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  • Willie Eide

    yep - totally understand. all of this is coming in future releases. cheers.

  • Hanna Page

    Hi Willie!

    Yes - we were attempting to use the Inlays and loved them but it didn't offer us the custom options we would like.  We have a need to be able to pass login information from an outside site, use custom fields, as well as customize the greeting on those Inlays.  We weren't able to do this with the current functionality - or atleast figure out how to - so we were going to try to customize the non-inlay conditional chat widget. 


  • Nadeem Ali

    Not get any proper solution regarding this, as an alternate, I used PHP connect mail API. But it's not helpful because of the custom styling of template in the back-end using HTLM / CSS. however its work for me but it's not a proper solution.

  • Willie Eide


    We released Inlays and there are a number of companies using it today in their production environment. Inlays is both embedded and persistent across pages as long as the same inlay code exists on those pages. You can check out the CX answers and/or documentation on and search on "inlay". While we are still adding features to make it as rich as the current chat widgets, we are releasing every 2-4 weeks and depending on your needs/requirements, we should be able to satisfy your needs OOB. Online documentation will be coming with the next release (which should be later this week) but you can hit the inlay registry at {your CP site}/s/oit/latest and poke around there for the inlays and their attributes.

  • Hanna Page

    Hi there - we are trying to do something very similar.  Were you using the OOTB conditional chat widget and customizing from there? We are having a hard time getting the chat session to stay connected to the same agent when moving between pages.  Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  • Scott Heidenreich

    Did you add the calculated field as the last column in the report?  If so it may not be passing through the grid widget.  Try moving the calculated field to the first or second column in the report and see if it works - this is assuming you are using standard analytics functions and not custom scripts...

  • Sirisha Nune

    Hi Praveen,

    In customer portal page(ask) just replace standard field with your custom field where you are storing the email address of contact,

    Replace below code

    <rn:widget path="input/FormInput" name="Contact.Emails.PRIMARY.Address" required="true" initial_focus="true" label_input="#rn:msg:EMAIL_ADDR_LBL#"/>
    <rn:widget path="input/FormInput" name="Contact.CustomFields.c.<your custom field column name>" required="true" initial_focus="true" label_input="#rn:msg:EMAIL_ADDR_LBL#"/>

    In your workspace use your custom field  where email address is stored and verify email address will be populated.


  • Suresh Thirukoti
  • Praveen Woody
    • posted via email reply June 22, 2019
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    Thanks. Is there sample code that I can use?
  • Suresh Thirukoti

    Praveen - If its via CP and if you are familiar with some dev skills on CP like hooks, connect php...etc, then I would suggest to use hooks event post_contact_create to grab the contact object and then assign the Email address to the custom field


  • Prashant Chirania

    Hi Kenton,

    Please share your CP interface URL, I shall give you the loader.js path. 

    '' is not accessible.



  • Kenton Banyai

    Thanks for the reply! I followed the instructions and am still getting a ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error in the console. It is referencing It also isn't showing up on the screen at all. Is their any formatting for entering it in the OIT_CORS_WHITELIST? I tried some variations I have seen but still not responsive.

  • Steven Robert

    OK, now I can answer my own question!

    Html codes seem to flow from fields to standard text entries, hence <br> renders a line break in standard text.


    Ryan, not sure if it matters any more, but if your widget replaced line breaks with <br> before saving then they would flow through to threads.

  • Steven Robert

    Bumping this thread as I have run into the same thing that Ryan did, namely:

    "standard text containing the custom fields is what is removing the formatting"

    When I put a field in standard text it strips the line breaks. Is there a way to persist line breaks in standard text?

    The field is populated by OPA, so if there a string that would force  line break we can substitute that in.

  • Prashant Chirania

    Hi Kenton,

    The code that you have shared above is for legacy syndicated widget not 'Chat Inlay'. Here is what you need to do to have chat inlay on standard.php -

    1. If you want to access chat inlay on then please enter abc\.custhelp\.com  in OIT_CORS_WHITELIST

    2. Please put following code in standard.php [Note: site-url attribute does not contain protocol]

    <script id="oit-loader"