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  • January Fredericks
    Thank you for the detailed information. I'll pass it along.
  • monique perkins

    As far as I know he just changed the parameters to correct entries that matched validation and thepassthrough password.  The url for cp is also different. 


    1 - the url should be

    'http://<company>' + encoded string

    where the terms after redirect/ is the  page you want to got to - ie answers/list


    2 - the code to generate the correct url 


    $params['p_userid'] = 'joe' $params['p_passwd'] = 's8df6tsdf76tsd'; $params['p_email'] = ''; $params['p_li_passwd'] = 'mymyseclipasswd'; // iterate through array and url encode + build queryparam string foreach ($params as $key => $value) { $params_str .= $key.'='.urlencode($value).'&'; } // declare base redirect url $redirect_url = 'http://<some company><some company>.cfg/php/enduser/entry.php?p_li='; // append encoded query param string (substr to remove trailing amper) $redirect_url .= base64_encode(strtr(substr($params_str, 0, -1), array('+' => '_', '/' => '~', '=' => '*')));


    3 - make sure your value for p_li_passwd matches the config in MYSEC_EXT_LOGIN_URL


    That should be all you need. That will log in the user if they exist and   If you are stil lhaving problems let me know what you are using for the params.



  • chris fellows

    Hi January,


    I haven't seen a case where a CAPTCHA solution was used on the email answer functionality.  However, I worked with a customer that implemented this on the Ask A Question page using the classic PHP pages.  I have played around with building a CAPTCHA widget for the Customer Portal Ask page using the solution from reCAPTCHA.  To get this to work you would have to build two widgets, one for the CAPTCHA area on the page, and one for a custom submit button.  In the submit button widget, you would have to do a custom Ajax request and use a model to query the reCAPTCHA service.  You can then display an error message back to the page before the submittal of the form occurs.   To add this functionality to the Email Link form, you could just add the CAPTCHA widget and call the Ajax function from the logic.js file.    Hope this helps!



  • anne
    Well, I've the same problems to get PTA working. I'm curious to know about what you did to make it work.
  • Ernie Turner
    Currently there is no way for you to create your own message base strings. The only option is to edit the existing messagebases, which is probably the editing documentation you are talking about. This is a feature we are looking into and will hopefully have a solution soon.
  • Ernie Turner

    There are a number of problems with your JavaScript code syntax. First off, JavaScript function names cannot contain the equal or quote characters. Second, you also have your brackets mismatched as the event handler function needs to be defined within the DynamicForm() function. This is probably closer to what you want. I would recommend using a JavaScript code editor since it will tell you that the syntax is incorrect.



    function DynamicForm(data) { this.init = function() {

    evt_menu_filter_get_update.subscribe(onCustomFieldUpdate); } function onCustomFieldUpdate(type, args) { var evtObj = args[0]; if( == "Yes") document.getElementById("DynamicForm").style.display = 'block'; else document.getElementById("DynamicForm").style.display = 'none'; } }


    Based on what I think you're trying to do, even after the code syntax is correct, I'm pretty sure this isn't going to do what you want. I'm not exactly sure why you are subscribing to the "evt_menu_filter_get_update" event, but that gets fired when you select a product or category from the dropdown which I don't think is what you want.


    Currently there isn't an event that is fired when the value on a custom field changes. This means that there isn't going to be an event thats fired when a user modifies custom field 25. In order to do that you're going to have to create a custom widget and have it fire the event yourself.


  • Erica (Leep) Anderson

    Hi BJ,


    Thanks for your participation in the Developer Community!  When you're posting code, you'll find the forum HTML editor (look for the clipboard icon with the 'c' in a gray box to insert code) allows you to designate what part of your forum post is code.  By clicking on this icon, your code will be clearly designated with a gray box, and your code won't be peppered with smiley faces. :)  



  • cjamerlan

    i did a search for "RightNow Integration" but did not come up with results that were desireable.  I have the integration manual PDF, but there is no mention of documentation regarding the logout feature for PTA.  Would it be possible to send it to me via email?  If so, please send to


    Thank you!

  • chris fellows

    Hi Steve,


    I added the "Append Smart Assistant Response" rule to a Aug 08 site and I was getting answers back right away.  The standard FormButton widget by default has the Smart Assistant code in it.  If the rule is setup properly, then it may not be finding valid results to display.   You mentioned that you changed a config setting in the Common settings.   Which one did you update?     Thanks



  • Ernie Turner
    It sounds like you don't have the correct permissions to access that answer. I would try to either contact support and get your permissions changed, or just try searching for 'RightNow Integration' on the Customer Community answers section.
  • cjamerlan

    I am getting a page with the following copy:



    Permission Denied

    This answer is no longer available.


  • Ernie Turner

    Odd, the link still seems to be working fine for me. This is the URL I was trying to link to was



  • cjamerlan
    can you please repost the links to the documentation?  The link in the thread takes me to a blank page.  Thank you!!
  • Leif Wickland
    Dave posted an overview of WebDAV options here. The summary follows.Adobe Dreamweaver’s WebDAV client has significant shortcomings including
    • being unable to use an HTTP proxy,
    • being likely to fail when accessing servers across the Internet due to low latency tolerance,
    • and being slow due to making redundant requests.
    Unfortunately, all versions of Microsoft Windows except Vista SP1 have limitations that should make you think twice before using them as the WebDAV client for Dreamweaver.The best WebDAV solution on Windows is to use a third party WebDAV client, such as NetDrive or WebDrive, which can mount the remote folder as a local drive.Mac OS X’s WebDAV client can also be used to reliably make remote files available to Dreamweaver.Some networks are configured to require the use of HTTP proxies, to deny certain types of HTTP requests, or both. Such configurations either hinder or prohibit WebDAV access.

  • BJ
    Spot on!  Thanks so much for your help :)