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    Wayne F
    Sorting the Answers and ideas sections by latest comment
    Topic posted May 30, 2018 by Wayne FSilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged Idea Labs 
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    Sorting the Answers and ideas sections by latest comment
    Sorting the Answers and ideas sections by latest comment


    I receive a large amount of emails from the forums, and it is sometimes difficult to follow the conversation just with the information in the email, is it possible to to have an option to sort the answers section by latest comment data as well, can we have the same for the ideas section?





    • Wayne F

      Can we have the sort option on the first page?

      I have been able to find it on the second page once you have selected the next option



    • Bernice Lam

      Hi Wayne,

      The posts on the forum home page are sorted by creation date, so that you can always see the newest topics posted by other community members.

      You are correct, in order to sort by latest comment (i.e. last activity), you would have to click Next to get to the second page, or, go to the Posts section of the forum (Posts link located under the banner) and use the additional Sort options on the right.

      Thanks for your valuable feedback!


      • Glen Ryen

        Hi Bernice,

        Is there still no way to specify a default sort order?  To Wayne's point, it makes it much harder to track longer running conversations.  Responses to old posts are similarly buried a few pages deep.  You can sort each forum by latest comment like you say, but you have to do that from the second page of results, once per forum, and every single time you visit that forum.  It makes focusing on recent activity extremely difficult.



    • Hemal Kapasi

      Hi Glen,

      We have already added the sorting options available in a drop-down right above the ideas panel. Please check the image that shows the same