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  • Leif Wickland

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with our software. I'm not sure what the problem is. If you will send me information to allow me to log into your site by private message, I'll try to figure out what's going on.

    Thank you,

    Leif Wickland
    Software Developer
    RightNow Technologies
  • Nidhi

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  • Nidhi

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  • Robert Lund

    Once you are on a CP page, you can use the following call to remove cookies and log the user out.




  • Leif Wickland


    I asked someone more knowledgeable about the survey product to take a look at your question.  Here's his response:


    So, you can pass that information (email address) as a url parameter.  However, that will only have an effect if the first page of the survey contains an ‘email’ form field.  It would make sense for them to have something on the first page of the survey like the following


    Please verify your email address: <prefilled form field>


    Or, if they do not want users to see this they can put the form field in a hidden div.  The value should still get prefilled which will ensure that the survey results get associated with the correct contact. 

    Here is the section of manual descriping passing parameters to surveys.


    If the user is logged in, you should be able to retrieve their email address from the session's profile member, such as:


    <?$emailAddress = false;
    if (isLoggedIn())
    $CI =& get_instance();
    $emailAddress = $CI->session->getProfileData('email');




  • EAKBTeam

    Thanks Monique, I cant believe I missed that.



  • chris fellows



    I created a integer contact custom field and placed it on the account/profile page using the standard/field/Display widget, and it showed up fine.   I was also able to place it on a custom page.  Is there a particular page or template you're trying to put this on?   The example below worked for me.



    <rn:widget path="standard/field/Display" label="Level" table="contacts" cf_id="1" />




  • bryan.arndorfer

    Can I pass an email address to the survey, so that the survey results are assigned to the correct c_id?



    I would like to do some contact/org lookups in the CP, which I have already built. 


    I would then like to take either the c_id or the email address and send it to the survey, and have it use that e-mail.  Can I pass that email address thru a form submission or some other fasion to the survey?

  • monique perkins

    1 - make sure your report_id on both the answers/list and answers/details pages are the same

    2 - if that doesn't fix it please show me you urls for going to the detal page then going back to the list page. 

  • dennis picht
    Look at your rule in the If statement and verify SmartAssistant on Ask a Question is checked, this was added in Aug. '08, so any upgrades may not have this checked.
  • Ernie Turner
    I would suggest putting the reusable header/footer/sidebar content into custom widgets. Theses widgets would just output the content that you want repeated. Then update the templates to add a rn:widget tag to your custom widget. When you need to make changes, you can just update the widget and all the templates will automatically have the changes applied.
  • Kurt Helfrich

    Aha.  We wondered about that.  The idea was to encapsulate the banner stuff in an included file and include that file in the templates, so that when (not if) we have to change the banner, left nav or footer code, we could do it once and update all of the template files.


    Is there a way we can do that?

  • Ernie Turner

    When referencing files under the assets directory, your include path should start with '/euf/assets'. So, for example, you would reference an image like so


    <img src="/euf/assets/images/pic.png" />


    Also, you shouldn't be putting PHP code into the assets directory. The assets directory is meant for images, CSS, and JavaScript. PHP files put there will not be executed and you won't get the results you want. If you want to add a banner to all pages, you should be editing the /development/views/templates files. That way you can add the code in a single place and have it appear on all pages.


  • Leif Wickland

    Unfortunately, CP and marketing/surveys are not built on the same framework. PHP in surveys and mailings will not be executed. PHP code will appear literally in the output.

  • bryan.arndorfer

    Yes,  I would like to call the functions available in the customer portal. From the marketing module documents.  Is it possible? 


    I tried putting any PHP code into the documents and it appears to be ignorning the php written, both RightNow specific and php generic.  If it is possible then I may have an incorrect syntax, and woudl appreciate an example, or the location for some documentation on it.