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  • Christopher Tarabochia



    It depends on what page(s) and site you are refering to. If you are new to Customer Portal, I would recommend downloading the "Developer Training" material first. This walks you through how to setup Dreamweaver, WebDAV, and access the pages on your site.


    Here is the URL to getting you started:


    Go to your specific version of Customer Portal on the left navigation. Go to Documentation and download "Developer Training". The first 3 lesson slide decks will walk you through and get you setup.





  • Ernie Turner
    You will only need to make changes to PTA if you upgrade to CP. I'm pretty sure that the old end user pages still work exactly how they used to in the Feb 09 release.
  • Leif Wickland

    What you experienced is the behavior we've come to expect from the Microsoft Office WebDAV client. It doesn't appear to support exposing the WebDAV server as a true file system object. I refer you to the document containing our discoveries on this matter. I recommend NetDrive and WebDAV as better solutions than any of Microsoft's quirky, and frankly buggy, clients.

  • Christopher Tarabochia

    The folders of "production", "defult", and "rigthnow" (and anything under them) are read only. The only writable folders are "assets" and "development".


    Files are only deployed to production within the RightNow Administration Console (SmartClient).


    Hope this helps.



  • Charu Sachdeva



    Thanks for the suggestion. I have contacted my local DLA to install MS Office .msi file and that problem is resolved now.


    But i am still not able to download and edit the files

    Following steps i had performed


    Interface name


    1) The User has given the access to 'Transient Login, CP Site Administration and WebDAV' in the profile.

    2) We have installed the 'Adobe Dreamweaver Extension' from the bav8 interface application button successfully.

    3) Next we downloaded the Rightnow.mxp file on Desktop and created the Dreamweaver Site using Dreamweaver Application.

    4) Created WebDAV connection in My Network space

    5) When we try to map the WebDAV connection to Dreamweaver Site in the Site>Manage Sites>Advanced tab>Remote Info, it gives the following error message.


    I have the admin rights on my system but still not able to do.


    Could you please advise the cause of this problem.

    I have followed the steps which are mentioned in the Customer Portal guide. Please confirm whether i am going into right direction.


    Many thanks for the help.



    Charu Sachdeva


  • ebingham
    Thanks I didn't realize that got update in the upgrade.  Thanks
  • Ernie Turner

    Thats just a minor problem with how the ajaxCustom class is coded out. At the top of that file, your class should be defined as so



    class ajaxCustom extends ControllerBase { function __construct() { parent::__construct(); } function performLogout() { ....



  • ebingham
    nevermind I figured it out
  • ebingham

    We upgraded our version and I updated the ajax codde to



    function performLogout() { $this->load->model('standard/Contact_model'); $result = $this->Contact_model->doLogout(''); if($result['success']) header('Location: /app/home'); }


     and now I'm getting the following error:


    Controller classes must derive from the ControllerBase class. The '/cgi-bin/underarmour.cfg/scripts/euf/application/development/source/controllers/ajaxCustom.php' controller does not.


    Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to fix this.



  • ebingham

    I had an additional question about this.  Is it possible to have the url thats attached be &p_next_page instead of ?p_next_page


    so like 






  • chris fellows

    The CP framework doesn't allow editing of the standard widgets.  If you want to change the functionality of the MyStuffNav widget, you can copy the standard widget to the /euf/development/widgets/custom folder and then make edits there.   You can then update the page or template to reflect using the widget from the custom folder.   As a best practice I would name the widget something other than MyStuffNav when copying into the custom folder.



  • Kyle Snay

    Please disregard, found the code!


    Thanks though for taking look at it.

  • Kyle Snay

    aarnone wrote:
    Is this still happening? I went to the site and tried clicking on links with and without searches, and it seemed to go to the stie correctly.

    Sorry Anthony for the confusion. The link I posted above was for the curreng page but the developer has temporarily posted the page that needs to go up containing the iframe. If you click on one of the widget answer links you'll see what I mean.Not sure how long they can keep this defective page up though. If the developer can't keep the "broken page" up then here's a screenshot of what's happening when you click on an answer link (i.e. the page opens in the iframe):




    Basically what needs to happen is that we need to add the target=”_top” attribute to all answer links displayed by the widget so they open outside of the iframe. Just not sure where in the code this gets placed.


    Thanks for the help!



  • Anthony Arnone
    Is this still happening? I went to the site and tried clicking on links with and without searches, and it seemed to go to the stie correctly. I did this in both Firefox and IE 7. Which browser are you using?
  • EAKBTeam

    Thanks again Monique, Ill forward this onto our developers upstairs to take a look at.