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  • Sam Napoli

    Thanks Sivakumar. This is great. I will have a look as soon as I get a chance. I had an idea we could use REST services, but didn't know about VBCS. 

  • Sivakumar Jayaraman

    I just created a standard operation using Excel REST service plugin. 

  • Sivakumar Jayaraman

    Hi Sam,

    You can try using the VBCS Excel plugin for running the REST services. You will essentially be running the REST services, but this is user friendly as you can execute it using Excel.

    The documentation for the VBCS Excel plug in can be found here :

    We created a POC for using REST services - though this is for a different REST service, you can use this example to create standard operations.

    Let us know if this helps.



  • Sivakumar Jayaraman

    Hi Badri,

    AS Mohanty mentioned, we do not have capability to generate a shipping document for additional components that are shipped to the customer.

    However, you will have a shipping document for the OSP item. 

    You can create a BIP report for components that are to be shipped to a OSP supplier and attach the document to the OSP shipping document.

    Attached is a POC for a BIP report and attaching the same to OSP shipping document.

    Let me know if this helps.



  • Rajeev Rungta


    Count Point are used for  critical, time-intensive, or bottleneck operations which you always perform while executing Job/ Work Order. All work definitions need to have at least one count point and generally last operation is always count point enabled as operations are completed and assembly is stocked.

    Thanks, Rajeev

  • Mohammad Alhindawi

    Hello Srini, 

    Thank you so much for your comment.

  • Srinivasa Raghavan

    Hi Mohammad,

    Cloud cost management supports absorption of overheads - either defined as part of the standard cost or defined through the Accounting Overhead Rules (for average and actual costed items). These overheads are attached to Expense Pools and they can be used to drive accounting to specific accounts by using the expense pools as Sources. This section explains the overhead capability.

    We currently do not support allocation of actual expenses incurred to product costs at the end of a period, though it is on our roadmap.

    Hope this helps.


  • Aravindan Sankaramurthy

    Hi Raamjee,

    In order to better understand the business problem you are trying to address, I have a few follow up questions - 

    1. Are you trying to model this scenario as 'Contract Manufacturing' or 'Outside processing' in Oracle SCM Cloud? 

    2. If it is a pure contract manufacturing flow, is it a buy/sell subcontracting flow?

    3. Answer to (1) may result in different responses to what you term as expectations


  • Sam Napoli

    Thanks Aravindan. Yes I know about ADFdi and have tested it. Unfortunately, I have over 100,000 records to load. This will need to be done 4 times during the project (3 times for testing data conversion and once for Go Live). If ADFdi can only do 2000 records that's a lot of batches. A very time consuming process. I was hoping for a better way to do it.

  • Aravindan Sankaramurthy

    Hi Sam,

    I would like to correct my previous response.  There is no FBDI support for standard operations. But Manufacturing Cloud does have ADFDi support and can be accessed from the Work Definition work area > Plant Setup > Manage Standard Operations in Spreadsheet.

    FBDI support is currently not on the short term roadmap. I would assume ADFDi support for standard operations will help with the go-live and post go-live.

  • Sam Napoli

    Thanks Aravindan. Not the best news, but thanks for the confirmation. I have considered exploring using REST but it's not the ideal solution, particularly for the business to use themselves after Go Live. I have completed the necessary information for my Support Engineer to raise an Enhancement Request for FBDI. However, since we're not Going Live until 1 Sept, I'd like to get some idea on whether FBDI is in the roadmap? Are you able to give me any indication as to if/when it will be delivered?

  • Aravindan Sankaramurthy

    Sorry for the confusion and incorrect information you were provided.  Standard operations cannot be loaded through work definition FBDI. It can only be referenced in the work definition FBDI.

    Currently standard operations can be created, updated and deleted using a REST service, There is no FBDI or ADFDi support for standard operations.

    Information on the REST service can be found here -


  • Rashmi Ranjan Mohanty

    Just a small correction...I meant to say that the ability to generate shipping documents for components that are shipped to the supplier is not supported.

  • Jairo Rojas Mendez

    The ability to generate shipping documents for components that are shipped to the customer is not supported. There is an existing enhancement request to support this capability.

  • Rashmi Ranjan Mohanty

    The ability to generate shipping documents for components that are shipped to the supplier is not supported. There is an existing enhancement request to support this capability.