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  • ebingham
    Aug 08 and we're planning up updating to new release as soon as we get the approval.
  • ebingham

    Here is my file and let me know know if I'm missing anything.  It wouldn't let me send a php file so I zipped it.

  • Ernie Turner
    There was a bug on this in earlier releases, what version are you currently running?
  • Ernie Turner
    It seems like maybe your ajaxCustom controller is coded wrong if you are getting that error. Can you attach the file so I can see what it contains? Also, you don't really have to pass anything in for the $url parm, you can just pass in a blank string, $result = $this->Contact_model->doLogout('');. That parameter is more used when performing this logic during an Ajax request.
  • ebingham
    ok maybe our PTA isn't completely set up or something because I'm not seeing the ?p_next_page attached to my url
  • ebingham

    ok I at first didn't see where the file was do to this at first but I found it at development/controllers/ajaxCustom.php.  I added the code that you listed below which you said may not work which didn't exactly.  The line below is what is failing for me.

    $result = $this->Contact_model->doLogout($url);

      I'm not really sure what needs to go un the $url.  I saw some other code so I tried both of the following pieces of code.


    but neither of these brought sucessful results and I received the following error message


    Fatal error: Call to a member function doLogout() on a non-object in /cgi-bin/underarmour.cfg/scripts/euf/application/development/source/controllers/ajaxCustom.php on line 27

  • Ernie Turner
    I'm not sure how you changed the existing AnswerSearchArea2 widget because that is a standard widget and you aren't allowed to modify it (trying to upload the changes to WebDAV should give you an error). To change the content of a standard widget, you have to copy it and create a custom widget.
  • EAKBTeam

    Hey Ernie, You have lost me here.


    I have not created a custom widget, All i have done is change the code in the existing AnswerSearchArea2 to reflect your suggestions from last week.

    From what I can see the detail page has the correct reference to the AnswerSearchArea2 widget..?



  • Ernie Turner

    I'm assuming you're talking about the two comments starting here. The suggestion there was to create a new function in the ajaxCustom controller which then calls contact_model. I think thats a better solution than your method of calling /ci/ajaxRequest/doLogout directly. This way you have control after the logout to redirect the user back to where you want.


    Note: This is basically pseudocode, I didn't actually try this 

    function performLogout()
    $result = $this->Contact_model->doLogout($url);
    header('Location: /app/home');


  • Ernie Turner

    The next page parameter will automatically be appened onto the end of the MYSEC_EXT_LOGIN_URL before redirecting when a user attempts to access a page which requires login. The parameter is added in query string format as &p_next_page=value. There isn't any extra work needed to have that information passed back to you.


    So, for example, if the value of the MYSEC_EXT_LOGIN_URL config was, then when the user clicked on the ask a question page, they would be redirected to

  • Ernie Turner

    There are a number of rules within the rn_basic.css stylesheet that need to be modified to stretch the entire width of the container. I'll try to go through all of them, just search through rn_basic for these selectors.


    #rn_outerwrapper - Increase the width rule, I upped it to 860px


    #rn_innerwrapper - Increase the width rule, I upped it to 830px


    #rn_sidebar .rn_sidebartextbox - Change background image URL to background: url(/euf/assets/images/bg_db_greybtm.png)


    #rn_sidebar .rn_wrap - Comment out background image


    #rn_secondarywrapper - Increase the width rule, I upped it to 830px


    #rn_sidebar - Increase the width rule, I upped it to 260px


    #rn_sidebar .rn_sidebartextbox - Increase the width rule, I upped it to 260px


    Here is an image of the resulting page, I didnt see any problems with scrollbars after I made these changes.




  • Ernie Turner

    In the detail.php page that you attached, it doesn't look like you are referencing your customized widget, so I'm guessing that is the problem.



    <div class="rn_mastheadintro"> <p>#rn:msg:FIND_ANS_MSG#</p>


    <rn:widget path="standard/composite/AnswerSearchArea2" report_id="104787"/>


    </div> <!-- class="rn_mastheadintro" -->



  • awoolson

    Thanks for the input Leif. I did try changing the rn_sidebar and rn_sidebartextbox in the rn_basic.css - and instead of widening the box it put scroll bars along the side of the Announcement column and along the bottom of the two main columns on the page.  Can you tell me what tags I should be looking for in the CSS to turn off the scroll bars? or is that even possible?



  • EAKBTeam

    I agree, it is a little strange, it has to be something im missing...

    The URL that is appearing when viewing this page is: - If you expand the Advanced search all of the products and catagories set on the /list page still appear.

    I have attached the code for our /detail, /list and both /AnswerSearch files.

    Thanks Ernie.




  • Ernie Turner
    What is the URL you are using on that page when it doesn't work? It seems kind of bizarre that if you have the same code on your list and detail page that it would behave differently.