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  • Piyush Bihany

    Hi Caitlin

    If user is creating PO using Create Purchase Order task, PO numbering will be determined from "Manage Procurement Document Numbering" setup task.

    However by Using the FBDI Template, you can import PO with desired Numbering.


    For more details on PO FBDI Templates, follow the below link:


    Section > Purchase Orders Import





    Hi Mirza, 

    Kindly Follow Below navigation to attached the default  custom PO PDF report. 

    Task - >  Configure Procurement Business Function

    Tab - > Document Types

    Attribute - > Purchase Order -> Document Layout

    We can select our custom report from the LOV of Document Layout. 

    kindly refer attached screenshot. 


    Rohit Hatwar




  • Aditya Singh

    Hi Girish,

    Yes we are having the concept of P-card in Fusion, although it is not fully functional now.

    I had enabled the P-card for one of my client , and yes you can select the same during requisition ,although when PO gets created on that requisition it gets created in closed for receiving status and there is no functionality yet to move further to AP and Books.

    Note: You need to enable P-card Column through Sandbox Customization.

    I have also raised one "Idea" in customer connect for the full functionality of P-card.

    here is the idea description:-

    Fusion is having a feature of P-card but that is incomplete and we can' t use the same for any customers.

    Hi All,

    We have came across the scenario where our clients need the features of P-card for requisition as they have business requirement like that.

    I have enabled the P-card for them in fusion after many trouble although it is not interfacing to PO and AP correctly, I have raised a SR with oracle and came know that they are not having the complete or you can say feature of P-card in Fusion yet, though you can enable it using customization but you cant use the same.

    This is what i received from oracle with bug number:-

    "There is an existing Enhancement open for this: Bug 23625486. 
    Ref note: Is Supplier Procurement Card (P-Card) Available In Oracle Fusion Self Service (For Requisitions) And Oracle Fusion Purchasing ( For Purchase Orders) ? (Doc ID 2105624.1) 

    There is currently no ETA. 
    You can setup corporate cards in Fusion Expenses, but they cannot be tied back to Purchase Orders or Requisitions."

    I think we can have the Features of P-card going forward.


    Aditya Singh

    Please look for Idea number: e9823c9a9a "Enable the full features of P-card in Fusion" for more details on this thread.

    Hope this will help you.


    Aditya Singh


  • Gopalakrishna Bulasala
  • Abdul Karim OMAR

    A PO once submitted for approval cannot be deleted but can be cancelled.



  • Ivan Pena

    Hi Prateek,

    Defaulting DFF values based on PO attributes is currently not supported, as this requires that those attributes be enabled as DFF parameters by product development. Support for these parameters is on the 6-12 month roadmap.


  • Piyush Bihany


    Kindly review the below mentioned Doc ID:

    How To Customize PO PDF To Add Company Logo? (Doc ID 2342534.1)

    How Do You Customize The Purchase Order PDF Report Within Fusion Applications? (Doc ID 1596713.1)




  • Nitin Katare

    Ability to create dynamic approval groups is currently not supported in Fusion Cloud. Given the scenario you listed above, you would need to create 25 approval rules.

  • Aditya Singh

    You need to go to enter requisition page and enable the field for P-card using sandbox mode. I have performed the steps in R 13C

    Yes Girish, You can see the card that you will define under manage corporate card in requisition page.


  • Dev Thota


    Yes it is possible with Sandbox customization.

    Published sandboxes cannot be migrated. Only unpublished sandboxes can be migrated from one environment to another. Please use the following steps to do it:

    Download the sandbox from source environment:

    1) login -> click on username -> manage sandboxes

    2) search for the sandbox and click on it

    3) click on 'Download All' link


    Now you have to import the sandbox to the target environment:

    1) login to fusion

    2) username -> manage sandboxes

    3) click on import button (if import button isn't visible, follow 'Import Button Is Not Visible In Manage Sandboxes UI (Doc ID 1902538.1)' to make it visible)

    4) select zip file for upload from your local system

    5) once the sandbox has been successfully imported, it will start appearing in the list of available sandboxes. Activate the sandbox.

    6) verify the changes and publish the sandbox to make changes permanent.



    Dev Thota.

  • Sunny Todkari

    Please follow metalink note: Advanced Procurement Requester Role Unable To View Other Users Requisition (Doc ID 1488143.1)

    The role that would allow an employee to view requisitions created by other employees is Requisition Viewing as Administrator Duty.

    It is not inherited out of the box by Advanced Procurement Requester and without this duty, the user cannot view requisitions created by others.

    In Rel 12 this is replaced by the privilege 'View Requisition All' is required to view all requisitions:

    1. Navigator > Tools > Security Console

    2. Create custom duty role and assign below-mentioned privileges based on requirement.

    POR_VIEW_REQUISITION_ALL_PRIV : View Requisition - All

  • Abdul Karim OMAR

    Search existing PO from Manage Orders and click on duplicate.



  • Piyush Bihany

    Hi Jesus


    As per the current design, Purchase Order Numbering can be setup only at Legal Entity Level.

    Requirement to have PO numbering at BU level is currently an Enhancement Request.


    PO numbering at Legal Entity level was introduced in Release 9 to support Supply Chain Financial Orchestration for Global Procurement starting for Release 9.

    Kindly refer to the following Doc ID/Customer Connect post for more details on this:

    Fusion PRC: PO Numbering By Legal Entity Only Not By Business Unit (Doc ID 2127266.1)





  • Karthikeyan Sukumar

    Can you see all are set correctly as below.Mainly see the POOL_FLAG for that requisition if it is N then it wont show up.

    Requisition is status Approved
    PRC BU populated
    Buyer field completed
    Negotiated flag checked
    Not previously converted to PO



  • Piyush Bihany

    Hi Jim


    Please note that the language of the PDF will be derived in the following order: 
    1. The language of the supplier site 
    2. The language in configure Procurement BU 
    3. The session language. 

    There are 2 components in the pdf that gets translated to the language specified.
    1. Labels in the RTF Template
    2. Purchase Order Data


    Please refer the following support doc ID around this requirement:

    How To Translate the PO PDF Communicated to Suppliers (Doc ID 1932489.1)