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  • ebingham
    Thanks that helps I guess I'll just rename my images.
  • ebingham
    I have a feeling the person on our team who entered the Questions and Answers just copied them from word and the formatting from word persisted.  I'm going to have them update a  couple of the questions and see if that will solve the problem
  • monique perkins
    They are probably formatting the answers to look a certain way.  In which case we try to preserve all of that formatting.  The easiest way to change it is to change the answers.
  • ebingham
    I am using eclipse but I think the people who are typing in the Questions and Answers are probably using Office
  • monique perkins
    It might also be contained in the answer description.  Have you checked that answer to see if there are any html tags used there?
  • Ernie Turner
    I did some searching on that 'MsoNormal' class and it appears to be a standard class name that appears when converting a MS Office file to a web page. Are you using Office to develop your pages somehow?
  • Ernie Turner
    The script_util.js file cannot be customized and the only file thats allowed to exist in the /euf/development/javascript folder is the autoload.js file. Any other JavaScript files should be put under the /euf/assets folder. I see two options here. Either replace the images in the doc root with the ones you want (keeping the original names of course) or customize the widget which is calling the hideShow function and change it to call your own function which replaces the correct images.
  • Ernie Turner
    Through WebDAV, go to /euf/development/widgets/custom and create a folder there, something along the lines of CustomAnswerSearchArea2. Then copy the view file from the AnswerSearchArea2 folder and put it in your new folder. Then you can modify this view file to whatever you need. In your page set, where the widget tags reference <rn:widget path="standard/composite/AnswerSearchArea2"..., you need to modify those to say <rn:widget path="custom/CustomAnswerSearchArea2"...
  • Christopher Tarabochia



    Have you had a chance to review the material on the first sticky thread on this forum? This walks through the locations of files, setting up your machine to access files and walks through a couple quick examples. I would recommend the first 3 slide decks in the below link



    All the CSS is located in the folder /euf/assets/....



  • ebingham

    The information I displayed before I got using FireBug.  I just looked at Production site which I haven't updated with any of my changes yet and it have the same style code for the description and solution as my dev site.



    <h4 id="rn_description">
    <p class="MsoNormal" style="background: white none repeat scroll 0% 0%; font-size: 10pt; -moz-background-clip: -moz-initial; -moz-background-origin: -moz-initial; -moz-background-inline-policy: -moz-initial; margin-bottom: 0pt; line-height: 13.2pt;">
    <span style="color: black; font-family: Arial;">How do I get information on for a school project?</span>




     I have also attached a picture of our production site which this came from.


  • JustRhianna
    It is definately report specific because it worked before I made the changes. However as you can see I only removed the updated column and exceptions.
  • monique perkins

    The report looks fine and I can run it with all products on my development site. 


    I can hit

    and get results, but when I hit I don't get anything returned.  I also still don't get anything if I add keywords to that search.


    I'm wondering if you have something incorrect between your answers and your product / categories that nothing is returned?  If the same product searches are fine in the console then they product associations are probably ok but the search is not returning any data so I don't *think* it's due to a customization on the page.


    Have you tried it again with the standard CP answers report with the same urls / searches to verify if it is report specific?  

  • EAKBTeam

    Hi Ernie,


    Thanks for your response..

    I copied across the incorrect code for that last post, but the Tag gallery solved my issue.

    Thanks Again!

  • Leif Wickland
    We recommend using Firebug to investigate how CSS causes the page to layout and to quickly experiment with changes. Firebug should help you determine where CSS rules are coming from.
  • Demian
    Ah yes, the issue was that I had additional contact fields other than e-mail. That fixed it. Thank you!