useful? If so, what other types of tutorials would you like added in the near future?

  • DustinTuft
    KB article URL links in CPAnswered15
    Topic posted October 29, 2008 by DustinTuft Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
    KB article URL links in CP

    Has any one used a shorten URL for KB articles?


    Today we use a PHP script on our RNT poratal to interpet the URL and then based on if faq=*** then redirect to that article. We have lots of doc's that refrance our KB with this type of URL If you click that link you will see our DNS pass the URL of to RNT, then the portal takes over and places the enduser on the requested article.


    How do I retain this URL format in CP as this could be a problem for us to change all of our doc's?


    This also brings up a question on our forum as well, lots of forum posts have KB links in them as well, and most are full path to the old format for displaying a KB article. Has any one been able to over come this problem?


    I almost have to retain a redirecting PHP file in what will be the old file paths to ensure that we don't have any broken links causing problems.



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