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  • Anand Kand


    We have run it quite a few times after my reporting this issue. We still continue to deal with this, manually having to run the Generate Orders process. We could potentially run it on a schedule, but that is not the way the functionality is designed to work. The SR with Oracle Support has not progressed, yet. The analyst also alluded to what you indicated, but the struggle remains.

    Kind Regards

  • Suman Guha


    Is the Default Buyer runtime parameter on the Import Job making you think that the job is run for one buyer at a time?

    I can confirm that that is not the case. The Default buyer runtime parameter kicks in as a defaulting mechanism if the interface payload does not identify a named buyer for the document to be imported.



  • John Gunja

    Hi KBR,

    We have the exact need too, Can you please share what you ended up doing for your req ?



  • Burcu Aslan


    Attached you may find a working example for BPM also.



  • Britta Nissl

    Thank you for that I've been writing it in BPM will try this way.

  • Autumn Goodin

    Hi Britta,

    Are you using the setup and maintenance task 'Manage Purchasing Document Approvals' to setup the PO approval rules or the BPM?  If you are using the setup and maintenance task please see the below screenshot.  One of the condition you can use is called 'Is Change Order' and set that to 'Yes'



  • Boyuan Zhu

    Have you checked the behavior with ItemOriginalDescription with a draft PO? If you are checking on an Open PO, the PDF will not be regenerated. 

  • Antonio Carlos Zioli
    Thank you for your help.
    I used your suggestion, but I did not succeed.
    I updated the attribute, but still does not translate the item description from Portuguese to English.



  • Kim Powell

    Hi Akash,

    Glad that you were able to use the previous attribute.   For amount/quantity changes, the attribute you suggested should work or you could also try Line Total Amount Change Percent.

    Thank you, Kim

  • Akash Jadhao

    Hi Kim,

    Thanks for your valuable inputs, I have tried this option and seems working fine.

    it allows me to change all the line level attributes in newly added lines and cost center approvals are being followed for newly added lines.

    What if, I want to restrict to the Amount or Quantity gets changed only then this should follows the Cost center approvals.

    Is the Attribute : Change in Line Level Document Total Amount works?




  • Brian Burns

    Hi Gabriel,

    I think the TAB areas are confusing as well. I don't know of any additional documentation but I've done a few changes in a few different modules. Is this for an implementation or do you have a desired change in mind that you are trying to accomplish?



  • Ahmed FathAllah

    yea, but it is still too many steps:

    1. split the schedule

    2. enter the quantity of e new schedule and change the location

    3. cancel the old schedule

    4. update the line quantity 


    imagine an order for 30 lines.




  • Manjula Evans

    Hi Simanta,

    Yes, we're planning on delivering that first iteration for 20A (safe harbor smiley). I can't comment yet on when we'll have those other gaps filled since it involves multiple teams, but we've started the dialog.

    Kind regards,


    Thanks Manjula. 

    We were thinking on the same line about the functionality.

    Do you know when is this coming? 20A?

  • Manjula Evans

    Hi Simanta,

    Safe harbor applies here, but the functionality we're planning on delivering would allow the buyer to add requisition demand to an open PO through Process Requisitions. In the first iteration of this feature, buyers will be able to add requisition lines to open POs as long as the requisition lines don't reference sales/work orders and as long as the requisition lines that are subject to budgetary control don't have any project references. We will look to close these gaps in subsequent features.

    Note that there is no restriction for requisition lines originating from planning or other external systems if there are no SO/WO references.

    Once the requisition line is added to the PO, it will be subject to the same controls/behavior that's already in place for requisition lines on POs.

    I hope this helps to answer some of your questions. Let me know if you need any further info.

    Kind regards,