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  • Leslie Gardner

    Hi Kevin

    I believe your suspicion is correct that there is no way to delete a course outside of making it inactive.  We have also created quite a few bogus courses in our testing!  After we complete a clean production environment setup, we plan on doing a refresh from prod down to our test/stage (P2T) environment so we can get rid of all that test data we no longer need. 



  • Leslie Gardner

    Hi Kevin!  The workaround for this bug is to manually change the date in "Edit Meetings" before saving the Meeting Occurrence on the Scheduled Course. Hope that helps!


  • Thiyag

    Thanks susan

  • Susan Beidler

    Thiyag, please review the Release Readiness pages for Student Management for content that may be useful.  You can find them here:


    I hope this helps!


  • Thiyag

    Hi Susan,

    Is there any videos available to understand the basic configuration details and use case document to understand the functionality and capability of the application?

    Any response on this will be highly helpful.



  • Kevin Werntz

    this also may be helpful for changing the theme. . It worked for us but is finicky about file names so be aware.

  • Kevin Werntz

    Thanks Leslie:

    That was fun playing with.  Have you tested a "Learner" account set up with these templates?

  • Leslie Gardner

    Hi Danny

    We have also run into this issue at University of Wisconsin-Madison and have raised it with Oracle. We opened an SR and learned there is already an existing enhancement request on this issue (Bug 19786664 : ER : LOGIN PAGE CUSTOMIZATION FOR FUSION APPLICATIONS)

    Also, there is a way to slightly configure the system-generated welcome email if this helps:

    Sign in as a security administrator.

    • Navigate to Tools > Security Console
    • Under User Categories, edit the DEFAULT row, add (or edit) your custom one.
    • Select Notifications, then click Edit.
    • Select Add Template
      • Enter a name, and in the Event field select New User Created.
      • Update the Message Subject and the defaulted Message text


    Leslie Gardner

  • Leslie Gardner

    So happy to see Student Management finally have a presence on Customer Connect!

  • Kevin Werntz
    • posted via email reply August 27, 2019
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    Hi Susan:
    Thanks so much for your reply.  This is a different issue that the MOS 
    engineer confirmed as limited functionality.  It has to do with our 
    single environment on US6 pod.  My main concern was ensuring that each 
    of our 22 colleges have their own unique environment (standard fields 
    but isolated data).   The storefront issue has yet to be resolved.
  • Susan Beidler

    Kevin, i'm checking on your request for information about how Student Management cloud leverages the global user login springboard and if there are options for unique springboards for your various colleges.  Is this related to the Bug that your team submitted (title = CREATE A NEW STOREFRONT AND UNABLE TO SAVE) or is this a different situation?


    I will get back to you asap.

  • Kevin Werntz

    Thank you Susan for starting this forum!  I hope we are in the correct place.  We are in our implementation and the cloud solution is forcing us to create a single "Global" user login portal.  (Fusion Springboard for application Access) and SMC offers an example of "VISION College". Unfortunately we have multiple colleges that are autonomous units under the "Global" system.

    We need multiple stand alone business units under the Enterprise License and would request either a work around (ie:  Page Integration specific to the user brand?) . Or clarity on if this type of functionality will ever be incorporated into the SMC? (Employee user Oracle SMC springboard desktop).

    While we think we can create multiple "Storefronts" for our CX and attach it (somehow) to our individual colleges websites, we have not found a way to provide a unique springboard for each college.