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  • Ujas Bhatt

    Sorry, I didn't understand especially below statement. Can you help explain what you are trying to highlight? 

    import the existing ones as attachments
  • Jonathan Eastwood
    • posted via email reply August 21, 2019
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    I personally wouldn't think that's a good idea and you should start contract's with a fresh start import the existing ones as attachments.
  • Herno

    Thank you Michelle!!

  • Michelle Brusyo

    Hello Herno! Please visit this page for information about how to request the Adaptive Search and Workspace User Experience:

  • Fernando Paes

    Hi Hanna,

    sorry  I'm a bit confused.

    What is the exact query you want to run? I'm not sure what you mean with dynamic, what is the dynamic thing in your query? Can you give me an example of the array?

    Why do you want to use First Expression only?

    Why the queries I suggested are not valid? 


  • Hanna Jean Espina

    Hi Fernando!

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    I made some changes on my post. Also, the data we're going to use in this dynamic search expression will be from an array and we really need to use the shorter one expression(First Expression). Hope you can help me. :)

  • Fernando Paes

    Hi Hanna,

    I would try the following:

    I. First Expression

    a) Multiple search expression

    def objectName = getAttribute('ObjectName_c')
    def fieldName = getAttribute('FieldName_c')
    def vo=newView('ObjectFieldVal_c')
    def vCriteria = "((ObjectName_c = " + objectName + " + AND FieldName_c = " + fieldName + ") OR (ObjectName_c = 'Contact' + AND FieldName_c = " + fieldName + "))";


    b) Single search expression

    def objectName = getAttribute('ObjectName_c')
    def fieldName = getAttribute('FieldName_c')
    def vo=newView('ObjectFieldVal_c')
    def vCriteria = "((ObjectName_c = " + objectName + ") OR (ObjectName_c = 'Contact '))";


    I have not tested them, so they maybe not 100% correct, I don't remember exactly how the parenthesis where used.


    Try also this one (hopefully I didn't write any typo :

    def objectName = getAttribute('ObjectName_c')
    def fieldName = getAttribute('FieldName_c')
    def vo=newView('ObjectFieldVal_c')
    def view_Criteria = newViewCriteria(vo);
    def view_criteria_row = view_Criteria.createRow();
    def view_condition1 = view_criteria_row.ensureCriteriaItem('ObjectName_c');
    view_condition1.setValue(objectName );
    view_condition1.setConjunction(1);//AND Condition
    def view_condition2 = view_criteria_row.ensureCriteriaItem('FieldName_c');
    view_criteria_row.setConjunction(0);//OR Condition
    //second row
    def view_criteria_row2 = criteria.createRow();
    def view_condition3 = view_criteria_row2.ensureCriteriaItem('ObjectName_c');
    view_condition3.setConjunction(1);//AND Condition
    def view_condition4 = view_criteria_row2.ensureCriteriaItem('FieldName_c');


    Hope it helps

  • H D Arunkumar

    Hello Prasanth,

    CDM is only supposed to help you manage parties, namely organizations and persons but the base part of each Fusion object specific entity. So you will only have fields specific to parties of type Organizations, for example, but none of the fields specific to the additional usage assignment entities, like Sales accounts, Suppliers, AR Customer Accounts, Manufacturers, Partners, Legal Entities etc.

    Real-time duplicate prevention identifies all possible duplicate records that may exist in the database for an entered record.This prevents entering of duplicate entities, such as organization, person, or location, into the database.

    Duplicate identification identifies potential duplicate entities already existing in the database using batch matching, and resolves the actual duplicates by merging or linking.


  • Prasanth Vamaraju


    Can you please let us know what is the usage of Organizations, Persons, groups and Hierarchies in customer data management. We understood from the standard user documentation on how to create and update each of them. But we ar not able to figure out in what way we can use. Is there any relationship between them and sales cloud accounts etc.



  • Indrajit Sen

    If tasks created are not showing up in BPM Worklist app, please log an SR with the details. It needs to be treated as a bug and investigated by Oracle Support.

  • Soniya Pandey

    Is there any solution for this. We are also facing the same issue.

  • John Wilson Cusi

    Thanks for the info, Carina.

    We are actually considering P2T refresh. However, we wanted to identify what are the difference, if there are any, prior to doing it.

  • Carina Velasco

    Hi John,

    The "quick reference" that comes to mind is to compare customization reports, but I am not sure this will provide the scope you are looking for. If you are needing to be certain the environments are parallel, I'd suggest a P2T refresh.

  • Jordan Osborne


    I am looking for the ERP, HCM, and EPM logo for a usergroup event. Caan I have some direction or assistance with this? 


  • Sunil Yadav


    From where we can activate address Verification cloud service? Can you please share root path.



    Sunil Yadav