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  • cjamerlan
    i would like to confirm that his issue has been fixed in the November 08 release.  I am currently developing with this idea in mind and have my company's RN be upgraded to Nov 08 to fix this issue.  Please advise.
  • monique perkins

    yes - just change the report_id of the widgets on your page to the report_id of the desired report.


    Some notes of caution:

    1 - If this is an answers report be sure to add the answers.special_settings filter.  It correctly identifies it for knowledge base searching

    2 - Be sure you have filters on your report to protect your data from users.  For instance an answers report should always have a fixed filter of status = public.

  • Bret Friedrich

    Here are a couple of other examples: - you can also click on the contact us page - there are a few places on the SanDisk site.

  • DustinTuft

    Hi MTcoug,


    That is great, so it is possible to intercept our web calls and ensure that they get directed to the correct place. That is great news, almost like early christmas :smileyvery-happy:


    Thanks for the confirming that!!!!

  • anne

    Thanks htosun,


    Your information and help was very valuable. It's working now.

    (I removed the testversions.)



  • erich hannan

    entry.php does remain in place after you deploy CP, as well as other files in scripts/enduser/.  But during the initialization of the script (init.phph) we look to see if CP is deployed and then use a configuration file to redirect from old locations in Classic pages to new locations in CP pages.  This is to insure that external links and links in old email responses still redirect folks to the right place.


  • monique perkins

    1 - you don't manage your Customer Portal files through filemanager - you set up webDAV and use that

    2 - to deploy the files to production there is a utility in the administration->common console

    3 - to look at your development pages you need to have webDAV permissions (in your administration profile) and then go to the page http://{site}/ci/admin and click on development.


    Customer Portal setup is MUCH different than the classic pages.  I recommend you download the materials that desribe how to set up your development environment here.

  • cjamerlan

    thanks for the quick reply...I am however, unfamiliar with the development environment. 


    I am managing the end user files through the System Confirguration/File Manager module of the Right Now CRM.  I do not see an option to promote to production.  Please advise.


    Thank you,


  • monique perkins

    Your code - html,  javascript, and php are changed in the development environment only.  These will not be seen by the public.


    If you make changes in the assets folder - css and images - these are shared between production and development and your changes will be immediately seen.   If you want to test changes to assets then copy your asset(s) to a new name, use these in development, then when you deploy you will see the new assets.

  • HT

    Here are the issues:


    1) There is a mismatch between the widget version and your opensearch. Please download your widget code from:




    2) Put '?' at the end of URI as shown below:






    3) Following statement in your script assumes that you have a proxy installed on your server. I tested without proxy. It works. If you install the proxy properly it should work. Proxy is really optional. You can remove it.



  • EAKBTeam

    Hi, We are experiencing exactly the same issue.

    I am able to access the address via Browser, and can view the files via a Windows mount (Apparently cant write when in dreamweaver..??), however the RNT extention is unable to connect in Dreamweaver.

    I had logged an incident but we have been unable to find a solution. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.




  • monique perkins

    That's correct.  Assets are shared between production and development.


    If you want to preview the asset I recommend naming it something else and previewing it.  Then when you are ready you can either rename the image to the original or deploy the pages to get the new one on the public site.


    Because of the relative paths we use you still won't be able to see the image on your local server.  While the images appear to be in a similar path as the code they really aren't.  This allows us to serve the production pages much more quickly.

  • awoolson

    Thank you for the information.


    I understand how that will work well for changing widgets etc, but I'm concerned with changing assets (background images etc) and not being able to view them (as they would show on the live site) in a test environment before they are moved to the remote site. My understanding is that any asset that is 'put' to the remote site is live.

  • monique perkins

    Thanks for posting and welcome to RightNow.


    1 - Your local site won't run correctly even if you have php installed.  Along with the files that are available to you we also run the files through the code igniter framework.  The widget calls are translated to php calls and run the widgets at this time.  In order for you to see a preview you must load the files to the RightNow server for them to run correctly


    2 - Your changes won't be public when you load them to the server.  You have to set the development cookie to see it.  If you are working with other developers they can see them.  But the pages aren't public until they are depolyed. 


    3 - To log in through dreamweaver use commands->rightnow->login to rightnow.  This will be your same webdav username and password.

  • anne

    Thanks htosun.


    I'll drop the case since it's not mine. I only wanted to point out that there's an typing error in that version. Instead I'll focus on my version.


    I don't know exactly what you mean by "the opensearch report was changed".


    I've changed my version in the way you've suggested, but it still not working. It now launches an error message claiming that it can't retrieve RSS feeds from the server so your assumption might be right.

    I've tried a new approach now. This URL:

    (that must be on one line)


    produces results when called in a browser, but in the widget it gives again the same errormessage about not being able to retrieve RSS feeds.

    You can test it at:


    Do you have new suggestions?