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  • Sumana Sarkar

    Hi Sabarish,

    BIP templated based approval notification only supports single adhoc approver as of today. Multi/Chain will be supported is not supported as of yet.

    Thanks and Regards


  • Suman Guha

    There's no approver edit capability for Purchase Orders.

    Approvers have the ability to edit Purchase requisitions in their queue.

    For your use case that to me seems to be the right point in the process.The approver should intervene before the requisition moves to approved status with the incorrect data and into procurement's processing queue. 

  • Shesh


    I agree, haven't checked for other notifications. But in the past we had referred to this note
    How To Turn Off Requisition/Purchasing Approval Email Notifications For Users (Doc ID 2226112.1)

    I am thinking, if you could define a Message Channel of Email Type with Default uncheck and use the channel under Messaging Filter Action?



  • Rich Lines

    Hi Shesh,

    Would this not stop ALL email notifications from coming through? I would prefer to still see REQ / Expense / Supplier Amendment approval emails. I was wondering whether you could stop a particular type of email notification?



  • Shesh

    Hello Rich,

    Did you uncheck the default options on the My Message Channels for EMAIL Type.

    1. Login into BPM Worklist.
    2. Click on the Username on top right corner and click Preferences
    3. Click on the Notification tab
    4. Select row with Type =EMAIL and click edit icon
    5. Uncheck default checkbox and click OK. Email notification will no more go to this user.



  • Rishabh Tripathi

    Thank you so much Boyuan for this post. It is very relevant to someone working on FBDI Imports for procurement.

  • Sabarish Ganda

    Hi Sumana,

    In older notifications, we use to have the option to Adhoc to chain of Approver so that we can add more approvers than just one, please check the screenshot attached, whereas in the new notification we can route the task to only one person, but our requirement is to add a chain of approvers.

  • Sumana Sarkar

    The equivalent of "Adhoc Route"  in BIP template based approval notification is "Route Task". Using the Route Task option, an approver can route the task to an another approver on the fly. Can you try this option and let us know?
    But I did not quite understand, what you meant by  "dont see any option to add two approvers in Serial." Can you provide more details (or equivalent screen shot) stating feature are you referring to ?

  • Shesh


    Note on Price Change Tolerance Percentage & Amount Rule:
    How to Restrict Price Override When PO Is Created From a Requisition? (Doc ID 2521239.1)

    PO Creation
    How To Automatically Create a Purchase Order after You Submit for Approval a Requisition (Doc ID 1364923.1)
    Serach for below in Help Section
    Automating Order Creation for Requisitions Without Previously Negotiated Agreements: Procedur


  • Matyas Kiss

    Hi Niamath,

    This is a very good idea. Thank you very much.


  • Aditya Singh

    Hi Niamath,

    Most probably it will pick according the sequence in which you have defined as you have taken AND also in the action.

    although it will be better to understand and give you solution if we can get some highlights about your use case.


    Aditya Singh

  • Niamath Jeddy

    Two restrictions related to PO that am currently aware of:

    Unable to Create Approved Purchase Orders with More than 500 Lines via Import (Doc ID 2461611.1)

    Bad Response: 504 Gateway Time-out Error While Calling Create PO Web Service (Doc ID 2216285.1)

    • Currently the Create and Change operations of the Purchase Order Web Service only support payloads for purchasing documents with up to 200 lines.



  • Suman Guha

    Hi Niamath,

    Please provide a business use case that you are planning to address with this configuration to help set context.



  • Marcus Comins
    Thanks Suman. Is it worth adding an er/idea to enhance this? Some enterprises comprise of larger and smaller organizational units, with the smaller ones only require a subsection of the total enterprise categories. Perhaps they could optionally be assigned by procurement BU? Marcus
  • Sabarish Ganda

    Hi E S, 

    Thanks for the steps. I tried case 2, but not successful. If possible can you please help me how to include Task.Creater in the Expression Builder.