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  • Rohan Kamat

    Hi Kim

    We cannot have all employees report to CFO and then CFO reporting to CEO . There are folks from other departments reporting directly to CEO , but the approval needs to be bypassed  if anything is routed to CEO .  It should re-route to CFO and then if above 500000 , should go to CEO






  • Jim Van Tongerloo

    Hi Ksreesailam,

    Approvals for Requisitions/Procurement can only be 'disabled' by just inserting 1 rule with 'automatically approve'.

    Or to set all your rules to 'Ignore' in BPM.

    There is no general 'switch off' checkbox or functionality, like you may have in AP. At least not to my knowledge.


  • Mirza Adeel Baig

    Thanks alot for Help. but i want to update 'Group Requisition' & 'Group Requisition Lines'. haave you tried these fileds. if yes please guide me about this. Because i tried to update these fields but cant.



  • chetan kumar

    Hi Mirza,

    I have tried to update the line price of blanket purchase agreement using FBDI and it worked,Kindly follow the below steps to while updating the template.

    Fields needs to be updated in Blanket Purchase Agreement Template to Update the Line Price



    Interface Header Key->Mandatory column and it should be unique      


    Batch ID->Should be unique number

    Approval Action->choose any one from the LOV (none. bypass, submit)

    Agreement->Provide the Agreement number which needs to be updated

    Procurement BU->Provide the Procurement BU name.

    Currency Code->Provide the currency code used in the agreement and update the same

    Supplier->Provide the Supplier which is used in the agreement and update the same

    Supplier Site-> Provide the Supplier site which is used in the agreement and update the same

    Change Order Description->Mandatory column add the description for the change


    Interface Line Key-> Mandatory column and it should be unique

    Interface Header Key->Number which we have updated in the sheet Interface Header Key

    Action ->Leave Blank

    Line->add the line number

    Line Type->Add the Line type which is used in the agreement

    Item description

    Category Name->Provide the category which is used for the item in agreement

    UOM->Unit of measure which is mentioned in agreement

    Price->Update the amount which needs to change

    Supplier Item->Provide the Supplier Item which is used in agreement.




  • Haydee Mercado

    Hi -

    Thank you for the inputs. It really help a lot in understanding the overview functionality. However our problem is we can't just remove this Auto Approval rules as this were needed since the Purchasing approval task was a combination of New PO, Change Order and Agreement approval and we are using this auto -approval rules to make sure each transaction approval will work.

    If you have a way/inputs that we can do or use to make this expiration work with the approval flow that we have it will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you


  • Kim Powell

    Hi Rohan,

    Would need to understand your policy more, but included is one thought:

    • Create a participant/rule with an action to route up supervisory hierarchy with a number of levels of 1
    • Create a participant/rule with an action to route to approval group that includes CFO and then CEO

    Thank you,


  • Mirza Adeel Baig


  • Ksreesailam Ksreesailam

    Thank you Ivan.

    Similar way do we have any configuration available for Purchase Requisitions as well?




  • Ivan Pena

    Hi Kiran,

    Oracle Purchasing Cloud offers the ability to bypass approvals for purchase orders backed by requisitions for which the price has been negotiated by the requester. More details on the link below:



  • Leaman Crews

    I don't think that approvals for requisitions and POs can be disabled, like they can with AP invoices in the business unit setup. Approvals are a key component of the requisition process, and this is reflected in the application infrastructure.

    If one wanted to effectively disable the approval workflow, it could be set to where all requesters have a high enough dollar amount so that they could self-approve everything. Also, the rules in BPM could be configured in a way to where everything is auto-approved. But these are the only ways I think this approval process could be "turned off."

  • Ksreesailam Ksreesailam

    During SOX meeting they have asked this question. For AP invoice and payment approval we can enable/disable the approvals. similar way is there any config do we have for PR and PO approval.

  • Suman Guha

    Think we would like to understand the business use case. Can you please find out from these external auditors what's driving this?

  • Ksreesailam Ksreesailam

    External Auditors team asking this question and i couldn't find any such configuration in the system. so trying to understand where we do such setup.

  • Suman Guha

    Hi Mirza,

    You can look at GET operation details for REST and SOAP in the links below.

    Please create another post for the Supplier object in the Supplier Management forum.



    REST Service: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/procurement/18c/fapra/op-purchaseorders-poheaderid-get.html

    SOAP Service: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/saas/procurement/19a/oeswp/purchase-order-PurchaseOrderService-svc-2.html

  • Suman Guha

    Hi Kiran,

    May I ask what business problem you are trying to solve with such a setup?