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  • Jennifer Pole

    Hi there

    Yeah our client wants to be able to batch up POs to a selection of their Suppliers and send to them only at scheduled times during the day - ie they have an agreement with a number of suppliers to only send their POs once at the end of the day for example, and other suppliers maybe once at lunchtime and once at the end of the day.

    I have only heard of a profile that is system-wide, to either switch on or off the communication from the system which instantly sends an email with the PO attached as soon as the PO is approved.

    Can I assume that the job Communicate Purchasing Documents is ONLY used manually if the system is configured to have ALL POs stopped from being sent instantly once the PO is approved?



  • Ashok

    Have you been able to review this through the Transaction Admin Console? You should be able to view additional details on the task per my understanding. At any rate, I would suggest you log an SR and triage this through Support. 

  • Aishwarya Tiwari

    Thanks Akash..

    And in case a), if we use the Entity Change Type Equals Changed, then will it go to the approver of Line 2 which was modified.

    Is my understanding correct ?



  • Akash Jadhao

    Hi Aishwaraya,

    In case a) : System follows both the approvers of Line 1 and 2 because you have not added any new line in change order,have just modifiying the exisiting line.  until and unless you use the Line level attributes system always follows the header level changed.

    In case b) : You have to add condition in your approval rule: Entity Change Type Equals Added then only it follows newly added line level approval heierarchy.




  • Aishwarya Tiwari

    Thanks Kim for your prompt response..

    In my use case, lets say if I have a PO submitted for approval having two lines, Line 1 and Line 2 with two different approvers P and L respectively. As the PO approval is at header level, both my approvers will be in the approval hierarchy.

    a. In first use case, if I create a change order # 1 and let's say modify the attributes of line 2 which will make it go to a different approver M, with the change order approval rule you suggested, will the Change Order approval will go only to M or to all the approvers of other lines (1) also?

    b. In second use case, if I create a change order # 12and let's say add a new line 3 with a different approver N, will the Change Order approval will go only to N or to all the approvers of other lines (1, 2) also?

    I had posted a question around this on the portal and the response I got is "That would be a partial or line level approval. That is not supported."

    Can you please suggest on this.




  • Kim Powell

    Hi Aishwarya,

    Not sure if I have the use case correct, but could you write rules using the following attributes

    1. Change Order Approval Rules:   Header Level - Change Order = Y and Line Level -  Entity Change Type has values 'Added' and 'Changed route to approval hierarchy

    2. Initial PO Approval Rules:    Header Level - Change Order = N route to approval hierarchy

    Thank you, Kim

  • Aishwarya Tiwari

    Hi Kim,

    I have a similar requirement and as you have mentioned that the attribute Entity Change Type can be used to route for cost center approvals for the the lines that have been added.

    However, in case of PO change orders, if I am adding a new line or updating an existing line, is there any way in which we can configure to send for approval ONLY to the approval hierarchy for the line added / updated instead of all the approvals using this attribute.

    If you have any idea can you please confirm.




  • Anusha K

    Hi ,

    There is a new feature in Rel13 for closure of Purchase orders 

    ocumentation can be found for this new feature R13 Manage Purchase Orders.
    Search for "closure Purchase Order Schedules Using a Spreadsheet: Procedure.'



  • Ashok

    That would be a partial or line level approval. That is not supported. I checked with the Purchasing folks as well. 

  • Aishwarya Tiwari

    Thanks Ashok for confirmation..

    However, in case of PO change orders, if I am adding a new line or updating an existing line, is there any way in which we can configure to send for approval only to the approval hierarchy for the line added / updated instead of all the approvals.





  • Ashok

    What you are asking sounds like partial approvals or line level approvals. This is not supported in Purchasing or Self Service Procurement at this time. If I have misunderstood the question let me know.

  • Pawan Gadade

    Hi Swati & Nitin,
    Good Day!

    At current stage this task is not able to proceed 1 day records (which is much less than the current capacity i.e. 5000 records). We tried to run this task for multiple times for single day duration but every time we received error stating "Unable run Close Schedule in Spreadsheet error- ORA-56720: I/O data limit exceeded - call abort"

    Please let us know if this bug/error will get resolved by release 20A. Even if it is working for 1 day we can run this task multiple time.






  • Suman Guha


    Assuming that you have already figured out where to store the location that you would like to use for your orders for these punch out items, you would need to extend the BI publisher data model to include this location. And then create a custom mapping where you would override the standard mapping to the Ship to Location Id element to use this new location attribute from the data model.




  • Vikram Raghunathan

    sorry for getting back late on this. Yes we have the PO set at legal entity. One of our client requirements was to prefix the org code before the PO Number. We have as of now suggested Integrated cloud services to achieve this. I think as of now in manage procurement document numbering, it is a hardcoded prefix.

  • Suman Guha

    Ok thanks for confirming. This is as per design and has always been. Attachments at supplier site level are meant to flow down to the transactions where those sites are references whereas attachments like proof of insurance, 1099s are typically attached at the supplier level.

    Could you clarify what's driving the need to have these carried at the site level versus on the supplier itself?