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  • Ashok

    This is not currently supported. Please review the article. If you create requisitions in a status of Incomplete, then you have to manually route it through approvals. I believe the SCM team is working on potentially supporting your use case (to route it through approval automatically), but as of today, that is not available.

  • Praneeth Vithanage


    I did the following steps(19B (

    1.Profile option Min-Max Replenishment Reorder Approval  value set as ''Incomplete" (available profile values Preapproved & Incomplete)

    2.Did the required item setup Org wise(Min-Max)

    3.Scheduled Print Min-Max Planning Report for Planning 

    4.Scheduled Process Supply Chain Orchestration Interface
    But still i am unable to route the SCO PR through approval.
    Is there any steps that i have missed?
    My requirement is that what ever the  PR it is it should go through the approval.
    Thank you
  • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

    Thanks Ashok!!

  • Ashok


    Mapping makes a bit more sense if there is support for additional line types. This is cXML standard and contains values that the guidelines provide. Your supplier may wish to review the standards and see how to comply with that. Your point about providing a mapping solution is noted and taken under advisement. But i don't really think we will pursue this at this time given what we have just discussed and I am sure you understand that.

  • Ifeanyi Katchy


    Oracle did not 'lay out the solution' for this. This is the CXML standard. From the published CXML guide,

    itemClassification : Specifies whether the current line item is material or service. Possible values are:

    • material
    • service
  • Sammy Bagchi


    The supplier in question is not passing back the classification that we are looking for - atleast that is what they said. So they need to change their side code.

    Also just from a solution point of view - I find this is little clumsy - we should have the configuration option within Oracle to change the behaviour rather than asking supplier to change on their side.


  • Jim Van Tongerloo

    Oh, you meant both at the same time?

    Got it! That is less common I would imagine.

  • Ashok


    You are right. Just so you know, that is why I pointed him to the Idea created in the Ideas Lab. That is the forum for enhancements that are requested by customers.

  • *** E S

    If i'm right, we still don't have this feature in Procurement.

    Hope this helps.


  • Ashok


    Please upvote this idea and add any details from your business process that might help bolster the requirement:

  • Joëlle Mpinganzima

    Hi Aditya;

    The issue with changing the value to true; is that- yes it will make the email field mandatory but if a supplier happens to have a contact with an email this won't be auto populated which is the statndard functionality.

    i have an SR open as well

  • Ashok


    I can check internally but I suspect there may not be a workaround. But before I conclude anything, when you say your supplier has constraints passing a value, I am confused. Is it not a standard classification for the supplier to identify a line type for an item they are supplying? In other words, it seems unlikely that the same item is treated as Goods for one customer and Service for another. Then, why do you think the supplier has a concern with passing said values. They would apply much the same as these seem standard. What am I missing?

  • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

    Hi Ashok,

    Thanks for confirming on this logic. I was also kind of suspecting that and wanted to confirm it. This absolutely makes sense now.

    Appreciate quick response on this :-)




  • Ashok

    Hi Ramesh

    Interesting question. So as you know the buyer is associated with a Procurement BU. Rules are defined based on the Procurement BU and the buyer to assign on a requisition or a purchase order etc.

    Now when you first enter a Suggested Buyer on the Enter Requisition Line page, there is no Procurement BU context established as such. You are in the Requisitioning BU where you are creating a requisition. As soon as you enter a supplier site, the system now has an established Procurement BU, right? So the buyer that you previously entered may not be available in the Procurement BU of that supplier site. To avoid this issue, we clear the Suggested Buyer value out and when you now select a value in the LOV, the list of available Suggested Buyers is filtered based on the Procurement BU context. 

    Of course, in your case, the buyer happened to be associated with the site's Procurement BU as well. But as you can imagine, that might not always be the case.



  • Srikanth

    Hi Uma,

    Pls let us know the ER #

    Is this feature available currently.