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  • Carl Bramblett

    Wow, that sounds like a great suggestion, Robert! If you have time, sample code would be great as I've never created a hook before and Oracle's documentation seems to be a bit lacking on that score.

  • Robert Surujbhan

    Another option is to leverage the Hooks feature in Customer Portal.  You can define a custom model function on the pre_page_render hook (code linked to this hook would get called before page content is sent to the browser on every page load). Your function would check an "approved" custom field/attribute on the Contact record. If not yet approved, you can tell the hook to redirect the user to a special  "You are not yet approved" page that you create!  This way, the user is still able to create their account, and log-in with their chosen password, but they won't be able to do anything until the "approved" field on their record is set to Yes/True.  You can set up this "approved" field to be No/False by default for all records or you can even use another hook to set it (like the post_contact_create hook which is called after every new contact is created).

    Lots of ways to do it using Hooks!  Let me know if you need any sample code.

  • Cosimo Galasso

    First select the newest versions from the drop down list then activate it, clicking on "Activar esta version"


  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    An alternative may be to disable EGW_PASSWD_CREATE or to leave it enabled and modify the message template (removing the password and informing them their account is pending approval). You may then need to create your own flow (a BR sending a message to an administrator). For this you could also use a conditional section in a message template.

    Yeah, I would leave EGW_PASSWD_CREATE enabled and just modify the message template and create my own flow if I received such request.

    You may need to adjust all account related message templates and place the password info in a conditional section where you have the custom field (Approved Y/N) as your condition before sending the password.

  • Anthony Smith

    Hi Carl

    I couldn't find anything in the documentation, the only thing I found was this thread

    It wasn't answered initially but the OP posted a reply to his own post with some info so might be a good starting point. The only thing is that post is from 2013 so things may have changed.


  • Sebastiaan Draaisma

    I'm not sure if you could apply the OSVC attribute dynamically through JavaScript but otherwise you could have the field not mandatory and placed in an invisible div and use a regular HTML input field that you control through JS based on the selected choice and have the value from this input field copied to your custom field inside your invisible div.

  • Andrew Fandre

    Is it safe to assume that 3.0 - 3.2 frameworks will be supported through May 2020? Also, if we upgrade the version to 19D will we still have the 3.0 - 3.2 frameworks? We're currently on 18D.

  • Cosimo Galasso

    I checked the API documentation and I didn't find any method.

    Probably the functionality is not exposed yet by the API.


  • Willie Eide

    Note that while that may be the list of "things that RightNow Chat has that Chat Inlay doesn't have" it does not include the more modern stuff that Inlays does have such as altering via attributes, full string customizations, automatic off the record for credit cards, customizable launch form and post chat messages, modern look and feel, etc... 

    You can check out under Documentation  and check the "Features" section of each inlay or check out the Release Notes

  • Willie Eide

    Yes. We have a "limited" release with Engagement Engine and Inlays. If you are interested in this capability, PM me and I can hook you up with the product manager for Engagement Engine and he can turn that on for you. I am expecting a general release to all in the coming year. Being this close to the holidays (today is 12/3/19) we typically freeze all new releases.

  • R P

    Can inlay chat be used with EE rules? Not finding any documentation or post around it.

  • Cosimo Galasso


    Very useful.


  • Willie Eide

    I do not have a matrix comparing the two. To some degree in the end we may not match like-for-like. Features are being built as we grow with an eye on what is valuable to our customers. Also note that the RightNow chat has been around in some form for many years. The chat inlay has been around for less than 12 months.

    I can put together a formal matrix if it helps, but here are the differences as I see them today (12/3/19). The following features are not in the chat inlay:

    • products and categories on launch form (currently in development)
    • chat custom fields on launch form (currently in development)
    • page peak
    • sneak peek
    • full customization (ie. build your own inlay)

    Aside from these features, I don't know if there are any other differences in the two chat offerings


  • Cosimo Galasso

    Is there a comparison between the chat inlay and the RightNow chat?


  • Willie Eide

    Not if I have any say.

    It is my absolute belief that this tool be provided as part of the Customer Portal product and thus there should not be an additional cost to use VBCS. I believe that organizations should be charged when they "receive value" such as creating incidents, providing knowledge articles, etc... this is done via Tier 1 Billable Sessions. I'll have more information as we start getting closer to actual product.