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  • ilamukky
    YUI Autocomplete graphicAnswered5
    Topic posted August 10, 2015 by ilamukky Gold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
    YUI Autocomplete graphic

    Hello :)   We have a textbox ("rn_productName") with YUI3 Autocomplete applied. It works fine, but in migration from CP2 to CP3 the appearance has changed... I don't know how to adjust.

    1) css remained the same:

    .yui3-aclist-content {     overflow-y: auto;  }

    2) also logic.js hasn't changed:

    YUI().use('node', 'autocomplete', 'autocomplete-highlighters', 'autocomplete-filters', function (Y)  {
                            var node ='#rn_productNameText');
                            node.plug(Y.Plugin.AutoComplete,    {
                                  height: '100px',
                                  minQueryLength: 0,
                                  circular: false,
                                  resultHighlighter: 'phraseMatch', resultFilters: 'phraseMatch', source: list,
                                  resultListLocator: function (response) {   return response.sort();   },
                                  on : { select : function(e) {    
                                            node.set('value', e.result.text);
                                            var eo = new RightNow.Event.EventObject();    
                                  'evt_ProductSetFromList', eo);  

    2) The template php file was updated according to migration guide, substituting

    <rn:theme path="/euf/assets/themes/AGW" css="site.css, /rnt/rnw/yui_2.7/container/assets/skins/sam/container.css" />


    <rn:theme path="/euf/assets/themes/AGW" css="
            site.css" />

    and  <body class="yui-skin-sam"> -> <body class="yui-skin-sam yui3-skin-sam">

    Perhaps I have to add something like  {YUI}/build/autocomplete/assets/skins/sam/autocomplete-list-skin.css... ?

    4) In widget view I had
    <? $this->addJavaScriptInclude(getYUICodePath('yahoo-dom-event/yahoo-dom-event.js'));?>
    <? $this->addJavaScriptInclude(getYUICodePath('datasource/datasource-min.js'));?>
    <? $this->addJavaScriptInclude(getYUICodePath('autocomplete/autocomplete-min.js'));?>
    <script src="//"></script>
    but leaving or commenting it, the result is the same.

    Feb2015 CP3
  • JJ
    YUI doesn't fire on.change when using bootstrap...Answered45.0
    Topic posted October 18, 2017 by JJ Bronze Crown: 15,000+ Points 
    YUI doesn't fire on.change when using bootstrap multiselect

    I'm in a position where I am having to use jQuery and YUI within the same project. I am using Bootstrap multiselect -

    I am trying the below YUI code:

    this.level1 ="#menu");

    Now, this works when the dropdown menu is NOT Multiselect enabled. Once it is, getAjax is not fired.

    Any ideas? I'm guessing (from Google Inspect) the actual menu is not being changed?

    When I try to use jQuery to see if something has changed, I can get it to work but get an error when trying to run getAjax()

    $('#menu').on('change', function(evt, params){

    Error is

    this.getAjax is not a function(…)

    Larger snippet of code

    constructor: function() {
        $('#menu').on('change', function(evt, params){
     * Sample widget method.
    methodName: function() {
     * Makes an AJAX request for `default_ajax_endpoint`.
     getAjax: function() {

    So I can see if it changes via jQuery but how would I then call getAjax? I realise this is because multiselect component has own change event hence it doesn't fire - anyway around it?

  • Qing Liu
    YUI dom eventAnswered14
    Topic posted March 17, 2010 by Qing LiuGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
    YUI dom event

    Hello Guys,

    i am trying to build a glossary page contains A to Z index. When users click on the index, it will show/hide the content, e.g/ when user clicks on A, it will show A terms in the content.

    I am new in YUI, i do not want to use JQuery, i am afraid to mess up the CP page nov 09.

    I found a YUI toggle example in this link:

    First of all, i  tried to reuse the codes in this example. however, it doesnot work. Because the YUI container bring conflict.

    I tried to implmenet toggle into RightNow widget, i got an erros message

    Invalid callback for subscriber to 'YAHOO.util.Event'
    Code Snippet:
  • Craig Daniels2457
    YUI Events - CP Framework 3.0Answered2
    Topic posted March 4, 2013 by Craig Daniels2457Green Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    YUI Events - CP Framework 3.0

    How can I subscribe to a JS event in the new framework?

    I don't want to make an AJAX request. I just want to show or hide a widget input field depending on a selection made from another widget input field.

    Please tell me how to subscribe in to the evt_formFieldSubjectSelect event below within another widget logic.js file.








    Nov 2012
    Code Snippet:
  • Andrew Fandre
    YUI new development ending!45.0
    Topic posted September 2, 2014 by Andrew FandreSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
    YUI new development ending!

    RNT Customer Portal developers need to read the following article.

    Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to immediately stop all new development on YUI in order to focus our efforts on this new technology landscape. This means that, going forward, new YUI releases will likely be few and far between, and will only contain targeted fixes that are absolutely critical to Yahoo properties.

    Does anyone know or care to speculate speculate on what the effects will be on the RNT development environment? I know the latest release probably won't be affected, but going forward I wonder how this is going to affect

  • suresh auti
    YUI not loading for non-English interfaces.1
    Topic posted January 11, 2016 by suresh autiGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    YUI not loading for non-English interfaces.


    Currently i am deploying the CP3 to all interfaces. but i am getting message in console "yui: NOT loaded: lang/autocomplete-list" 

    i am using yui autocomplete library for product selection.

    i am getting this message only for non-English interfaces (like Netherlands, Japan) it works fine in (US, Australia)

    any idea how to set yui3 language ?

    please check screenshot attached.

    Customer portal 3.3
  • Shiloh Madsen
    YUI3 .each woes2
    Topic posted July 5, 2013 by Shiloh MadsenBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    YUI3 .each woes

    Hey all, been a while since I've posted, but I'm working through some trouble with the each command in my logic file. What I want to do is iterate through an object and then append some html to a node with various values from that object. My iteration works fine, but I cant seem to get any sort of node selection working. Here's my most curent version:


    Ideas appreciated

    Code Snippet:
  • Alexander Berndt
    YUI3 Dropdown menu1
    Topic posted January 20, 2014 by Alexander BerndtSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
    YUI3 Dropdown menu

    Hi All, 

    In the process of converting a dropdown menu to Framework 3. However the dropdown menu that displays a list of products that can be selected (an the user is taken to the appropriate url) is no longer working.

    I think this has something to do with the _click function.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Code Snippet:
  • Gurinderpal Singh
    zipArchive class is not working1
    Topic posted February 3, 2016 by Gurinderpal Singh 
    zipArchive class is not working

    Hi All,

    How to zip the files in rightnow? am using zipArchive class in my custom script but service cloud is not supporting that class.

    And am using external class to zip it but internall that class is using gzcompress method. is there any method without gzcompress  for zipping ?

    Thanks in Advance,


    May 2014
  • Hari Krishna Thipparthi
    ZipArchive class not found2
    Topic posted April 23, 2018 by Hari Krishna Thipparthi 
    ZipArchive class not found


    I am trying to export an object data including column names, save it as csv file and zip it. I have written a php to do the job and running it from File Manager. I am able to create, export data and save csv file. While trying to zip the file, it shows error saying "Class ZipArchive not found".

    I tried google and found that zip functionality has to be enabled on php OR found few suggesting to install necessary software etc.

    lines of code for zip is attached below.

    any suggestions please?

    Service Cloud 17d
    Code Snippet:

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