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  • Danny Yoo
    Branded login / password reset / security pages35.0
    Topic posted August 29, 2019 by Danny YooGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged User Access and Security 
    Branded login / password reset / security pages
    The current functionality is too generic and non-specific.

    Thanks so much for creating this. Much needed.

    Currently, if a user tries to login or perform any user account security related action the pages presented are completely non-specific and Oracle Cloud branded.

    As a student centric application, branding of such pages is very important, especially if the school doesn't already have some kind of identity management system.

    Are there plans at all to allow institutions to be able to brand the security-related pages? If you put yourself in the users' shoes, or the parent of a student, getting non-specific system generated emails and going to non-school-specific pages and logins can be very confusing.