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  • Carlos Chang
    On-Demand Webcast: Oracle's New AI Voice for the...25.0
    Topic posted June 25, 2019 by Carlos Chang, tagged Alexa, Bots, Conversational AI, Mobile, Siri, Slack, Virtual Assistant, VPA, WeChat 
    On-Demand Webcast: Oracle's New AI Voice for the Enterprise
    Oracle Digital Assistant update, new AI voice acquisition, demos, and live Q&A

    This webcast is now available as on-demand. 



    The Oracle Digital Assistant team has been busy delivering AI powered conversations for its customers. #winning Join Suhas Uliyar, Oracle VP, Digital Assistant, to learn what’s new, including Oracle’s recent acquisition in voice AI technology that will help Oracle continue to set the pace ahead of the competition. We’ll show comparative demos that you don’t want to miss, plus a live Q&A session. Mark your calendars now!

    • Learn about Oracle’s latest acquisition in voice AI technology
    • Catch up on what’s new and what is ahead
    • AI powered demos comparing Oracle vs. Google, Amazon and Siri and why Oracle is your top choice for the enterprise
  • Satshah
    Integrating Oracle Digital Assistant with Google Assistant1
    Topic posted April 9, 2019 by Satshah Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Alexa, Android, API, Bots, Messaging, Mobile, Notification, OMCE, Siri, Virtual Assistant, WeChat 
    Integrating Oracle Digital Assistant with Google Assistant
    Channel for integrating Oracle Digital Assistant


    We are trying to integrate oracle digital assistant with google assistant, we want to know how we could achieve it without using any external servers like ngork,etc. for webhook urls. And if by any chance is oracle planning to release a channel for Google Assistant in near future or is it in the roadmap?.



  • Olivier Maurice
    Whitelisting IP-ranges for Oracle PaaS Services2
    Topic posted October 2, 2018 by Olivier MauriceRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Bots, OMCE, WeChat 
    Whitelisting IP-ranges for Oracle PaaS Services
    Looking how to limit access to the Classic DBCS when accessing it from Oracle PaaS Services


    We have an Oracle Database Cloud Service Classic running in Amsterdam. The chatbot is located in Frankfurt (Autonomous Mobile Cloud Service Enterprise).
    Of course, we do not want to open up the ORDS services to the internet. One of the measures would be whitelisting. What is the IP-range to whitelist for PaaS services hosted in Frankfurt?


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