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  • Leif Wickland

    A Nov '07 clone is the only page set currently available for Customer Portal. You'll need to recreate the classic look if that's what you prefer.

  • Ernie Turner
    Yep, that's the one.
  • Danny

    Thanks. We are due to have a service pack applied to our Nov 08 upgrade site next week. Is that the SP with this fix?

  • Ernie Turner
    The lack of the p_next_page parameter was a known defect in CP. It has been fixed and it is included in the next Service Pack for August '08 and November '08. I believe the plan is for those to be applied in February. After it has been applied, it will continue to work in the same way the Classic pages do, except the p_next_page paramter will be url encoded. So in Classic when p_next_page=std_alp.php, it will now look like p_next_page=answers%2Flist.
  • monique perkins

    Hi Joe -

    Your post did help us find a bug in the code which we fixed for the next release.  Thanks.  

    But I'm not sure that is your problem.  I can't repeat this on one of my Nov 08 sites.  You have modified the widget and the report.  I need a little more information before I can recommend a work around for you.

    1 - If you only modified the view.php file that is probably not the problem.  If you changed the controller or logic file let me know.

    2 -  On your report look at the filters.  What do you have saved for defaults for the product filter (map_prod_hierarchy)?  All, none, or something else? - ie what check boxes are selected for the filter?

  • Leif Wickland
    You probably wanted the link to point to
  • Leif Wickland

    I don't have the answer to your problem, but I did want to comment that your site looks very nice. Great job!

    Also, while clicking around your site, I noticed that on the link on "knowledge base" points to, which doesn't exist.

    I realize that the site is a work in progress, but I figured I'd mention it.

  • chris fellows

    Hi Bryan,


    The org_create and org_update functions aren't exposed to Customer Portal.     Let me check a couple of things and I will get back to you on this.  



  • jason scherbel

    To add another option here, if you're dealing with a single country or two only, you may want to setup a lookup table on your side to transform the values before passing them in the PTA string.  There isn't a way to have them evaluated in the PTA string without doing something like what eturner suggested.


    You can get the IDs in the common > customizable menus administration area of your RightNow site. 


    If you're dealing with more than a country or two, you may need to use XML API or RN Connect to lookup the country and province IDs before generating the PTA stringor modify the CP pages as suggested.



  • bryan.arndorfer

    I have created the new model and am running into an error when calling the the 'org_update'  and 'org_create' function. 


    Is this function not permitted in the CP, or am I calling it wrong?


    Internal Error
           File: php/php_intf_api.c
           Line: 1268
        In Fcn.: php_generic_wrapper_filter_rnw
    Called Fcn.: N/A() returned 0
    Description: Operation not allowed: call to org_update
    PHP Function: org_update, line: 196, script: /cgi-bin/dec1blank08.cfg/scripts/euf/application/development/source/models/custom/registration_model.php
    Internal Error
           File: php/php_intf_api.c
           Line: 1268
        In Fcn.: php_generic_wrapper_filter_rnw
    Called Fcn.: N/A() returned 0
    Description: Operation not allowed: call to org_create
    PHP Function: org_create, line: 201, script: /cgi-bin/dec1blank08.cfg/scripts/euf/application/development/source/models/custom/registration_model.php
  • HT

    Yes. It should be ul. I updated that for you yesterday. It is a typo.



  • chris fellows

    Hi Joe,


    If the rule is set up properly then you should see the answers come up within the ask page before it completely submits.   Verify that in the ask page you have the following widget for the form button.  This widget has the Smart Assist logic in it.


    <rn:widget path="standard/forms/FormButton" label="#rn:msg:CONTINUE_ELLIPSIS_CMD#" on_success_url="/app/ask_confirm" />


    If that is there and you are still getting the problem,  ping me back on this thread and we can take a look at the site.



  • Kyle Snay

    Looking through the _arss.js file and just want to make sure the syntax is correct on line 581. I'm not a coder but it looks like tags for an unordered list except the opening tag is transposed.




    Apologies for my noobness here in case that's the way lists are written in javascript vs. HTML. Just want to make sure this is fine.




  • Kyle Snay

    Thanks again HT, really appreciate your help with this. Here in the Dev Community I have peon status so I don't carry much weight with the Kudos granting. Just know I'd be banging on that button all day if it would make a difference.



  • HT

    There are a few ways to do it.  One way is to play with CSS styles. As seen in the image, table css tags are:




    Or if you want to just change the text input size:

    • Add following to css file:

    #searchinputq {

    •  Add following line to _arrss.js file:




    RNTFeed.SearchForm = function (root, id, query){
    var form = RNTFeed.createForm("searchform", "searchform");
    form.action = "javascript&colon;RNTFeed.getRSS("+id+")";

    this.searchButton = RNTFeed.createButton("Search", "searchButton", "RSS Search");
    this.searchButton.title = "RSS Search";

    this.input = RNTFeed.createInput(query); = "q";
    //HT: ADD THIS LINE!!!!!!!!!!! = "searchinputq";
    var t = RNTFeed.table(0,0,"searcformtable");
    RNTFeed.appendChild(form, t);
    var r = RNTFeed.row(t, 0);
    var input = RNTFeed.cell(r, "searchinput");
    var search = RNTFeed.cell(r, "searchbutton");
    RNTFeed.appendChild(input, this.input);
    RNTFeed.appendChild(search, this.searchButton);
    RNTFeed.appendChild(root, form);