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  • Sakethvishnu Manikanna D

    Hello Chethana,


    Thanks for elaborating on the requirement, so in OAC it is possible with similar values(measures) .

    1. Using prepare tab of OAC, we can separate the required value from a column using extract or String functions available.

    2. Once we get the value separated i.e. record count value, then we can create a caluculation in OAC based on the requirement.

    3. Now place this new caluculated column in both "color" & "values" field of the visualization.

    In the below attachment a caluculation is created & a treemap is used for visualization.



  • Chethana Kumari

    To explain above requirement in terms of a picture, please find the attachment. This picture has used a Microsoft opensource tool to show the sales of each bike model as the box size and the sales of each model w.r.t its previous year as a Color variance (sales growth/de-growth percentage).

    I want similar thing to be achieved in OAC, for my requirement.

  • Chethana Kumari


    Yes, I want to make colors in the chart dynamic. Currently, the colors are based on "Record Count" size. For ex, if "Record Count" for Nov month is 97 and "Record Count"

    for Oct is 3, then the color difference is as shown above. I do not want this.


    I want colors to be based on "Variance in record count" w.r.t previous month or previous week or previous day, depending on "what is currently shown on the chart". 

    For ex, if Months vs " Record Count" are shown in the chart above, then the Color Variance for the month of Nov is calculated as (97-3)/3=31.3%. Similarly, color variance

    for month of Oct is calculated as (3-0)/0 = 0 (No color) i.e., ["Record Count for current month" minus "Record Count for previous month" divided by "Record Count for

    previous month"]

    Thus, In order to calculate the color, I want the "Record Count" value for the current selection in the chart. If "Record Count" versus "Month" is shown in chart,

    how do I fetch the record count for each of the months,in order to calculate color variance and show it as diminishing colors from green to red (ie month having larger color

    variance (as per calculation) is green in color, month with lesser value is less greener, month with least value in red). This would show growth and de-growth of record count for

    each month w.r.t previous month in terms of color.

    How do I create a custom calculation for this

    requirement in OAC? Is it possible? Please help!

    Thanks in advance,




  • Fernando Ponte

    Hello Ankitkumar.

    Not sure which Subject Area you are looking for but check the following doc.

    OTBI Audit Reports - where to find Created By, Last Updated By, Creation Date (Doc ID 2419093.1)

    It may give you what you need.



  • Sakethvishnu Manikanna D


    So are you looking to make colors on the chart dynamic or is there something else you want to do that i am missing/not getting.



  • Chethana Kumari

    Thank you.  This was very useful.

    Instead of right clicking on the "Month" in the chart and then clicking on "drill to Attribute/Hierarchy" and then drilling to "Week", can't this be possible by double clicking on "Month" in the chart, so that, the weeks in that "Month" are shown. (this is how standard Treemap drill down works). Similarly, drill down from "Week' to "Day" by just double clicking on a "Week". Also to be able to drill up from "Day" to "Week" and "Week" to "Month" by means of an arrow up button, for example. Would this be supported in OAC?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Sakethvishnu Manikanna D

    Hi Kanaka,


    You can do that using console tab of OAC-DV & Changing the default options


  • Sakethvishnu Manikanna D

    Hi Chethana,

    1. Using Prepare tab in OAC-DV, you can extract month,week and day columns seperately from date column in prior if they are not seperate as you only want month to be shown .

    2. Once you get a tree-map with month as an category being shown in chart, you can right click on the corresponding tile & use drill-down option to drill to corresponding attribute,category, hierarchy column you are looking for (here drill down to Week Column).

    3. Now what happens is that month acts as a filter to the visualization, thus showing only the weeks of that particular month, similarly the way for week drill-down as well

  • Chethana Kumari

    Thanks Aman. I have tried the above option. In fact, for all Consumer groups, the "Run-away criteria" is 0 in our case (unlimited) and was not required to tweek this.

    I updated the value for CPU/IO shares. For the Medium Consumer group, that I am using, I updated it from default to 2 to 90 and still the dataflow fails. Could this be related to number of CPUs used for our ADW? We have used 1 CPU for our ADW, with 1 TB of storage capacity. Please let me know.



  • Aman Jain

    Attaching screenshot for your reference here:


  • Aman Jain

    Hello Chethana,

    By default there is a limit given for each given each Oracle ADW parameter, please refer to the below steps to modify the ADW Query run time limits:

    Follow these steps to set rules from the service console:

    From the Autonomous Data Warehouse details page, click Service Console.
    On the Service Console click Administration.
    Click Set Resource Management Rules.
    Select the Run-away criteria tab to set rules for consumer groups.
    Select the Consumer group: HIGH, MEDIUM, or LOW.
    Set runaway criteria values:
    Query run time (seconds)
    Amount of IO (MB)

    Click Save changes.

    This should resolve your issue.

    Best Regards,
    Aman Jain

  • Chethana Kumari
  • Chethana Kumari

    Thank you!

  • Joel

    Have you taken a look at the Manage Color Assignments option in Oracle Analytics?


  • Chethana Kumari

    Thank you Brian.