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  • Ivan Pena
    Desupport Notice for Oracle B2B Gateway in Procure-to-Pay...25.0
    Topic last edited August 12, 2019 by Ivan PenaBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Agreements, Orders, Payables, Supplier Communication 
    Desupport Notice for Oracle B2B Gateway in Procure-to-Pay B2B Communications in Update 20A
    B2B Gateway desupported as communication method for Procure to Pay Flow in Update 20A

    Present Behavior:

    When setting up a supplier site in Oracle Procurement Cloud, you have three options for the B2B communication method you want to use to exchange B2B messages with the supplier:

    • None
    • Oracle B2B Gateway - Deprecated
    • Collaboration Messaging Framework

    The Oracle B2B Gateway - Deprecated and Collaboration Messaging Framework achieve the same end result, but have different setup and management capabilities. Oracle Collaboration Messaging Framework Cloud provides better capabilities to set up and manage B2B messaging with trading partners, including features such as message configuration and the ability to reprocess messages.

    Future Behavior:

    Starting in Update 20A, the Oracle B2B Gateway – Deprecated option will be desupported, and it will be removed as an option in a later release. 

    Effect on Customers:

    New Oracle Procurement Cloud implementations must not use the Oracle B2B Gateway - Deprecated option. If you are an existing customers using this B2B communication method, you must migrate your setup to use Collaboration Messaging Framework for all supplier sites enabled for B2B messaging. Refer to the Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration and Visibility Cloud What’s New for Release 19B and the Migrate Oracle B2B Trading Partner Setup to Collaboration Messaging Framework white paper (Doc ID 2564389.1) for details about the migration process.

  • Puneet Goyal
    Requisitions are not appearing in Process Requisitions Page14
    Topic posted August 16, 2019 by Puneet GoyalGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Create Requisition, Fusion, Orders, Requisition Processing 
    Requisitions are not appearing in Process Requisitions Page
    Requisitions are not appearing in Process Requisitions Page without running Generate Orders

    Hi All,

    I really need some feedback on this topic. Below is the scenario I am working on:

    1. I am creating an Expense Requisition Manually.

    2. I have Buyer Assignment Rule for this Category.

    3. When I approve the requisition, I can see buyer is also getting assigned in the requisition based upon Buyer assignment rule.

    4. But I am not able to see requisition on Process Requisition page.

    5. If I run Generate Orders Program, then I can see requisition on Process Requisition Page.

    I have done multiple Cloud Procurement Implementations and have never used Generate Orders program for requisitions to appear on Process Requisition page.

    In my current Project also, we never used Generate Orders process for Manual Requisitions to appear on Process Requisition page earlier.

    But after recent upgrade to 19B, we have to run Generate Orders program for manual requisitions to appear on Process Requisition page. 

    Oracle Support engineer says this was always supposed to be working like this, which I don't agree with.

  • Boyuan Zhu
    How to Exchange Messages through Oracle Supplier Network...25.0
    Topic last edited July 29, 2019 by Boyuan ZhuGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged How-To, Orders, Supplier Communication, Web Services 
    How to Exchange Messages through Oracle Supplier Network Using a Web Service

    You can now set up Collaborative Messaging Framework to exchange messages with your suppliers through Oracle Supplier Network (OSN) using a web service. Routing messages using a web service simplifies message exchange between Fusion Applications and OSN. Messages will no longer be routed through Oracle B2B and you will not need to do any setup in Oracle B2B. This guide covers the configuration you need to perform in Fusion Applications and OSN to support message exchange using a web service. 

    Fusion Applications setup (needed for outbound messages)

    1. In the Manage Collaboration Service Provider task, select the OracleSN or OracleSNTest service provider. 
    2. If you are updating your test pod: 
      1. Select the ORA_B2BMessageTestService delivery method.
      2. Set the endpoint to https://osn.oracle.com/HTTPService/ProcessSOAPCollaborationMessage
      3. User Name: The buyer account user name that was used for the HTTP connection
      4. Password: The buyer account password that was used for the HTTP connection
    3. If you are updating your production pod, follow the same steps in 2, but set the endpoint to https://osn-prod.oracle.com/HTTPService/ProcessSOAPCollaborationMessage
    4. In the Outbound Collaboration Messages tab, change the status of all messages to “Inactive”, then update the Delivery Method from ORA_OracleSNOneWayHTTP to ORA_B2BMessageTestService. Note that this step is not applicable for new customers. 
    5. Change the status of all outbound messages to Active (applicable for all customers).

    Oracle Supplier Network setup (needed for inbound messages)

    1. Login as the buyer to OSN and select Messaging Setup. 
    2. Under Communication Parameters, add a new SOAP Service delivery method 
    3. Specify the endpoint URL for the service that Oracle Supplier Network will invoke to send messages to the Collaboration Messaging Framework. The URL is https://<host>/soa-infra/services/default/CmkCollaborationMessagingInboundServiceComposite/CollaborationMessageServiceV2. Replace <host> with the appropriate values from your test and production pod.
    4. Specify a user name and password for your test and production pods. Note that the user specified here must be a valid Fusion user and must have the Invoke Collaboration Message Inbound Service privilege (CMK_INVOKE_INBOUND_COLLAB_DOC_SERVICE_PRIV) in the respective pod.
    5. Once you have specified the appropriate values, select Submit. The dialog is closed and the Communication Parameters table now shows the newly added delivery method.
    6. In the Transaction Management table, edit the Transactions with “Receive” action – these are the ones that OSN is going to send to Fusion Applications. If you are a new customer setting up OSN for the first time, this table will not have any records. Update the delivery method to the new method you created. 


    EditOSN.png (127KB)
  • Niamath Jeddy
    Buyer's Default Ship-to-Location4
    Topic posted August 16, 2019 by Niamath JeddySilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Orders 
    Buyer's Default Ship-to-Location
    Buyer's Default Ship-to-Location

    In EBS, while creating a buyer, it was possible to specify the default ship-to-location for the buyer.

    Is a similar feature available on cloud?

    In the procurement agents screen, I could not locate a field for default ship to location though. However, the supporting table po_agents seems to have a location_id column.



  • Sabarish Ganda
    Cannot view Purchase Order Approval Details after the PO is...9
    Topic posted August 12, 2019 by Sabarish GandaGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, FAQ 
    Cannot view Purchase Order Approval Details after the PO is in Open Status
    After all the Approvals are done for a PO and if we want to all the history of all the details in the approval Notification, screen is going blank. Please check the attached document for more details.
    Oracle Fusion 13, 19B
  • Thu Truong
    Error in approval using Position Hierarchy35.0
    Topic posted August 15, 2019 by Thu TruongRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, Setup 
    Error in approval using Position Hierarchy
    Error in approval using Position Hierarchy

    I am trying to set approval rule using position hierarchy. But when approval PO, it throw an error: "Error occurred while displaying History tree table. Error in evaluating routing slip. Check the underlying exception and correct the error in the routing slip.".

    I already configured Position Tree, assign each user to each position in the position tree.

    I also looked for the error, there is a note: Position Hierarchy Is Not Working For Purchase Requisition (Doc ID 2225794.1). The document said that: "Set the Effective start date to a past date, before last server restart". But I don't know what the last server restart date is. 

    Can any experts help me to clear this point and setup my approval rule?

    Thank you.


  • Shlomo Elnekave
    Purchase order workflow customization6
    Topic posted August 4, 2019 by Shlomo ElnekaveRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notification, Orders, Supplier Communication 
    Purchase order workflow customization
    Purchase order workflow customization


    I want to customize the purchase order workflow so the mail message to the supplier will include additional attachments as follows:

    1) Buyer create Purchase order with Item # A.  Item # A have few attachments in the master item page ( see attached file )

    2) Buyer submit the Purchase order for approval

    3) Upon Purchase order approval, the customization will automatically attach the files from step # 1 to the supplier mail message.

    Any ideas how to acheive that ?

    Thanks Shlomo

  • Sivaraj Shanmugham
    PO transmission to OSN - Internittent failures1
    Topic posted August 13, 2019 by Sivaraj ShanmughamBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Orders 
    PO transmission to OSN - Internittent failures
    Users started noticing that PO comm to OSN is failing intermittently over the last two weeks

    Users started noticing that that approved POs are not being transmitted to OSN.

    We have enabled Collaboration Messaging Framework (CMK) for communicating POs to certain Vendors.
    Recently, we noticed that some of the POs were not transmitted to OSN. This issue is happening intermittently but for all Suppliers that are CMK enabled. 

    Any feedback.thoughts ? Is this issue impacting any other customers? Apreciate any help. I searched Collaboration messages (Undelivered, Failed, History) forms but the POs cannot be searched from here.

    Is there a way for us to retry PO communication to OSN ?

    Thanks, Siva 

  • Dawn Cawston
    Isolate location to Procurement so not used in HCM55.0
    Topic posted August 14, 2019 by Dawn CawstonBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Financials, Public Sector 
    Isolate location to Procurement so not used in HCM
    Does anyone know how to do the above

    We have persons who work in a location that requires delivery but it is not their official work location.

    Does anyone know how to isolate a location so that it can only be used by procurement and is not selectable by HCM?

  • Mohammad Arif Zaffar
    Approval Rules enhancements54.5
    Topic posted July 14, 2019 by Mohammad Arif ZaffarRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification 
    Approval Rules enhancements
    Approval Rules enhancements


    I am looking for an intelligent solution which should minimize the number of approval rules for PO. We have around 4000 approval rules based on a very complex 'Delegation of Authority'. 


    There is one condition 'material type', for example which contains 5 values  say A, B, C, D, E

    when it is ' A' it should go to for approval to  'Person AA'

    'B' it should go to for approval to  'Person BB'

    'C' it should go to for approval to  'Person CC'

    'D' it should go to for approval to  'Person DD'

    'E' it should go to for approval to  'Person EE'

    We have 5 amounts slabs   >1M   >5M   >10M    > 15M   >above 15M    

    so techincally I have to create   5*5=25 approval rules 


    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe cloud Saas does not support dynamic approval group which could be useful as per my scenario. 

    Looking forward for any out of the box solution.