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  • Deepika Nathany

    I understand your requirement that you want to close the PO without waiting for the whole process of Receiving and Invoicing.

    If thats what you want you can try the above.

    It will close the PO as the PO is approved -- so no tracking of receiving and invoicing.

    Let me know if that is not what you wanted.

  • Mohammad Arif Zaffar

    Thank you for your reply deepika. 

    I clicked on my best answer by mistake :)

    I did not get your point. 'To close the PO as it is approved" PO has to be fully received and matched to invoice before we could close it, right?

  • Deepika Nathany

    Thanks for the wonderful details.

    On your point 5. 

    Can you make changes to a CMK msg? Any simple pointer on where do I do this ?

  • Deepika Nathany

    We modified the Receipt Close tolerance and the Invoice Close Tolerance to 100% in the Configure Procurement Business Functions to Close a PO as it is approved.

    I am not sure if this is what you are looking for. 

    But one of my customers did not want an additional task of Closing POs - so we did this.

    Try this out and see if this suits your requirement.

  • Suman Guha

    Have you considered using this service  for your requirement? In addition to the acknowledgment response it lets you also capture a note/comment which am thinking might suffice your reporting requirements.

  • Stacee Patterson

    To include .pdf attachment.

  • Stacee Patterson

    Ashok - Another question for you regarding this same theme. We have a Requisition ABC with 6 'Approved' lines. Our buyer used lines 1,2 and 3 from ReqABC to create PO123.

    PO123 was subsequently cancelled, which leaves requisition lines 1,2 and 3 in archived state (status = Approved). However, requisition lines 4,5 and 6 still appear for the Buyer to select and ultimately create a new Purchase Order from. 

    I tried to have the Requester of ReqABC cancel lines 4,5 and 6, but the Cancel Lines option is grayed out and we are getting a 'line reinstated' message. Should our Requester be able to cancel requisition lines 4,5 and 6? Please see attached.

  • Suman Guha

    Hello Mohammad,

    Can't think of a way to implement automatic final closure at the same time as soft close or after a set period of time.

    REST Service for closing POs including final close is planned for a future release.

    Once available, am thinking this can potentially be used as the basis of a PaaS based solution to meet the above requirement.

    Feel free to log the above as an idea in Idea lab. It's possible that the idea already exists in which case you may want to upvote it.





  • Sandeep Kumar

    which logic should i use to hide DFF ?


  • Boyuan Zhu

    Just open them up in page composer. 

  • Sandeep Kumar

    How to configure separate page for purchase order and agreement, do we have any document

  • Boyuan Zhu

    I'm think you don't need any logic because you will configure separate pages for orders and agreements. So hiding it on one page shouldn't affect the other page. 

  • prathyusha mandava


    We currently have a PO in production instance. When the Procurement Manager who has access to all the required roles clicks on Pending Approval status link in the Change Order screen. A popup is coming with Status: Permission Denied (The logged in user doesnot have permission to view task history)

    This is the case happening only with this PO for all the users having required roles. When users opens up the other PO's, they are able to see all the details.

    Can we get the reason why this is happening only with this PO. The required screenshots are attached.

    I have logged an SR for the same SR 3-20873385591 and it was informed that based on the current approval task purge policy, the old completed approval tasks has been purged from soa datastore.


    1. What is Oracle purge policy on approval tasks in brief?

    2. If the Change Order is approved, then if Approval details are purged, then atleast that data is getting stored in View document history or view order history. But our Change Order is still in pending approval status. If data gets purged, it is effecting the business. What can be the solution for this. 

    3.  What is the time frame for purging is?

    4.  Can we set or override the purge policy?

    Could you please provide us answers for these.



    Prathyusha Mandava

  • Sandeep Kumar

    which logic should i put to hide for standard purchase order and show for Blanket agreement

    provided document is saying this #{bindings.SoldToLegalEntityName.inputValue != 'Vision Operations' but what should i change to get it 




  • Sanket Salve

    Hi Mahendran,

    I do not have a detailed document. We can have a test case on this.

    Create two users. One with the procurement role and another one with other roles.

    Add this BPM role to Procurement role and assign this role to Procurement user.

    Secondly, Remove this BPM role if it is present in any other roles.

    Assign a role which does not have BPM role in it to the second user.

    Now, Check whether is fulfils your Criteria.


    Sanket S