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  • Boyuan Zhu

    I'm think you don't need any logic because you will configure separate pages for orders and agreements. So hiding it on one page shouldn't affect the other page. 

  • prathyusha mandava


    We currently have a PO in production instance. When the Procurement Manager who has access to all the required roles clicks on Pending Approval status link in the Change Order screen. A popup is coming with Status: Permission Denied (The logged in user doesnot have permission to view task history)

    This is the case happening only with this PO for all the users having required roles. When users opens up the other PO's, they are able to see all the details.

    Can we get the reason why this is happening only with this PO. The required screenshots are attached.

    I have logged an SR for the same SR 3-20873385591 and it was informed that based on the current approval task purge policy, the old completed approval tasks has been purged from soa datastore.


    1. What is Oracle purge policy on approval tasks in brief?

    2. If the Change Order is approved, then if Approval details are purged, then atleast that data is getting stored in View document history or view order history. But our Change Order is still in pending approval status. If data gets purged, it is effecting the business. What can be the solution for this. 

    3.  What is the time frame for purging is?

    4.  Can we set or override the purge policy?

    Could you please provide us answers for these.



    Prathyusha Mandava

  • Sandeep Kumar

    which logic should i put to hide for standard purchase order and show for Blanket agreement

    provided document is saying this #{bindings.SoldToLegalEntityName.inputValue != 'Vision Operations' but what should i change to get it 




  • Sanket Salve

    Hi Mahendran,

    I do not have a detailed document. We can have a test case on this.

    Create two users. One with the procurement role and another one with other roles.

    Add this BPM role to Procurement role and assign this role to Procurement user.

    Secondly, Remove this BPM role if it is present in any other roles.

    Assign a role which does not have BPM role in it to the second user.

    Now, Check whether is fulfils your Criteria.


    Sanket S

  • Mahendran Radhakrishnan

    Hi Sanket,

    I am not able to restrict this role only for Procurement.Can you please share any document on this.



  • Sanket Salve


    Can you try adding 'BPMWorklistInternal' role to only procurment role and remove from all others.


    Sanket S

  • Mahendran Radhakrishnan


    We want to restrict to view only Purchasing notifications.





  • Piyush Bihany

    Hi Mahendran


    There is an option to filter based on the Task under BPM Worklist, based on which User can view approval notifications related to Requisition Approvals or PO Approval.

    Is the requirement around, restricting the access or Filtering the access for the notifications.




  • Boyuan Zhu

    Take a look at this post for general steps on how to change the visibility of segments. https://cloudcustomerconnect.oracle.com/posts/c9cb30b543

    You should be able to just set the segment visibility false for the given page, since orders and agreements use different pages. 

  • Boyuan Zhu

    We have plans to update our REST service with an operation to close orders. 

  • Abdul Karim OMAR

    A PO once submitted for approval cannot be deleted but can be cancelled.



  • Sandeep Kumar

    Thanks for the replied,

    but if I want to keep some attributes for Purchase order and some attributes for agreement and only relevant attributes should appear on the respective form, how can I achieve this




    Hi Sandeep, 

    We can hide DFF on Purchase order, keeping DFF on Purchase Agreement by " Edit page" option through enabling Sandbox on purchase Order Page.


    Manage Sandbox -> Edit Page -> Select ->Additional information -> uncheck for Descriptive flexfield -> Apply -> Close Edit Page -> Publish Sandbox -> Logout and Login


    Refer attached screenshot. (DFF_hide_Sandbox.png)

    let me know if this work for you.



    Rohit Hatwar



  • Vishu Guntupalli

    Hey Boyuan, thanks for the sample payloads. Do you happen to know if a PO status can be changed to "closed" or "Finally closed" ?


  • Alan Rowland

    Thanks.  I've found the New Feature Summary for all of the applications that we use.