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  • Austin Clerkin
    "report not visible on this interface"1
    Topic posted November 1, 2011 by Austin ClerkinGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    "report not visible on this interface"

    I am attempting to create a page that displays a subset of answers based on their appearance in a specific report I have created. Unfortunately, I am receiving this message" "report not visible on this interface" from the widget when I attempt to view the page on my development interface. 

    1. Is the approach I am taking reasonable?
    2. Can customer-created reports be used as datasources for Customer Portal pages?
    3. Is my code "erroring out" with this message because this report is not accessible to the RightNow interface I am using, or because this report is inaccessible to Customer Portal?
    4. Assuming 2 is true, how do I enable access to this report?
    It may be helpful to note that we do have several interfaces.
    Code Snippet:
  • Lydia C
    "RightNow is not defined" error in jsAnswered1
    Topic posted October 27, 2015 by Lydia CGold Medal: 3,500+ Points 
    "RightNow is not defined" error in js


    I modified the template in the customer portal and it´s working correctly in development area (no errors), but when I promote the changes I get the error "RightNow is not defined" in some javascript files. One of those files is login_form file and, because of that, the login form is not working. 

    This is the line that causes the problem in production


    Any idea why is happening that or how I can resolve the problem?


  • Lukas Krocek
    "RNT is not defined" error on prod5
    Topic posted February 22, 2012 by Lukas KrocekGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
    "RNT is not defined" error on prod


    once upgraded to Nov 2011 RN CX, I started to struggle with weird error I get under certain circumstances. I provide step-by-step simulation so you can clearly understand, what and when is going on.

    • right now, all works in Production and Development, no files in Stage waiting for promotion
    • I publish some changed files from Development to Stage
    • in this moment, javascript works in Development and Stage, but NOT in Production (gives me an error you can see in attached picture)
    • I promote all changed files from Stage to Production
    • Javascript works fine on Production, dev + stage works as well

    Any ideas what might be the problem? This happens only when there are files on Stage waiting for promotion, otherwise no visible error at all.


  • Nisar
    "Too many rows examined" for a mere 115 rows?Answered6
    Topic posted October 24, 2016 by NisarBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points 
    "Too many rows examined" for a mere 115 rows?

    One of the ROQL queries that I was using has suddenly stopped working today with the following message:

    'Poor performing query - too many rows examined'

     When I did a count of number of rows being returned in "Connect Object Explorer" section of the portal, I got 115 rows back. It's strange that such a low number is throwing that exception.

    My ROQL query isn't querying for any unnecessary data so I'm not sure how I can optimize it further. Here is what the query looks like:

    $sql = "SELECT I.Product.LookupName AS product_name, I.Product.ID AS product_id, I.Category.ID AS category_id, I.StatusWithType.Status.ID AS status_id, I.CreatedTime AS created, I.CustomFields.c.case_subtype.ID AS subtype_id, I.ClosedTime AS closed FROM Incident I WHERE CustomFields.c.division.ID = 632 AND (CreatedTime BETWEEN '2016-10-01T00:00:00-04:00' AND '2016-10-31T23:59:59-04:00') ORDER BY Product.LookupName ASC"
    $query = RNCPHP\ROQL::query($sql)->next(); // this is throwing the exception

    Is there something I'm missing in terms of optimization of the query? Also this was working two days back. Not sure what caused it to break suddenly.

  • chekwa
    "updated" - how to remove?Answered5
    Topic posted July 16, 2009 by chekwa Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 
    "updated" - how to remove?

    how do u remove the "updated" in the answers list in cp?




  • mattia caputo
    "YAHOO not defined" exception in the logic.js of a...Answered2
    Topic posted October 13, 2017 by mattia caputoRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    "YAHOO not defined" exception in the logic.js of a custom widget

    Hi all,

    I am trying to create a new event listener, in the logic.js file, for a custom widget by the using the following expression:

    YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(this._inputField,"change", this._selectionChange,null,this);

    However, I experience a Javascript exception stating that "YAHOO is not defined".

    Could you please shad a light on this ?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,




    Oracle Service Cloud May 2017 (Build 267 SP 4, CP 333) Framework Version 3.6
    Code Snippet:
  • Eric Rinehart
    "YAHOO.widget.Treeview.prototype" is null or not...Answered8
    Topic posted December 21, 2011 by Eric RinehartRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    "YAHOO.widget.Treeview.prototype" is null or not an object


    I have a CP site that displays one of several pages in an iframe. The page in the iframe allows a user to submit feedback.

    Certain iframe pages throw an error when loading, and others don't. The error is "YAHOO.widget.Treeview.prototype" is null or not an object (see attached screen cap)

    I'm having a hard time figuring out why this error is being thrown, and why it only appears on certain pages. If I do "View Source" on the iframe page and compare the rendered html between a page that does throw the error and one that does not, I cannot find a difference that seems to relate to creation or use of the Treeview widget.

    This error only seems to happen in IE7. In Firefox or IE8, the pages all seem to work fine.

    I'm really stumped on this one. Can anyone give me any ideas about where to look to try to track this down?

    Thanks in advance & Merry Christmas!

  • Patricia Harvath
    Topic posted March 12, 2012 by Patricia HarvathBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points 


    When using the standard "« Go Back to Search Results" link from the answers/detail page to the answers/list page, I lose the search results and the standard 10 top results are shown.  The "#rn:session#" doesn't seem to be holding the current search results. 

    Any idea why this is happening?


    Nov, 2010
    Code Snippet:
  • Shiloh Madsen
    #rn:url_parm:URL Parameter Key#Answered9
    Topic posted April 14, 2010 by Shiloh MadsenBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points 
    #rn:url_parm:URL Parameter Key#

    Ok, this is happening on a positvely ancient roll of RNT (Nov 08) so I am not sure how many can help with this issue. I have made a customization to the Input widget to allow it to accept a default value as so:

    <rn:widget path="custom/field/custInput" table="incidents" cf_id="516"  label="Incident Type" def_value="email"/>

    This works fine. The problem comes in when I am trying to make it more dynamic. First I tried just using the #rn:url_parm:inctype in the widget, but that broke things. So, for grins, I tried just outputting it on the page. Surprisingly, it output: #rn:url_parm:inctype instead of test. The url I am testing with is:

    This should work, right? what am I missing?

    I also tried replacing def_value of "email" with "<?=getUrlParm('inctype')?>", but this also failed. Any ideas?

  • eric montijo
    $hookData values refuse to display or be manipulated on...Answered3
    Topic posted August 16, 2018 by eric montijoRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
    $hookData values refuse to display or be manipulated on post_login

    Hi everyone!

    Here's another hook data question. We have a need to set users with no organization set to a bucket organization of "forum use only". The ID for this organization in our test database is 13510. The code that I have should, theoretically, work, but I can't seem to figure out why it doesn't. The hook itself fires (see log message below), and it is pulling $hookData correctly (see print_r below), but for some reason when I go to actually use or manipulate those values in the code, it doesn't really do anything. Can anyone see where I'm going wrong?



    $rnHooks['post_login'] = array(
    'class' => 'ContactModel',
    'function' => 'setCommunityOrg',
    'filepath' => ''
    public function setCommunityOrg(&$hookData){
    $infodata = print_r($hookData, true);
    logmessage("setCommunityOrg has fired. Contact = " . $hookData['contactID'] . ". Org ID = " . $hookData['orgID'] . ".");
    if ($hookData['orgID'] > 0) {
    logmessage("Organization ID was previously set. Org ID = " . $hookData['orgID']);
    } else {
        $hookData['orgID'] = 13510;
    logmessage("Organization ID is not set. Sucessfully changed Org ID to " . $hookData['orgID']);

    Debug Log Output:

    -------------------------------URI REQUEST: /ci/ajaxRequest/doLogin
    INTERFACE: datacore
    12:24:04 core/compatibility/optimized_includes.php::1578 Array
    [returnValue] => RightNow\Libraries\ProfileData Object
    [contactID] => 36280
    [login] =>
    [email] =>
    [firstName] => Fix
    [lastName] => Display Name Errors
    [disabled] => 
    [orgID] => 
    [orgLevel] => 
    [slai] => 
    [slac] => 
    [webAccess] => 
    [authToken] => [redacted]

    [ptaLoginUsed] => 
    [openLoginUsed] => 
    [loginStartTime] => 1534436643
    [forcefulLogoutTime] => 
    [socialUserID] => 
    [mapping:RightNow\Libraries\ProfileData:private] => Array
    [c_id] => contactID
    [first_name] => firstName
    [last_name] => lastName
    [org_id] => orgID
    [web_access] => webAccess
    [cookie] => authToken
    [pta_login_used] => ptaLoginUsed
    [o_lvlN] => orgLevel
    [slai] => slai
    [slac] => slac
    [login] => login
    [email] => email
    [disabled] => disabled
    [openLoginUsed] => openLoginUsed
    [forcefulLogoutTime] => forcefulLogoutTime
    [loginStartTime] => loginStartTime
    [socialUserID] => socialUserID


    [data] => Array
    [source] => LOCAL


    12:24:04 core/compatibility/optimized_includes.php::1578 setCommunityOrg has fired. Contact = . Org ID = .
    12:24:04 core/compatibility/optimized_includes.php::1578 Organization ID is not set. Sucessfully changed Org ID to 13510

    I've also tried using $hookData['data']->Organization->ID, but that returns nothing as well. Any help is greatly appreciated!

    3.7 August 2017

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