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  • Ulises Olivera

    Thanks for your reply Ashok.

    It was informed by Oracle that there will be improvements to download standard stylesheets in coming release 19C.

    I will look forward for that new functionality in order to start customizing the stylesheets.

    Thanks again.


  • Ashok Revuri

    All xsl content is to be updated outside, you should upload the same in Stylesheet content.

    this automatically place the customs xsl in respective server location

  • Derek Gittoes

    There is no additional licensing fee associated with any of OTM's REST APIs.



    Regarding the Running Manifest. Will there be new tables to hold the data for this feature in the database?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Shari Becker

    Is there a way to do GTM updates first as we do not use the OTM side of things.  Thanks,

  • Eric Westlund

    1. Why is the customer validation period only 2 weeks (patch applied week 1 for Test and week 3 for Production)?  Previously, when quarterly patches were just bug fixes, this was enough time, but now there may be major new functionality introduced.  Two weeks may not be enough time to test all the changes.  Also, it may not be enough time to modify existing configurations to work with the changed functionality.  Can this be extended?

    2. What if show-stopper issues are found during customer validation period?  Can we submit an SR to postpone the patching on Production until the issue is resolved?

    3. What about Dev instances?  FAQ says they will be updated "based on the cadence they have selected for each environment – i.e., either at the same time as the Test environment or at the same time as Production."  How do we check that "cadence" selection?  Also, is there any way to request it to be earlier, like 2 weeks before Test, to provide more time for testing and configuration changes?  That's the purpose of having the Dev instance.

  • Anand Sharma

    thanks for the detailed email.

    We went live already in Jan, but I am sure new projects coming up will get benefit from your feedback.


  • Ulises Olivera

    Thanks for your response Zomi!

    This is a common carrier use, and indeed we're testing Continuous Moves. Do you have any document or link where I could get some more information on Continuous Moves rates?

    I've already exhausted the information on help, but there isn't to much information on that topic.

    Kind regads.


  • Zomi Fathi

    Is this Fleet move or a Common Carrier move?  if it's fleet, you can use Depot functionality or Work Assignment functionality.  If common Carrier use Continuous Moves functionality. 

    Look at help under planning/continuous moves

  • Maria Matheny

    Hi Afaq - 


    Just to clarify - OTM Cloud is not a Fusion product, hence not part of the Fusion technology or provisioned envirnonment.   Oracle provides a sample integration via Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC which was ICS) flow between OTM Cloud and Fusion OM on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace: Oracle Logistics cloud to Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud Integration:


    This sample integration can be implemented as is using OIC (or ICS) with the mappings provided or can be extended in OIC. Users will need a subscription to OIC (ICS) to use this sample flow (in addition to subscriptions of OTM Cloud and OM & Inv Clouds).


    Regards, Maria

  • Anand Sharma

    Hello Joseph,

    Project is about moving from OTM on-premise system to Cloud.



  • Anand Sharma

    Hi Kelly

    we are still working towards it and project is still on and can only share once we have completed


  • Joseph Callan

    The posted topic would prompt a few other questions.  Here are some questions I would have for Anand -

    1. Are you referring to a transition from an on-prem OTM deployment model?

    2. Are you referring to a company already live on OTM Cloud and you are wondering the impacts of the 6.4.2 upgrade?

  • Kelly Cooper

    Please share if you have any experience.  That's what this forum is for :)

  • alok

    Very useful, thanks.